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Fireflys Morning Has Broken  1Yesterday afternoon clouds gathered again, giving us a heavy rain shower late in the day … just as I was heading out to the post office with no umbrella. Oh well.

A bit of rain continued falling overnight, and this morning everything was thick, and lush, and green with raindrops clinging to branches, leaves, petals, and life.

After I took Blu out for an early morning “business” report and barn inspection, he went back inside and I headed back out with my camera. I had noticed some delicate little purple flowers growing here and there around the barn and I wanted to capture them with the camera before they are mowed down by the inevitable first mowing of the lawn mowing which will occur any day now. I know the mowing is necessary, but I do hate to think of the little wild flowers that will all lose their heads within a few days time.

Fireflys Morning Has Broken 3While I was out I heard the gentle clip clop of horses hooves coming up the road, and a carriage with some of our Amish friends went by. I shot a photograph of their horse; I admire their horses so much because they are so fine and handsome looking. My husband said they buy retired race horses for their carriages, which would explain why these animals are so refined in looks as well as movement.

Continuing around the barn, I found leaves have sprouted from our raspberry canes. Oh how I look forward to the raspberries. When they are ripe, we will go out a pickin’ together with our berry baskets after evening meals. The raspberries are small and black, wild and delicious. We have them here around the barn and the willow, and many more over at the cottage.

Here I am, on the verge of re-experiencing those things which were brand new to me last spring. This weekend is our anniversary, April 29th. Last year at this time I was busy taking care of last-minute preparations to leave California with my husband-to-be and head for Las Vegas for our wedding on the way to New York for our new life together.

Fireflys Amish Friends Come ByI love to conjure up the excitement of the moments of pleasure that one particular day, the day before he was to arrive by airplane to meet up with me for our great adventure.

My first stop in the morning was the salon in Burbank for a manicure and pedicure. After that, I headed out to Sherman Oaks to pick up Chinese food from P.F. Chang’s China Bistro for my son and I–our favorite Chinese restaurant. Next, I headed for my son’s apartment and we had a nice banquet together as I glowed in anticipation of things to come, and he smiled quietly in his happiness for me.

Here we are, one year later. No regrets. None at all.

Fireflys Morning Has Broken 4As a matter of fact, if I had known then how it would all turn out I would have been filled with even more anticipation. We, together as a couple, have turned out to be better even than I thought we would be, and my expectations were quite high.

This morning’s rain drops, lush green lawn, and golden morning light reminds me mightily of last spring and summer in my new home and environment. For the first time in my life I was in an environment that brought reality to the song, “Morning Has Broken” as performed by Cat Stevens. I listened to it often last spring and summer, sang it quietly to myself while sitting out on the back stoop watching morning golden light on the wet lawn, streaks of sun’s rays pouring through the willow and other trees in the yard, golden broken light bringing our lovely barn to life.

As I sat there listening to that song in my mind and over, and over, and over again I felt huge wells of gratitude flowing up and out of me, filling up the scene before me and extending out into the greater environment and world, reaching that beauty in everything that is for me, the face of God. A feeling of wonder would overtake me, and all I could do was float in that sense of gratitude and love.

Fireflys Morning Has Broken 2Morning has broken not just here on the farm, but in my life. In our lives. This is morning, though it came in the middle of life, it is the morning.

A fine, fine morning it is.

Love to you, my friend. I wish it for you, for yours, and for others beyond you and yours.

Thank you for sharing this morning with me.



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  1. This greening time, it is such magic. My front window looks out on a small patch of woodland here in suburban Long Island. All grays and browns for these past few months, but over my coffee this morning, I noticed the first true greening up of the undergrowth. Welcome spring! Even on this gray rainy day.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you.

  3. It’s been raining here too and everything is greening up. Our forsythia hedge is robed in yellow and is blindingly bright. On this dark, grey, rainy day it’s like a beacon.

