Rainy day knitting

August 4, 2006 at 8:39 am | Posted in country living, knitting | 3 Comments

Sock Knitting ProjectWe were having a heat wave (who wasn’t?) but when I compare a heat wave in LA to what we were having here I feel as if I’m cheating to even think of complaining. I escaped LA just before their worst heat wave hit, and am blessed to have experienced the miniscule “heat wave” here in upstate NY which lasted only two or three days. The day before yesterday we had a great thunderstorm in the afternoon and things have steadily cooled off ever since. Each day we get more rain … rain in the summer, what a treat. I’m used to several months of dry heat that just won’t go away.

Last evening it was so pleasant sitting in the living room, knitting with the windows open, listening to the birds … especially this one Cardinal with a great voice … and the chicadas singing in waves. Later the rain came, gentle for a while then pounding hard. Windows open. Knitting. Husband nearby. Very nice, and very different for me.

I was so distracted by the joy of the moment that I messed up one of the decorative rows of my sock. Oh well. It will be a little reminder of a beautiful moment.



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  1. That rainy day sounds amazing. We haven’t had rain in a couple months – our Oregon summers are dry, dry, dry. Despite living with the deluge for at least 8 mos of the year, I miss the rain.

  2. The rainy day was amazing. I’m so sorry to hear things are dry up there in Oregon for you folks. I didn’t realize Oregon had dry summers.

    My husband tells me last year was a dry summer here, and not much snow this past winter compared to the norm. However, we’ve seen lots of rain the past few weeks and two inches (I think that’s what he said) in the past two weeks. Coming from Southern California this is a real treat for me. I haven’t seen rain in summer since I was 12 years old living in North Carolina.

    Wishing rain for you soon!


  3. Neat sock, and a great memory! Thanks for the visit to my blog. We are dying for some rain here… although it is less humid today, so that’s a huge relief.

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