Oh, woe is me

April 6, 2007 at 6:02 pm | Posted in country living, Holidays, knitting, marriage, photography | 9 Comments

Our Internet connection is down, and may not be repaired for several days.  I am posting this qui ckly from my husband’s office, but cannot get online at home for email or to post an entry to my blog.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and thank you all for your well wishes and friendship.

Sorry for the inevitable delay this will cause to my ability to answer the comments and emails from last week.  I will take care of the emails as soon as I can.

Best to you and yours,



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  1. Oh no! Hang in there! We’ll wait. Funny (or not) my phone number was given to someone else today and our phone number is an out of state number? Definitely blog fodder! Happy Easter hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. No matter how loudly I insist that I like old fashioned things and a simple life… I go cRaZy when I lose my computer miracles and internet! Be brave. Do not lose hope. Courage.
    Happy Easter Firefly.

  3. Hi,

    The timing is not great because of your computer situation right now, but I’ve included you in my post today and just wanted to let you know. It’s entitled, “Setting Goals: Tag, You’re It.” I hope you don’t mind and have the time to take a look.


  4. This is when you’ll notice just how much you use the innernets 🙂 Every time my connection is down I keep realising that to search for a new pattern/shop a bit/read blogs etc. I use the internet hehehe.
    Ah well, you’ll have all the more to tell us once you get back on!!!

    Happy Easter, Eva

  5. sorry to hear about the problems with modern technology! maybe it was fate sending you a sign to spend some extra time enjoying this easter weekend in all its chilly glory with your husband and walking around the farm with blu. he is an absolute joy! that is truly unconditional love there. happy easter!

  6. Exactly how I came upon your blog so many months ago is unclear to me now…. captivated by those precious words, “I live on a farm”, most likely.
    I find the content of your site positively enchanting and return often! When I saw the photos of Blu, those haunting expressions, and as I read your words, “This is yours, Blu. All of this space, all of this freedom, this farm….” I melted! Thank you firefly for so generously sharing your creative talents and gifts with us. Perhaps by sharing Blu’s adoption with your readers you will (serendipitously) bring attention to a subject very near and dear to my heart. Congratulations, enjoy and I look forward
    to checking back to see what’s new…. this is therapy that’s hard to put a price on! Thank you so much.

  7. I hope it gets repaired soon!

  8. Hi Firefly,

    Sorry to hear about your internet…I know you will have lots of catching up to do once it is back up. I’ve been in Mexico the last week so I’ve been the last few entries to catch back up to what’s going on. I loved the geese photos, you did a wonderful job of capturing them. As always thanks for the blog, hope your internet is back up soon. Oh, I plan on taking a look at the new paintings on e-bay unless the time is up!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


  9. Sorry about your computer woes. When you are up and running, I tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Awards.


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