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August 2, 2006 at 7:06 pm | Posted in country living, knitting | 3 Comments

Our BarnI am new to blogging, and trying out WordPress as my blog of choice.

We’re having a heat wave, but for me it seems mild compared to the summers I’m used to in LA. Early this afternoon a thunderstorm hit, with lightening striking pretty much right here on the farm. The rain came down so hard I couldn’t see out the windows for a while. Ahhh … gotta love summer in a beautiful place like this. No more deserts for me (although deserts can be quite lovely truth be told).

Last night my husband and I escaped the heat by packing a quick picnic dinner and heading over to Lake Ontario to a little park called Point Breeze. It was lovely and much cooler. We just hung out there for a few hours until things had cooled off enough back home to get some sleep.

Very lovely.


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