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Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm

Today at Fireflys Farm Just Before Christmas Just After a Storm


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  1. Having lived most of my adult life in California (until 3 years ago), I’m not crazy about cold. But snow makes me grin from ear to ear. You’ve noticed, of course, the many different kinds there are. The sun came out and its a diamond-encrusted white-frosted world. Which I am enjoying from the snug warmth of my office. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The pictures are as beautiful as ever. I’ve been thinking of you as I hear the weather reports for your area. We’ve had a great deal of ice and snow already, but nothing like Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. It has been quite the winter so far, even though it hasn’t appeared on the calendar yet! Stay warm.

  3. Oh my goodness it has been a while since I last drop by for a visit….but know I think of you often. :o) The photos are just beautiful, I just know the snow makes the farm beautiful as ever. I hope that you and your Dear Husband are enjoying all that this Season brings. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.



  4. Beautiful pictures!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I’ve lived in Northern California for three years now and, seeing your photos, I MISS THE SNOW! Thanks for sharing a bit of winter.

  6. Some time ago I saw your blog mentioned on – and what made me stop and look was the picture of you. I know it sounds funny … but I almost felt as if I was looking at myself. I showed the picture of you to my husband and he was also astonished by the resemblance. And now after having read your latest post – which I liked so much – I just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas!

  7. Beautiful phttos. Have a wonderful Christmas

  8. Winter Wonderland! So beautiful and great photography! Thank you for doing this for us all!

    Enjoy all the beauty!

  9. Firefly,

    Of all the pictures I look at on the web, yours are my very favorite! They make me feel peaceful and content just to look at them. You are a very sensitive artist. Thank you for sharing them. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May God bless your daughter with freedom from pain and healing.

  10. For just a moment I am going to pretend we are neighbors, and savor the delightful thought that all of those magical sights are right outside my front door… you provide inspiration for my dreams… thank you.

  11. I stumbled across your blog and I must say that has become one of my favourites. Your writing and pictures bring me great peace and comfort. I live in Eastern Ontario and your pics look like they could have been taken in my garden! On a side note, I met the love of my life online. We’re to be married next year and are currently looking for a big house in the country where we can raise our 4 children and one schnauzer. Your story makes me realize that it can be done and it can work. Thank you.

  12. I guess the storm that hit Indy over the week-end got you too! It was such beautiful snow here and looks as if yours was too! In case I run short on time over the week-end I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together sharing the love and magic of the day! Merry Christmas! Ann

  13. Firefly,
    As ususal you have touched my heart and made me smile. Thank you for sharing your Christmas magic. If more of us thought of Christmas in this way how much MORE magical this season would be. I loved your pictures. As usual they captured beauty and peace. Have a wonderful Christmas. Are you very loansome for you family since you left Ca. Merry Christmas and may God’s love continue to bless you & yours.

  14. Beautiful pictures! It didn’t snow very often where I lived most of my life, but I just moved to a tropical climate, so snow won’t be happening here. I still love it though. Maybe one day I’ll live where it snows again!

  15. What beautiful wintry photos. I especially like the first one and the one with the red berries.

  16. Your photography is amazing. I am an avid photographer myself but I don’t get out much (too much work and craft). If only I had some snow to play around with. I would have a ball. Oh I found your blog through Ruth’s Place. She is a good friend of mine.

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