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September 27, 2006 at 12:47 pm | Posted in country living, family, food, free knitting patterns, knitting | 12 Comments

[Note: I just posted photos of a couple more knitted Christmas Stockings for those interested. It is Thursday morning at about 9:20 EST.]

Fireflys Critter IngredientsFirst of all, thank you very much to those of you who joined me for coffee the other day … whether you sat silently sipping without leaving a comment, or made your presence known with one. It was a good day, and a good time. The past few days I have actually started thinking that sometime in the future I might like to host a retreat here on our farm for some of the readers of my blog. There is such a lovely sense of a growing community here at the blog … who knows. I was imagining several of us sitting around the fireplace one autumn or maybe during snow in the winter, knitting and chatting and sipping whatever we each would have: coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, Pepsi … what have you. Maybe spring would be better, perhaps summer. It is an enchanting thought to consider.

The golden light this morning has a ginger glow to it; must be another sign of autumn. As I sit here at my computer, I look out the window to my right and one cedar tree in particular is simply glowing with ginger golden light, and a stand of trees back by the road glows with a less intense version of the same warm light.

I am beginning to build up a good sized stash of items from the outdoors for the Christmas tree ornaments I will be making. My favorite are the teasels … the longish thistle looking items with spikes all over them. I think they are beautiful, and we found a huge field over by the apple orchards with perfect teasels growing everywhere.

Side Bar: Wow! I just glanced out the window again and the intensity of that ginger golden light is magnificent. Makes me want to run outside and hug the world and say, “Good morning!”

Back to Teasels: The teasels require prep work in that they have to be gently cleaned by rubbing two of them against each other. The stalks they grow on are very prickly and there are a lot of pokey little thorns, so I wear an old pair of my husband’s work gloves when I am handling them. After cleaning them, all of the prickly thorny parts are trimmed off and then they are perfectly easy to handle. The teasels will be the bodies and heads of various critters I will be making. Other items will be used to make eyes and noses and hands, and hats, and feet, and various props. I anticipate much fun and a great outlet for my imagination.

Yesterday I made the prints of various photographs I am entering in the competition at the agricultural fair we are attending this weekend. One of the categories for entries is sorks of art, including photography, depicting the buildings, animals, horticulture, and life in the country village where the fair is being held. I am entering four photographs, and have them all printed out (8″ x 10″, matted in 11″ x 14″ boards) and ready to go now. Friday night I am making the pumpkin pie I am entering, and then Saturday morning I’ll make the buscuits I will also be entering. My husband and I are excited about the fun of it all, plus we are looking forward very much to spending another day in the village and museum there, exploring the many old buildings (early 1700’s to late 1800’s) they are preserving. It is an interesting concept for a museum I think: a museum of old buildings moved there and arranged in a village and lived in and maintained by people in period costumes who bring it all to life for visitors.

Fireflys Knitted Small Drawstring Bag for Fetching GlovesYesterday I also knit up this pretty little bag, creating a variation on my knitted Itty Drawstring Bag pattern. This bag isn’t itty, it is small (small is larger than itty, in case that wasn’t clear). I wanted to see what size the bag would come out if I knit it up with worsted weight yarn on size U.S. 8 dpns. Plus, I wanted to try out a picot edging along to the top and mostly I wondered if a small “itty” would accomodate one pair of’s “Fetching” fingerless gloves … and it does. My Fetching gloves were in the bag when I shot this photo.

My thought is that as a gift idea it would be nice to knit a drawstring bag out of a complementary color and yarn to go with a pair of Fetching gloves. Naturally, the small bag could be used for other gift items as well. I am pleased with the detail of the little french knots on the peak of each picot point. Also, I knitted an I-cord for the drawstring, using a little scrap ball of Sirdar baby yarn left over from a sweater set I made for my nephew’s baby girl a couple of springs ago.

I will prepare pattern instructions for this new bag and post them shortly … sorry I don’t have time to prepare the pattern this morning, but I have a couple of new projects going for writing clients and have to focus on that today. I should be able to put up the pattern this Friday, so check back then if you are interested.

The golden light outside is fading as clouds move in, covering the sun. Looks like the clouds are only patchy though, so there is certain to be more delicious ginger gold in the air before long.

I hope you have a beautiful day with hidden surprises in ordinary things and for which you will feel grateful.



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  1. I wish I could have joined the coffee break yesterday. It sounded inviting!

  2. Wow!So many fun things going on! The large itty bag is beautiful! I like how you matched the picot with the drawstring, a nice effect & great gift! I can’t wait to see what what your field finds become! Your photos of your knitting look like they should be in a nice knitting book. I wish I were a judge on the panel at the fair this weekend! Not because I think you would need help to win, but those poor judges might need help eating all the goodies!

  3. YES please… where can I sign up??? I think a knitting retreat would be a great idea and a great way for extra income LOL…. I would love to come and explore the farm… and life on a farm. I just love the name of your blog “I live on a farm”… it sounds soooooo…. story like for this city gal 🙂

    Cheers Eva

  4. The bag is darling! I bet it’s a quick knit, too.

    I’m a country girl, but I live on the plains and don’t have a lot of trees around my house. Being a native Michigander, this has been an odd adjustment for me; especially in the fall. The prairie has its own beauty, though, and I do love it.

  5. Hehe…be careful, you might have a permanent guest. Especially if you invite me in the winter; I *love* winter (says the Texas native/Arizona resident :)). Seriously, that sounds absolutely wonderful. I don’t have a lot of vacation time, but a splurge for a long weekend just for me would be absolutely wonderful.

    Your photographs are stunning, and have a very warm feel to them that I adore. The only problem is, I read your blog on break from work, and I just want to go knit! (Which is actually possible since I work from home…I can’t really do that, but it is oh, so tempting!!!).

    I love the bag, and the idea of multi-purpose gift “wrap”; I always cringe at the pile of garbage we generate at Christmas. 😦

  6. I’m also always on the lookout for alternative wrap, and had considered trying the itty bags in a different sized yarn on my own. (I’ve also decided to finish the presents that will go inside them first, however.) Thanks for anticipating me, and doing the pattern yourself! The picot edge does look great, too.

  7. Also have to say, I love the new header! It suits the blog perfectly.

  8. A knitting retreat is a great idea. If it goes really well you could consider having one every year and alternating the seasons.

  9. Firefly. . .such a lovely blog. You must be upstate to have a big old farm, but I’d go in a heartbeat, some quiet sounds nice after the rush of the city (used to live in Manhattan, but I didn’t have time to blog then). Thanks for the encouragment about the knitting book club. I’ll be back!

  10. What a darling little bag! The perfect wrap for that special knitted gift. Knitting retreat? If I could get away I’d soooooo be there.

  11. A knitting retreat on a peaceful farm sounds like pure bliss. Could there be snow? I love snow and don’t see much of it here in NC. Maybe we’d get snowed in and you’d be stuck with all of us for DAYS (ha).

  12. Okay firefly…when are you going to post the pattern for this new drawstring bag? I’m working on my first ever pair of Fetchings and I love your idea of a gift bag to put them in. I know I’ll be knitting more as gifts for friends. 🙂
    Take care,

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