Gosh ma’am … those sure are pretty biscuits

November 10, 2006 at 3:32 pm | Posted in biscuit recipes, country living, family, food, free knitting patterns, humor, Knit Alongs, knit-a-long, knitting, love, recipes, yarn | 21 Comments

Fireflys Blue Ribbon BiscuitsI haven’t made biscuits in a while; they are delicious and beautiful but they can be fattening if enjoyed too often. This morning I made a batch for you … I wanted you to see the Biscuit Blanket I knitted this week stuffed with biscuits and I wanted to test the blanket to see just how warm it kept my biscuits and for how long.

The pattern for the Biscuit Blanket is now posted … have some fun with it!

Much to my delight this batch of biscuits came out the fluffiest of any I have made in a long while.

Note to Husband: Honey, I know you are looking at my photos today. I will bring that perfect biscuit above to you when I meet you in the village later. πŸ˜‰

Fireflys Hand Knit Biscuit Blanket with Biscuits InsideThe biscuit blanket held half a dozen big fluffy biscuits and kept them quite warm for a long time. They are still warm even now, and have been out of the oven at least thirty or forty minutes. Today’s biscuits are about three inches in diameter and nearly two inches tall, so that’s quite a bit of biscuit being held in that one blanket.

The Biscuit Blanket is knit from Peaches & Creme 4-ply, worsted weight cotton yarn in Ecru. I used all of one ball and a small part of a second. They were $1.27 each at WalMart … a rather affordable project I would say. The finished blanket is twelve inches square.

Fireflys New Cotton YarnWhen I first saw the Peaches & Creme yarn I thought it was just a cheap Lily look-alike … but I have to say, it was much softer than’s Lily’s cotton yarn and I was very happy with what it felt like to knit with it. Now that the piece is complete, I like the body of the knitted fabric.

When my husband and I were in the Finger Lakes region a couple of weekends ago, we stopped at a yarn store we passed along the way (Finger Lake Fibers) and I found some pretty cotton yarn for a couple of other biscuit blankets I have in mind. Pictured here you see Reynolds “Saucy” 100% Mercerized Cotton from Brazil in dark blue and dark taupe – both are darker than they photographed.

Fireflys Biscuit Blanket Stuffed and OpenAll in all, I am very happy with my little project. The biscuits looks so happy and well-cared for bundled up that way. The fabric is dense enough that it does keep them wonderfully warm and it happily squeezes around them when you tie it all up with the knitted I-Cord.

Scrumptious … if I do say so myself.

My goodness, what I am ever going to do with my dear readers. I know you are out there … wondering where the next part of the story is (what happend after I met my husband).

Unfortunately, I’m pooped … I had to write up the project info for the Habitat for Humanity knitted 7″ squares this morning, make the biscuits for the photos you see here, and now I still have to write up the pattern for the Biscuit Blanket. And then there are my clients.

Fireflys Biscuits Ready to EatI have to confess, however, that my baking did produce seven biscuits. I ate one. It was wonderful.

I beg of you please, bear with me. I promise to tell more and I have the next chapter in mind to post on Monday. It will be fun, and worth the wait.

But for today, I’m a bit worn out.

Meanwhile how about this: make some of my blue ribbon biscuits, knit a 7″ square, and have a cup o’ coffee or tea with me … okay?


P.S. It is about 10:30 a.m. EST. I will write up the pattern for the Biscuit Blanket and post it within an hour.


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  1. whadda??? I have to start the weekend without my next installment in The Fairytale??? And on top of that you post gorgeous pics of biscuits (I’ve never actually had an american biscuit…) with what looks like butter in that last pic… and I’m hungry and dinner isn’t until in an hour or so… POUT!!!

    Well, enjoy your weekend, and Husband (I’m going to refrain from calling him Honey hihihi) enjoy the biscuits for me πŸ™‚ At least I won’t have to worry about the calories πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Cheers Eva

  2. WOW, firefly, sounds like you’ve been very busy to get so much accomplished! You deserve a break! Enjoy the weekend, eat a biscuit for me (they look very yummy), knit some and put your feet up. Your readers will certainly understand.
    Take care, Lynne

  3. Oh my goodnes, but those do sure look wonderful ma’am! Don’t mind if I help myself to one, and I’ll add just a touch of that lovely honey you have here on the table. MMMmmmm, scrumptious, and paired with a hot cup of that wonderful coffee you brewed, why, its enough to make me lose myself! [n.b.=previous MUST be read with a Southern accent for full effect.]

