Directions for Itty Bag

August 21, 2006 at 1:20 pm | Posted in country living, free knitting patterns, knitting | 6 Comments

Santas Knitted Drawstring Itty BagAs promised, I wrote up the directions for the holiday Itty Bag I made a couple of days ago. I started a patterns page on my site, where I will post free patterns as I have them available.

A little while ago I was walking through the kitchen and noticed fog in the corn fields out back. This is a new kind of fog for me, a low lying fog that eminates from the ground or from the crops … I don’t remember which. In Los Angeles we often had fog that would roll in from the ocean. Of course I loved it because I love weather … weather is something I have plenty of opportunities to enjoy here on the farm. When I saw the crop fog (my husband tells it is called “condensation fog”) I grabbed the camera, stepped into a pair of my husbands yard boots, slipped into his very warm plush lined wind breaker jacket and went out to capture the fog.

Fireflys Corn CloseupIt was disappearing rapidly at that point, so the photography shoot this morning was a bit of a dud. However, I did catch a nice glimpse of the corn from a low angle. That corn is so tall now; it appears to be quite proud to be corn, with golden tassles up top saluting the morning sun.

It was rainy and cool here all weekend, and we spent most of our time just enjoying each other’s company and being a bit lazy. I was working out a pattern for the scarf I will be making from the Lavendar Mix Ultra Alpaca I bought last week … many, many attempts with various stitches results in a final decision to use a Basket Weave pattern bordered by seed stitch on either side.

By the time I settled on that and got started, I was only able to get about six inches completed before bedtime on Sunday night. When I got up this morning and looked at my work I saw some strange mistakes. Unfortunately I believe I will have to take it apart and start all over again. I wasn’t working in very good light and had more attention on my husband and our conversation than on my knitting. That is as it should be, but for some reason the part of my mind and body that manages knitting while doing other things was not doing very well. Rarely do I frog, but that’s about all I have been doing the past couple of days.

Oh well .. .that’s life. Sometimes you knit, sometimes you frog.

Hope your knitting goes well today and this week.



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  1. Nature sure does some weird things sometimes! The weirdest fog I saw was one winter. It was -30 Celcius and on my way to work I passed the St; Lawrence river. It was producing wisps of fog just above the surface of the water. The temp had dropped so rapidly, the water hadn’t frozen and the temp difference produced fog. At -30! Go figure.

  2. I love weather too. There is something so boring about having the same weather every day, whether it is the constant drizzle I grew up with in the Pacific Northwest or the constant sunshine of places like LA. One of the things that I LOVE about my new location in the bay area is watching the fog roll over the hills from the ocean. It’s a presence.

  3. That sounds really nice. We see fog here maybe twice a year (I mean like 2 days). 2 seasons, hot and hotter. hehe Enjoy!

  4. “Greetings from Sweden” Sweet little bag pattern. I Like the very eery fog picture – weather is a very curious thing.

  5. Okay, that bag is adorable. I have bought yarn for Christmas presents, but haven’t yet started anything. This is incentive!

  6. very nice

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