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Firefly Gets a Visit from Jack Frost

Monday of this week our area was the coldest in the U.S. I have been thoroughly enjoying my first western up north in western New York; the snow has come regularly, it has stayed ever since it started, and it hasn’t reached the inevitably unattractive between spring and summer.

It is so strange still to speak with my son or my sister in California, with me talking about snow and zero degree temperatures, and them telling me in return about eighty degree weather and balmy skies … each of us happy to be where we are.

Firefly Gets a Visit from Jack Frost

We have a large sunporch surrounded on three sides by plenty of windows, which I use as my art studio. That room is far too cold in the winter for me to work out there, so it pretty much stays closed up. We put my large oil painting easel in a corner of our very large living area, by the piano and I work there. The sunporch is visible from my easel, separated from the rest of the house by French doors.

Tuesday morning we discovered evidence that a visiting artist had stopped by as we slept, leaving seven perfect drawings in frost on the sunporch windows.

Firefly Gets a Visit From Jack Frost

Jack Frost … I had heard of him before, but had never personally witnessed his art before.

I found his style to be loose, relaxed … casually organized. Quite magical, really.

I am gratified to know there is an artist who can work in such a cold environment, and as far as I am conerned he may return as often as he wishes.

Firefly Opens a Yarn Store at I Live on a FarmI did manage to get my yarn shop open at, with two yarns available so far. I will be adding new yarns pretty much daily until the shop is full. I hope you will find something there you can use. The brands I will be carrying include:

    Classic Elite
    Plymouth Yarns
    GGH Yarns
    Brown Sheep
    KFI (Knitting Fever)
    Green Mountain Spinnery
    SW Trading
    Debbie Ellis
    Elizabeth Austin

I will also be adding needles, hopefully in the coming week.

One other note about the I Live on a Farm website … I hope you will consider visiting some of the advertisers whose listings you see there. If you see something interesting or intriguing … don’t be shy, give them a visit. It will help support the work needed to bring you a quality website and blog.

I hope you have plans for the weekend you are looking foward to, whatever they may be. As for me, I will be knitting, painting, hanging out with my wonderful husband, and enjoying another weekend of winter on the farm.

Have a good one,



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  1. Just fabulous windows! I miss that about northern winters…Congratulations on the shop!!! Yay! I better get a good raise!;-)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photography. The first one is my favorite.

    Blessings today!


  3. I just had to comment…….
    Jack Frost visited me last night, too, in Maryland! I had the most beautiful “paintings” on my car windows this morning. So similar to the ones he painted on your studio windows. I have to be honest, I felt really bad having to clear them off. But, I had to get going to work. I catch a commuter bus, which means I’m on a tight schedule to meet that bus. Otherwise, I would have gone back in for the camera, the frosty designs were like lace. Lovely.
    Thanks for your post. I enjoy your blog. 🙂

  4. Love the pictures of the ice on the windows! Just beautiful.

  5. Things are starting to warm up here just as they are cooling off for you. Not a usual winter. Things are backward for you. March is a very unpredictable month.

    I think you will find winter beautiful all the way through until spring. Being out where you are is nothing like being in the city. The snow will stay pretty clean until the last lingering bits are nearly gone. Then you will have to go into the shadowy part of the trees and river banks to find the odd pile of lingering snow. The only parts that won’t be as pretty are around the roads where tires throw up dust, mud and rocks.

    Then there is the new growth popping up in spots where the snow has already gone and new buds on the tree branches. If you are interested, I recommend getting some yellow daffodil and crocus bulbs. Plant them in the fall in a spot your husband doesn’t mow until late in the summer or cut a little garden in a sunny spot and plant them there. They will come up every spring without any maintenance. There are five determined daffodils that pop up near a tree in my yard and have for nearly ten years according to the guy who owns the property. I’m starting a few crocus bulbs in pots right now and planning on putting them out back where the grass doesn’t get cut until late summer. then I will have a pretty field of flowers in a year or two. Forced bulbs take up to two years to bloom once they are planted out.

  6. Oh, I got so wordy I forgot to congratulate you on the new shop. I will definitely order from you in the near future.

  7. Congratulations on the new shop!

    You snap the most beautiful photographs!

  8. I went over and checked out your yarn site. Its looking good.

  9. Wow! I love what you’ve done with the place. It’s been a while since I stopped by and there are a lot of changes and everything looks wonderful!

  10. Jack Frost is wonderful! Congrats on the shop. Beautiful yarns. I will stop by later to fully enjoy the shopping experience!

  11. that jack frost is quite an artist! I don’t think I’ve ever seen work so beautiful. congrats on the shop..sorry for being mia! I’ve missed keeping up with you!

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