A case of kerfluffled mojo

March 23, 2007 at 2:35 pm | Posted in country living, faith, family, free knitting patterns, gifts, hat patterns, health, knitting, love, marriage, photography, relationships, romance, scarf patterns, yarn | 16 Comments

Fireflys Hand Knit Spring Hat is a BustThis is a photo of the current state of my new hand knit spring hat. I have knit it twice now to completion, only to be dissatisfied with the results. The second time it happened, I realized my mojo was kerfluffled.

We all have that happen from time to time. It has not happened to me in a while, but it did happen recently. The kerfluffled mojo was even disrupting my painting this week. Even my photography. As you can see from the photo, one of my little critters even tried to help me work things out, but all to no avail.

Kerfluffled mojo is something you don’t want to mess around with, if you can help it.

The good news is that once I realized my mojo had a problem, I sat down and had a cup of tea and took an honest look at what might be causing the disturbance. In reviewing some of my activities and decisions of late, I realized there was one area where the disturbance seemed to be coming from. You know how that goes, someone or something in your life changes and then subtle, unhappy occurrences begin to evolve. Little things you miss when they first start happening, but when you look back at it later you realize, “Ah, ha … it all makes sense now.”

I don’t want to get into the details of what kerfluffled my mojo, I just want to relate the fact that it happened. I realized the person or thing that changed that led to the kerfluffling, and realized my toe had wandered off onto a path that was not aligned properly with me, my spirit, my intentions, and dreams.

Then voila, I got my mojo back.

And then … I ripped the entire hat. Completely. All gone.

I am not going to remake it again, just so you know.

The problem is the yarn. It is lovely, soft, sweet yarn. But it is not in my opinion good yarn for a hat. It lacks a certain spring and body I want in a hat. It will make a lovely scarf, or a cuddly blanket. I think it would also be very nice for a loose fitting, comfotable sweater. Not for a hat though, not in my estimation.

Fireflys Knitting Critter Little NanaSo, I will turn the pile of yarn into a pretty scarf and the world will be right again.

By the way, my husband has given a name to my critters … Thistleonians. I like it. I love the Thistleonians quite a lot.

I asked the one in the photos on this page if she was ready to live in another home, to find new adventures. She says she is ready. Her name is Little Nana. She is up for auction and hopes to find a place in the home of one of my readers. She will bring you good luck.

As you can see, she knits with little finishing nails. Her tail is made of a little piece of grape vine from out by our barn; her hat is an acorn top sent to me by my good friend Lynne.

I hate to part with her, but it is time to give her some freedom to see someplace new on this Earth. It will be good for my mojo, and for hers.

Fireflys Happy SurpriseOne more thing about mojo … sometimes when mojo is in the right place, God graces you with the love and affection of a new puppy. We were graced this week. I will tell you more in the days ahead.

The world is right, and good, and beautiful, and sweet.

Take care of your mojo.



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  1. Completely understand and commiserate with the kerfluffed mojo. As you’ll see from my latest post as well, mine is in a bit of a tizzy too. Things always work out though! 🙂

    LOVE the new puppy. I grew up with a similar dog named Gus, and can’t wait to hear your stories!!

  2. What a beautiful dog!!

  3. Sometimes I think that when we are in super-hyper-creative-mode there is something that stops our momentum so that we take time out to breathe, frog and contemplate things… (I’m having a severe case of ‘kerfluffled mojo’ these days too.) I always look on these times as moments to reflect on life and perhaps even change direction enough to do something a little different… Hope your mojo comes back, cuz your work (knitting, critters, paintings) are really wonderful!

  4. Aww, a Weimeraner! Such fun dogs. Stand strong though, they love to see who’s really in charge and they are super smart.

    Take care of your mojo. It’s that time of year and sometimes the quiet indoor pursuits suffer greatly.

  5. I love the word “kerfluffled.” As always, fun post! The pup is gorgeous.

  6. I hate it when a project doesn’t work out the way I planned…once you pass the pain of it then I can move on and that feels good too!
    I love Nana, just may have to bid on her. Wonder what she would think of Indiana.
    Can’t wait to hear about the pup!

  7. I love the the little critter! What a beautiful dog!

  8. Thanks for the mention firefly! You are most welcome for the acorn hats. If you want more next year just let me know and I’ll “pick” them earlier this time.

    They are the perfect accessory for any Thistleoneon to wear. I just love the name your husband thought up for your critters. How appropriate; how clever.

    Congrats on becoming dog owners! I’m sure we’ll be hearing more in the future. Name?

    Mojos are odd things. Mine has been pretty much on the blink for about two weeks now. Hang in there—maybe your mojo is worn out from all the creative things you’ve been doing lately. Take a break, breathe, get out and take a walk , sit by the river and listen to your river.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Firefly,

    Well, my mojo is completely off and I have no idea why. I think I will go make a cup of tea now…….


  10. Glad you took care of your mojo. Sometimes it seems I do more ripping than knitting:) Oh! Thistleonian is perfect for your critters! Bidders, beware…I’m a lean mean biddin’ machine! What’s your puppy’s name? Sooo cute!

  11. I understand totally about the Mojo.
    After hurricane Katrina, I couldn’t knit or crochet for almost a year. I just didn’t have it in me. When we came back home all of that changed.
    Great name for the critters.
    Gorgeous pup!

  12. I love Weimies!! Congratulations!

  13. i am glad that your mojo is back on track! i love the knitting thistletonian! cannot wait to hear more about this puppy! there is nothing like the love of a good dog to set one’s mojo right- no matter how kerfluffled it is!

  14. Thistleonions is the perfect name for your little creatures. They are gorgeous. Glad you got your mojo back.

  15. What a sweet puppy! Such irresistably beautiful eyes!

  16. thistleonians, I like it. what a great name for them. Has Little Nana been able to find a new home? We’ve all suffered from a case of kerfluffled mojo and we all tend to blame the yarn! Hope a scarf works out for that yarn! and what a cute puppy!

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