Awaiting heavy rain from Ernesto

September 2, 2006 at 12:47 pm | Posted in country living, food, knitting, stockings, yarn | 5 Comments

Hand Knit Christmas Stocking progressSaturday morning, and we are waiting for the rain to hit from “Ernesto”. He’s still a bit south of us right now, but we are under flood watches today in our county. Our farm is in no danger of flooding, even though we live on a river. Our river is down some very steep banks, and my husband says there has never been a danger of flooding in all the years he has been here.

This farm house is more than 200 years old, and in fact is of somewhat historical interest in the area. During Victorian times, when there were no roads leading up to Lake Ontario, people would ride trains up as close as they could get to the area, then switch to buggies or whatever other means they could find to make their way to the Lake where many resorts stood waiting.

Some men would ride “ordinaries” from the train stop up to the lake. An “ordinary” is one of those bicycles from way back when ffeaturing a very large wheel in the front and a very tiny wheel in the back.

Our farm house happens to sit right at the top of a long, gentle rise and is on the way to the Lake. The men riding the ordinaries, who were called “wheelmen”, would be fairly tuckered out by the time they reached this place, and so would stop to rest. The people who owned the farm back then welcomed the wheelmen to have a rest here on the lawn, under the shade of the large trees in the yard. They would also offer them water from the well.

It became a landmark for that reason, and was given a name to commemorate those times of warmth of welcome.

On a different note: I have made a bit of progress on the Christmas stocking I am knitting for my husband. This is the third stocking I have knit from the particular pattern I am using. It features some great, interesting and complicated cables and twists and makes a very lovely Christmas stocking. The pattern can be found in the book “Christmas Stockings: 18 Holiday Treasures to Knit” by Elaine Lipson, which you can find at Amazon in paperback for about $13. In the book, this stocking is knit in green and cream, but I am using Cardinal and Winter White for him in Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca.

The lavendar scarf I am knitting with a basket weave pattern and seed stitch border also needs some attention from me this weekend, so I will make more progress on that at some point.

It is time to get back downstairs and make some corn cakes and soy sausages for our Saturday morning breakfast, so I must end off. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend … and stay cozy and dry if you can.



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  1. I am looking for your Christmas stocking book at my local library now (online). It actually looks like a book I would like to add to my permanent personal library. I looked at some of the comments at Amazon, and it sounds like a great book!! And of course, I do NEED another WIP.

    What happened to summer? We have literally gone from 90 degree days to gloom and rain overnight. Bummer.

  2. I definitely suggest adding this book to a personal library. I have knitted about twenty Christmas stockings for family using patterns in this book. The instructions are very clear and the patterns are easy to change up for color variations.


  3. I have no willpower when it comes to books, particularly knitting books. I just ordered it from Amazon.

  4. The stocking is looking VERY pretty. I know Ernesto well, he was here at the beginning of the week. We all gassed the cars, shopped and put up our shutters and he’s actually done more damage to the north than here. We experienced more of a summer rainstorm with a little punch. Amazing that you’ll be rained on by the same system that was all the way down here. Hope this is the worst we all see this year. Best of luck and you’re in my thoughts and prayers this weekend.

  5. The stocking looks great. Thanks for the story about your farm house. Local history is fascinating.

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