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September 5, 2006 at 7:40 pm | Posted in country living, food, knitting, yarn | 5 Comments

Fireflys Current Knitting ProjectsToday has been overcast and quite cool all day. I know it is summer in many places, but it no longer seems like summer here. For so many years I cringed as summer approached (which always seemed to be happening) in Los Angeles. There, summer wasn’t satisfied with bestowing its beating sunshine down on us three months out of the year. No, in Los Angeles summer came often, and throughout the year. That’s wonderful and great for sun worshippers and movie makers, surfers and roller-blade maniacs. For me, however, there was a misery I dreamed of escaping … one day.

In the television show, “The Munsters”, on sunny days they look outside and say, “Oh what an ugly day,” but on rainy stormy overcast days they walk out smiling and say, “Ah, what a lovely day it is.” That’s me. I like weather, I like changing weather, I like besting the elements and snuggling under warm clothes and soft blankets. I have to avoid direct sunlight because I had a pre-cancer spot on my face, between my lip and nose, a few years ago.

I like for the holiday season to be cold and brisk … it seems more festive to me that way. I don’t enjoy walking outside on Thanksgiving or Christmas and feeling eighty-five degree heat beating down on me and seeing crystal clear skies. That’s just me, that’s how I am and always have been. Los Angeles is a beautiful and interesting place where more than twenty million people live and intend to live. I just happened to have been out of place there, moved there as a child, stuck there as an adult for many reasons until fairly recently.

Now I am here and Los Angeles has lost only one disgruntled soul, while upstate western New York has gained an appreciative participant.

Speaking of participating … I participated in the craft of knitting more than usual the past three days because of the rain and the holiday. Pictured here are three projects:

  • The handknit Christmas stocking for my husband
  • A scarf knit in the basketweave pattern for myself
  • A scrumptiusly soft scarf for my daughter

As you can see, progress on all three projects is going well. I am beginning to feel the pull of the holidays ahead of me and know I must make my fingers fly. There are so many new things to juggle in my life, and keeping up with a) professional freelance writing and graphics, b) fiction writing and this blog, c) fine art paintings, and d) knitting projects is only a portion of what I have to keep up with. I am not complaining about any of it. I feel completely fortunate to have a life I have been able to structure so that I have the luxury of participating in these activities I love. My new life with my sweet and kind husband has many renewed responsibilities I had put to rest many years ago, but I gladly welcome them back … because he is so good and so dear to me.

Speaking of him … he’s home from work now. I just ran down and put on some wild rice to cook and have to end off so I can take care of a bit more business while dinner is in the making.

Have a good evening, and thanks so much for your interest. Oh, and when you get a moment, please check out the knit fiction story I posted this morning. I’ll be doing more silly knitter’s fiction stories as time goes by and I hope some people enjoy reading them.


In the garden, I found it

September 5, 2006 at 1:06 pm | Posted in country living, food, knitting | 3 Comments

Fireflys Fairy MushroomLook what I found in my garden. I was taking the recycling container out to the street the other day when I spotted these beautiful mushrooms. I grabbed a large trash bag and got on it so I could get these up close and personal shots. Shortly afterward I was sitting out back waiting while Zero (my daughter’s Beagle dog) was taking care of business when a story started forming in my mind. Inspired by mushrooms growing in the garden, I wrote a piece of “Knit Fiction” and have posted it this morning in case anyone would enjoy it.

Ernesto arrived here Saturday morning at about 8:30 a.m. with light sprinkles which quickly became heavy rain. It continued to rain all day and evening, and into Sunday. My husband tells me we received two-and-three-quarter inches of rain … nothing to even start thinking of complaining about. Of course, I never complain about rain anyway. I was thirsty for rain and moisture after living in Los Angeles for thirty six years; a misplaced soul was I. The climate here is proving to be the climate I dreamed of for many, many years. So, for me the rainy weekend was completely delicious and comforting.

Fireflys Double Cluster Fairy Mushrooms We were scheduled to go to a fireworks extravaganza on Saturday at a country village and museum about an hour away from here. They had to reschedule because of Ernesto, of course, so we went Monday instead. It was still overcast and cold, but it never rained on us. And I have to say, when the people promoting that even decided to refer to it as an “extravaganza” they were not misusing the word. I would go so far as to say it was a spectacular extravaganza. The entire day was scrumptious in so many ways. I got to walk hand in hand with my husband as he showed me the array of village buildings … some dating back to the 1700’s. There were many photo ops; I’ve yet to have a look at the shots but I think there is some pretty good material there. His sister and her husband joined us later in the afternoon … they are lovely people and we always fun together the four of us. Fireflys Large Fairy Mushroom Closeup DetailWhen it was time, we made our way up a hill to the “staging area” for the fireworks show. There were food and drink booths; nostalgic music was playing and everywhere in this large meadow people were just having fun … wholesome, good-natured fun. I haven’t had a Starbucks since I left Los Angeles, and there was a Starbucks booth so I had a couple of cups of decaf with my husband. We also had frozen custard sundaes and generally had a grand old time of it.

I made a good deal of progress on my husband’s hand knit Christmas stocking this weekend, as well as on the lavendar scarf I am knitting in a basketweave stitch. Photos will follow later, because I am on a deadline right now to get a print ad ready for a client … so I have to run.

Hope your day has at least one expected treasure waiting for you.


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