Today we need the warm fuzzies

December 1, 2006 at 1:48 pm | Posted in country living, faith, family, fingerless gloves, free knitting patterns, Knit Alongs, knit-a-long, knitting, love, pumpkin recipes, relationships, yarn | 15 Comments

Our satellite connection for the Internet is very sketchy on stormy days, and today is a very storm day.I won’t be able to upload photos this morning, and am not even certain when I might be able to get my blog uploaded.

Therefore, today’s blog will be brief.

Earlier this morning I posted the pattern for the fingerless gloves I mentioned on Monday. I am calling them Lucky Warm Fuzzies … you’ll see why.

Now I think I will go bake a pumpkin for use in making up a Pumpkin Bread loaf to give comfort to my husband when he arrives home this evening.

If you are in the U.S., there is a mathematical probability you are either cold or wet today. Join me for a cup of something hot and have a beautiful day. Stay safe and dry, warm and wry.



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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ll be sending out my square today. I intend to join you for that cup of hot tea when I get off work. The weather here is oddly warm, but we have high wind warnings. The cold will blow in tonight, leaving us with snow over the next few days.

  2. Pumpkin Loaf – I have not had it in so long. Maybe I will make one today – It is warmer here, but the smell of the pumpkin and spices is so homey!
    Keep Warm!

  3. Hi there!

    What a wonderful blog. I have only just discovered it and am looking forward to reading back.

    I really want to make some pumpkin bread but I need a little help – I’m writing from London and I can’t get any canned pumpkin here! You say you are baking a pumpkin to use in the bread, how long do you bake it for and at what temparature?

    Also, what does pumpkin pie spice have in it? I’m guessing cinnamon and allspice?

    Thank you so much,

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. ooohh firefly. Just checked out the radar for you and it doesn’t look particularly nice. But you love a good storm anyway, right? We are expecting high winds and rain this afternoon too. Just cozy up and as Enya says [and my favorite mantra!]:

    Let the rain fall down
    everywhere around you
    give into it now
    let the day surround you
    you don’t need a reason
    let the rain go on and on

  5. Stay warm! I can almost smell the pumpkin! We have gusty winds and expect a little rain. It’s supposed to cool off a little over the weekend. Brrr Thank you again for sharing your beautiful pattern!

  6. It’s actually unseasonably warm here in the Greater Boston area. A high of 69 today! But on Sunday night and Monday there is a chance of snow. I like the changing of the seasons in NE, but this is a little ridiculous. I shouldn’t be able to comfortably walk around in a light jacket and no hat or scarf in December.

  7. Thanks for the pattern, I think I’ll get yarn tomorrow for those. Stay warm! It is very windy and getting colder here in Indy!


  8. Oh I would love to have the energy to whip up a pumpkin roll, sounds tasty especially with a filling that has a touch of cream cheese in it. Oh and it has to have nuts, too.

    We alreaady had our high today, 60 degrees, and that was at 9am. Its about 39 degrees out right now and windy as it gets. I think it could carry the house off at times.

    Snuggle up with your hubby and keep warm. Days like this are perfect for snuggling!

  9. mmmmm…pumpkin…maybe some pumpkin soup tonight for dinner. And snow and 9 degrees farenheit right now – warm for us, but still very much in need of something warm.

  10. funny that you should suggest we join you for a cup of something hot–I’ve been wanting to start my mornings off with a cup of mexican hot chocolate since it’s been ‘cold’ here but have yet to do it. I’ll join you for some later this evening though. 🙂 stay safe.

  11. Just came across your very nice blog. Hatbox Louie and I are in Edinburgh, but are headed back to the states and thinking about buying some land and, you know, various streams of income etc. We are thinking about upstate NY. Vermont has gotten so expensive. Would you recommend Western NY? Dr. Nostrum

  12. Very nice pattern! It’s very stormy here also! we have cable internet ( lucky me) me and no internet! thats not possible… I went crazy!

  13. Hope you are feeling warm and cozy. We are having a brief cold snap down here in South Africa, which is truly bizarre as it’s meant to be summer, but the quilt is back on the bed and the jumpers are out of the cupboard. I’ll have a nice cup of coffee after work and think of you. Have a great day

  14. mmmm….pumpkin loaf!

    Hope things are warm up there, but by the looks of the next couple of posts, you have SNOW!!!! YAY!!!!

  15. Wish I could knit!
    On a recent icy morning, I was heading out the door to photograph our frozen surroundings, when I realized I didn’t have gloves I could use with my camera (too awkward). I snipped off the ends of my favorite red gloves and off I went. I think I like your pattern better, though.

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