Oooh, frost is nipping at my nose

October 27, 2006 at 12:58 pm | Posted in country living, faith, family, free knitting patterns, Knit Alongs, knit-a-long, knitting, love, yarn | 6 Comments

Fireflys Frosty October MorningTwenty-eight degrees outside, and frost on everything. I bundled up and went out with the camera for another morning of discovery in my new environment. The crisp feel of the air and the early fall smell of leaves recently fallen to the ground and now beginning to decay brought back quite tangible memories of my childhood in North Carolina walking to school on such a morning. Halloween approaching quickly, delicious cold air tightening the skin on my cheeks and nose. Makes me long for the big pot of hot cocoa my mother used to make for us on cold, cold days along with Campbells chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. (My parents live in the Denver area and they were under more than a foot of snow by the end of the day yesterday … so Mom, I hope you and Dad had something warm and cozy together such as what you used to make for us when we were kids. 🙂

I posted an update to the Jinny’s Vines knit along this morning, in case you are following it already or interested.

My blog is brief today, because my husband and I are heading down to the Finger Lakes region of NY to a special place for a three-day weekend, not celebrating our six-month “anniversary” of marriage and enjoying the fact that we have in fact been married (as of Sunday morning) exactly that long. Here’s to us … and here’s to you. Enjoy your day, your weekend … and your river (see post below if you don’t know what I mean).



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    Here I am sitting with my coffee, hanging with baited breath, and now you are going out of town??

    More story, more story, more story (banging knitting needles on table)!!

    Just kidding, but wouldn’t it be fabulous if we all had a chair pulled up and were knittin’ and sippin’ while you were a tellin’ us this story?? Can you tell I am from Texas?

    I sincerely hope you have an awesome time with your hubs. But come back soon!!

  2. Lol … that was great Dawn. Yes, you do sound as if you are from Texas and that’s a very good thing. You’re awesome.

    “Talk” to you Monday, okay?


  3. It’s so wonderful to read about a couple that takes the time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate life. We always celebrate our wedding anniversary (today marks 5 years!) and our “real” anniversary when we started dating on St. Patrick’s Day.

    I wish you both a wonderful weekend and have fun keeping warm!

  4. Enjoy! And Happy Anniversary!

  5. have a wonderful time and happy 6 mos. anniversary. I know you two will be in store for many more. 🙂

  6. I hope you two crazy kids are enjoying your “not” anniversay celebration. Six months with the blush still on the rose is pretty darn good. For too many marriages, at six months the blush is long gone and divorce is already looming on the horizon.
    Enjoy that you have successfully and happily made it so far and celebrate the half year anniversarys to come.

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