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August 2, 2006 at 7:06 pm | Posted in country living, knitting | 3 Comments

Our BarnI am new to blogging, and trying out WordPress as my blog of choice.

We’re having a heat wave, but for me it seems mild compared to the summers I’m used to in LA. Early this afternoon a thunderstorm hit, with lightening striking pretty much right here on the farm. The rain came down so hard I couldn’t see out the windows for a while. Ahhh … gotta love summer in a beautiful place like this. No more deserts for me (although deserts can be quite lovely truth be told).

Last night my husband and I escaped the heat by packing a quick picnic dinner and heading over to Lake Ontario to a little park called Point Breeze. It was lovely and much cooler. We just hung out there for a few hours until things had cooled off enough back home to get some sleep.

Very lovely.



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  1. Is that beagle? Is that YOUR beagle?
    So pretty.

  2. The beagle is my daughter’s … his name is Zero and he’s about nine months old. She was here visiting with us and he was with her. Now they are down in PA, and he has his own little girlfriend dog. He’s a sweetie.

    At least the barn is mine … just not the doggie.


  3. Any chance of corresponding with you via email?

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