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Fireflys Geese are ArrivingWe have Canadian geese in our area year round. In late winter, however, they start arriving from other areas and the population becomes enormous … from what I have heard.

That time is upon us, and the geese are beginning to fill our skies each evening and early morning. Last week one evening my husband told me a gaggle had arrived in our cornfield. Another evening, in the middle of a conversation he cocked his ear toward the window and said, “Do you hear that?” I stopped taling and heard a roaring sound outside I had never heard before. We went to the window and I saw geese everywhere in the sky. It was an awesome, beautiful sight. The roar was their many voices, ringing out as the sun began to set and they made their way to the night’s chosen resting place.

They are such interesting creatures the way they fly so earnestly together in an ever changing “V” formation. One time I looked up at a gaggle as they flew overhead and there was one way behind the group, flying his heart out so hard to catch up. And, he did catch up and effortlessly fell right in line flying along with the others.

Their conversations are loud and delightful, to my ears. What are they saying to each other? Do they ever mention me?

Fireflys Spring Hat Knitting ProjectIn knitting news, my spring hat had a mishap. A color change effect I was trying in the decreases did not work out as planned and so, after completing the hat entirely, I ripped out half of it and started the second half over again. I should finish it today or tomorrow (the main hat, anyway). I will still have a decorative band and some other embellishments to do but I hope to have it all done, photographed, and posted later this week for you. The pattern should be available by Friday.

Fireflys Pretty Little Scarf ProjectI also have this pretty little knitted scarf to share with you. It is a simple scarf that can be completed with one skien of yarn. It is a small scarf, being both narrow and shorter than most winter scarves. It is made out of a soft and cushy, made of an easy to knit with nylon plush yarn. This is an excellent scarf for beginning knitters, but can be easily dressed up with various embellishments that will make even a beginning knitter look like a pro. I will see about having the pattern for the scarf available by Friday along with some embellishment ideas to spark your own creativity.

Fireflys pretty little oil paintingI also created two small oil paintings this weekend. You might have seen my One-Painting-A-Day blog. The idea behind that blog is to actually create one small “post-card” painting a day and offer them up for auction at relatively low prices. It is a cool idea for marketing art that is becoming more and more popular on the Internet. It allows artists to build up visibility and an audience of collectors, while at the same time providing an opportunity to people who cannot afford to invest in larger pieces to purchase original art. It alos provides both artists and collectors a means of working together outside of the gallery environment, a concept I am very much in support of.

On Saturday, while working on my first “painting a day” piece, I grabbed a small (2″ x 2″) block of wood I had on hand and created a mini-version of the same subject.

If you would like to see the larger (6″ x 6″ inch) painting I did this weekend, please visit my One-Painting-A-Day blog.

I have to end off now, but will be back a bit later in the week.


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  1. Great! I love the geese and would love to see more of them in Colorado.
    Interesting painting of the pear. The hat is lovely too.


  2. I saw my first goose of the year yesterday. Soon the robins will be back too. Your painting is so charming!!!! How much are they selling for?

  3. One day, when I was living in Oklahoma, my friend pulled up in my driveway and was yelling at me “come outside, hurry!” The sky was literally black with thousands of geese in a multitude of V formations. It was the most amazing and awesome thing I had ever seen. I’ll never forget it. You are lucky to have the geese…I miss them

  4. If the geese are coming out your way, that means they won’t be long getting here and spring really is on it’s way. I wonder if some of the geese landing on your farm will land here too? Interesting to think that maybe some of the dirt from your fields gets carried in their feet to our lakes and vice versa.

    Very cute little painting.

  5. I love your little pear painting. My mother grew up on a farm and Ilived there as a small child. It reminds me very much of some of her paintings of dimply-bottomed quinces.


  7. […] Little oil paintings. Aren’t they precious? Yes. I Live On a Farm has another blog set up to sell them if you read the post on through. And you should. She’s a great writer. […]

  8. Love the idea of the little oil paintings!

  9. Lovely photo capture of the geese. A very soft, swirly, scoopy “v”. We had lots of Canadian geese in Colorado. I used to love hearing them on their it’s-almost-winter-pilgrimage. They would come over our house flock after huge flock, honking away. I would just stand there, looking up in wonder.

    Love your pear-y painting. Love the tiny one. Is it for sale too? I think you should do a grouping of four tiny fruit paintings. Wish I had your talent!

  10. Love the photograph of the geese. Your hat is very pretty. Your paintings are beautiful

  11. Very, very nice pear. (I am watching…maybe a pear instead of yarn this month?)

    And watch out for those Canada geese. They are so very beautiful, but what a mess they make! They are also quite aggressive if you get too close to a nest, so be careful! I speak from experience.

  12. Oh J, they’re beautiful! And you sleep when?

  13. Firefly, your tiny oil paintings are lovely! Have you considered the mini market? I am a dollhouse miniaturist and I can tell you that if you frame good little paintings, you will certainly have a large market.

    I recall, years ago, sending a photograph of my dollhouse to a painter and he painted the house and framed it, and it hung in the dollhouse dining room until I packed it away, making space for the next house.

    I am a knitter, too, and found your blog through a knitting site. Keep on enjoying all your talents – and think about letting others do so as well! Thanks for sharing! Beth

  14. Hi Firefly,

    I just found your blog and have been reading avidly, and taking great joy and hope from it. Thank you so much for sharing your life in this way.

    Did you know that when geese are on the ground they are a gaggle, but when they are in flight, strung out against the sky, they are called a skein, just like a skein of wool?

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