    We had a anniversary of sorts too. We have now lived in New Jersey for one year! Happy Anniversary to you!

    What a city, Las Vegas! We just returned from a trip there. Wild and Wonderful!

    Maybe you meant blackcaps ( a kind of wild black raspberry ) instead of raspberries? Are they harder than they are plump? Our bears love the ones growing in our woods. They get to them before we do!

  4. No, these are raspberries. They are tender, just as the red variety. These small black raspberries grow wild around here, abundantly. A deep, dark purple if you really inspect the color, but black to the casual eye.


  5. Happy Anniversary.
    That is one of my favorite songs as well.
    I think it is a wonderful gift that you have found your “morning”. That is something that most people never imagine having.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Happy Anniversary, thanks again for sharing your wonderful life. I always look forward to reading your posts.

  7. Some of your most breathtaking photos.

    What a precious blessings to recognize God’s gifts and be filled with thanksgiving. There is nothing sweeter than when morning breaks and a longing is fulfilled.

    Happy anniversary, my friend.


  8. Happy Anniversary, firefly! Your farm sounds so beautiful, and the pictures you took are gorgeous.

  9. Happy Anniversary. And thank you for, once again, sharing your joy and gratitude. It’s infectious. I’m smiling ‘outloud!’

  10. Thanks for reminding me of that magical summer rainshower! I remember them vividly, how the sky would darken and loom, all manner of dark windy and wet chaos would rule for an hour or two, and how the sun would peek out from under the edge of the retreating clouds. Glendale just doesn’t do that, I’m afraid.

    And the blackberries! The subdivision I grew up in had been a farm (the sort of thing I never thought of, but actually a sad thing, that it couldn’t remain one). Our backyard was part of the fruit orchards; our back fence was made up of blackberry brambles, with intensely sweet little berries on it, in the spring and early summer. Very few berries on our picking missions ever made it in to the house, unless my mother was supervising!

  11. I have to tell you that your pictures are truly beautiful I feel so calm and at peace looking at most of them and I could get completely lost in the beauty of others. You truly have a gift.

    Happy anniverary

  12. beautiful! Thanks for sharing- and happy anniversary.

  13. Everything is nice and green and colorful here in South Carolina. There was a cold snap and the frost did bother some things in my yard. The azaleas did not stay pretty as long as they have before. I have irises, peonies, jonquils, bridal wreath, hosta and many more things. We even planted some tomatoe and pepper plants. We have already bought strawberries straight from the field and have them in the freezer ready to enjoy next winter. Your pictures are beautiful. Maybe one day I will master such beauty. My son gave me a camera for Christmas. I still need to practice to get that perfect shot. Congratulations on your anniversary. My daughter has been married 2 years this May and my son will marry in July.

  14. Happy Anniversary, my friend! What a lovely post (from yesterday, I know, but I was too lazy to turn on the computer) and thanks, as usual, for sharing a beautiful view of your new life.

  15. The tiny purple flowers are wild catnip. They like having their tops pinched off with a mower.

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! I wish you spring all the years of your lives.

  16. i cannot wait to see what you do with those raspberries, possibly my favorite fruit! i love the idea of amish horses having past lives as race horses, such a big difference in lifestyle for them! to go from competition and strenuous racing to a slow easy life of love and work. too bad they cannot talk and tell us what they think of the change!

  17. I enjoy your choice of subjects for your photos. Thanks for sharing your springtime!

  18. Happy Anniversay! Sorry I’m a little late…I have been behind in reading your blog. What a wonderful year you have had! I will have been married 25 years this month and it just gets better and better! I wish the same for you!
    The pictures are beautiful as always!
    Have a wonderful day! Your Friend, Ann

  19. firefly and honey,
    Happy Belated Anniversary to you!
    When I read your love story adventure, it reminds me of the stories you can read in those old novels about a “mail-order bride” going to live on her new husband’s farm! Especially as you say it has been more than you ever expected. So much to be grateful for.

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