    Really though, those look yummy and I do have to agree with you that they look very much at home in your biscuit blanket. Hope you make more and pass that little treat along to others. May even be good to sell at a holiday craft fair?

  4. You deserve a great weekend. I will work on my squares this weekend, and hopefully get them in the mail to you by mid-week.

  5. I’m drooling all over my keyboard. Thanks for the info on Gracious Parcels 06-Can’t wait to get started. Hope you find a little (put your feet up) time today πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, man…I make biscuits once a week (every day of the work/school week has a particular day…it keeps the kids from begging for whatever every day because they know what to expect, and it keeps me from copping out and giving them cereal every day, which I really don’t like to do). It’s really a great deal…they don’t beg and pester, and in return I consistently give them good breakfasts. I love starting them off with a hot breakfast in the morning before school.

    Anyway, I was going to switch things up and make scones next week (Wednesday…normally egg & biscuit day). Now I don’t think I will; I MUST have biscuits! YUM! And I *must* have one or several of those biscuit blankets, and you’ve given me a wonderful gift project idea for some people that I couldn’t think of another good project for. Yay!

  7. Someone recommended the Peaches and Cream yarm to me when I was expecting my first grandchild four years ago. I have to say, it’s the softest, sturdiest cotton yarn to use! I have since used it on several projects (including 40 washcloths for my kindergarten last year!) and I love it. The cost is an added bonus. I think I would use it at $6.00 a skein. It’s good stuff (and I admit, I’m a texture addict/snob/lover. I had to disguise ‘snob’ between addict and lover…I’m not proud of it!) Beautiful biscuits and blanket!

  8. i am in love with your blog:)

  9. Sweetpea never had an American biscuit? Poor thing! They look wonderful and I will try your recipe this weekend while beginning my first little blanket. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  10. Okay, I’ve saved the pattern and I plan to try it out one of these days. πŸ™‚ I’m more into the quick projects these days myself! Oh, I love peaches n’ creme yarn! If I had to choose btwn that and sugar n’ cream, I’d go for the peaches! Some people can’t really tell that it’s softer than the sugar n’ cream stuff.

  11. i just went to fingerlakes fibers last month for the first time! i am from buffalo, ny and now live in nyc, so went home for a visit. my grandmother lives in hammondsport, ny and went to see her as well while i was home. so my mom and i took her to fingerlakes fibers since she is a long time knitter and i am trying to be! did you like it? i thought it was cute and well put together for a new shop…

  12. Beautiful pictures – and thanks for the biscuit receipe – I’ll definitely try it. My biscuits are normally pretty bad, so it would be nice to make some that look like yours! Great pattern too!

  13. this is really nice. i’ll be back again

  14. Wow, that biscuit with butter on it makes me want to run downstairs and start baking!

    Beautiful Bisuit Blanket!

  15. I don’t know when the last time was that I have enjoyed reading someone’s blog as much as yours. It sounds like you have such a wonderful life. I envy you!!! Live every moment of it to the fullest. And it sounds like you do. I will be back often to visit. It’s so peaceful at your blog and I believe that has a lot to do with the Lord!!! May God richly bless you and keep you and your family. PS 91 covers you. Until I visit again. It has been wonderful!!!!!!!

  16. Oh the biscuits look like they are very tasty, Yummie

  17. The biscuit blanket is adorable. I can’t wait to try to knit it. The buscuits look delish! You are so creative….love your site.

  18. Love your website!
    Thanks for the great biscuit recipe, definitely going to give it a try. And the biscuit blanket is a great idea too.

  19. please can I have the receipe for the biscuits and the blanket?

  20. made your blanket over a long trip to arizona….knit up fast looks awesome in varigated yellows…thanks!

  21. hello
    were can we find the pattern ,,,,,,,,,? thanks

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