Some borrowed snow

January 8, 2007 at 5:07 pm | Posted in charity knitting, Christmas, country living, faith, family, food, free knitting patterns, health, Holidays, knitting, scarf patterns | 11 Comments

Firefly Borrows Snow from Her Parents in DenverWe have no snow (yet) in New York, my parents have plenty in Denver. So, yesterday we agreed I could borrow some of theirs. This shot is in their backyard, their little cafe table is buried elegantly beneath all the snow that gathered there while they were here visiting with us.

We are expecting snow today … I look forward to it eagerly. Meanwhile, I will enjoy my parent’s snow and pretend it is out in our yard and covering our pretty barn. I still can’t get over the fact that I have barn.

I also have a new favorite spot. I have spoken of it before, but now it is truly my own personal little retreat here in the farm house. The sitting area in front of our fireplace. We made it so cozy and inviting for the holidays, now the look and feel of it lingers and it has become my refuge for having a cup of tea and an apple in the morning when I get up. Or, when I just want a quiet moment looking through a book or the paper, or just to sit a listen to a bit of music.

First Shot of Gracious Parcels BlanketMy sister-in-law her husband gave us a very large antique wooden box/basket for Christmas that was stuffed with all kinds of goodies including three scrumptious smelling pillar candles and a very handsome wooden candle pillow. I light the candle and sit there having tea and looking out the window at the trees in the yard and the corn field out beyond, often lit up golden in the morning or afternoon sun.

I think it is important for a lady to have a little personal retreat; a space she creates with the aesthetics that bring her comfort and charm. Sometimes you need to live in your home for a while to work out where your retreat is … and I am happy to have found mine.

You see here a photo of the first Gracious Parcels blanket, complete. It is warm and friendly and glows with friendship and kinship endowed within its fibers. I believe all of the readers of I Live on a Farm are present in this blanket, no matter whether you were able to send a square or not. There are so many ways people contribute to the motion, and I believe you all have in your own ways. So, I thank you deeply.

Fireflys Teddy Bears are Knitting  a ScarfWednesday night I will present the completed blanket to the Habitat board, and shortly after they will present it to the woman who will be receiving it.

I have also included a shot of the scarf I am knitting for my son to match the hat I knit and gave him at Christmas. When it is complete I will share the pattern with you.

I am off now to continue working for my clients. I wish you well this cold January day.



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  1. Wow! There it is! Amazing what a group of caring people can do and it all started with you! I hope you get the snow you’re waiting for and glad you have a great retreat to watch it from. Enjoy!

  2. That blanket is so pretty and charming – you can tell a lot of love went into it! Thanks for organizing it!

  3. Ack! Snow!

    I’m a snow lover, but am getting tired of it already (another snow if forecast for Thursday!).

    It was 50 and sunny here today, though, so it’s not all bad.

    I agree with you on having a personal retreat. Since I divorced and moved to a tiny little house I’ve made the whole house my retreat. Everything in the house is there to make it cozy and comfortable. I never realized how important that was and now I’ll never forget. 🙂

  4. The blanket looks very warm and cozy. As does your retreat. I haven’t got my own as yet, but someday when we have a little more space I will.

    I love the snow picture. We haven’t gotten quite so much, but we do have a bit and more coming in the next couple of weeks.

    If you want to borrow more snow, you can always save some of the snow and ice pictures on my blog to your computer. I made them clickable to enlarge and don’t have any restrictions on them.

  5. The blanket does indeed look scrumptious. I left a comment as directed in the GP page, but never received sending info. I am still working on a square and would like to contribute a few ongoing if you are still planning to go on with this wonderful endeavor. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. The blanket is beautiful. I know the woman receiving it will agree. Enjoy your day!


  7. Your blog is beautiful! I just stumbled upon it today, and was so struck by your effort with this beautiful blanket. How blessed this woman is to receive it! Should you ever take on another one, I’ll be the first to contribute!

    PS – I, too, left the city (Dallas, TX) for the country, and LOVE it! Here’s to transplanted country girls! 😀

  8. Living in the south I really miss snow so can I borrrow your borrowed snow for a bit? I love you teddy bears and the idea of a special retreat. Yours sounds especially cozy.

  9. I love the way you decorate. I meant to comment on that before when you shared the photo of your sitting room. You were helping me by your skills of making a room so cozy and inviting. The blanket is beautiful. Good job. The scarf is awesome. Love that color. I’ll anxiously await the pattern.

  10. Hello firefly! I didn’t check your blog because I thought you weren’t going to add until Wednesday.

    The blanket looks beautiful! [ I think I might even see two of my squares there…] Could we have a photo of the whole blanket spread out? Just lovely…

    I too borrowed snow from my friend in Linda in Denver for my blog right before Christmas. Borrowed snow is better than none at all! Maybe soon we’ll both have some of our own. It’s COLD in NJ now…a few wee flurries yesterday…

  11. my goodness…we’ve been getting great temps down here in new jersey, but i know that i’m going to be speaking way too soon and something big should be heading our way soon.

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