And I’ve got … cozy toes

February 26, 2008 at 5:58 pm | Posted in blogging, country life, country living, dogs, family, free knitting patterns, gifts, knitting, love, marriage, pets, photography, relationships, romance, snow, socks, yarn | 30 Comments

Fireflys hand knit Cozy Toes sock patternMy daughter gave me two skeins of incredibly soft chunky baby alpaca yarn at Christmas so I could make myself some warm, cozy house socks. I designed a simple pattern for the socks, and just finished the second one this morning. Now, I’ve got Cozy Toes!

The leg of the socks is 11″ long, and yet I still had a small handful of yarn left over from each skein. These socks are easy to knit up very quickly, even for a beginning sock knitter. I believe if you had a weekend to yourself (starting when you get home Friday after work) you could have your own Cozy Toes before going to bed on Sunday evening. Of course, if you knit a little slower or can’t set aside an entire lazy weekend to just sit around sipping coffee and cocoa while watching old movies and knitting in your pj’s, you might have to spend a bit more time at it. Either way, I think you will enjoy knitting and wearing them.

I like the way the squeezy spring of the yarn hugs my ankles and arches. The only real problem I have is that I don’t want them to get messed up, so I am likely to wear them with slippers when I’m walking around and then slip off the slippers (I mean, really … that is why they are called “slippers” after all) once I’m settled in somewhere to read or cuddle with one of my sweeties (my husband or our Blu).

Fireflys hand knit Cozy Toes socks are eleven inches tallSpeaking of dear Blu, most of the time I was working on my Cozy Toes, Blu was in my lap. He has grown to be quite a good sized dog, and yet he insists on a certain amount of cuddle time with as much of his body on my lap as he can possibly make stay on top of me. He doesn’t want to sit beside of me with just his head in my lap, or even just the front part of him drapped over me. No, he studiously works and works at fitting himself somehow, some way, on top of me. Inevitably something hangs over … two or three paws, his chin, sometimes half of his rear end. He simple does not fit on top of my lap any longer and yet, he does not know that or perhaps he refuses to accept that reality.

It is a considerably awkward to knit with him up there. Where do I put my elbows? When he readjusts himself–which happens often–where shall I put my yarn? How do I prevent myself, him, or both of us from becoming impaled on a double pointed needle from one of his sudden movements?

Periodically he pushes himself upward all of a sudden, pressing one entire side of his body, neck,and head against me very hard with his front legs straight as a board, his paws pressing down hard into my leg. I hardly have time to hastily turn my head to the side and stick my arms out on either side with knitting needles and knitted item in one hand and a ball of yarn in the other. I wonder what that looks like from the other side of the room.

When he sees me sit down and pick up my knitting, he gets a very concerned look on his face as if to say, “Hey wait a second there, this isn’t going to work for me. I need all that room up there. You really ought to put that stuff away. Here, let me show you…” and then he proceeds to pace back and forth eyeing my lap and the knitting. Finally makes one of several approaches to the lap. If I try deflecting his positioning to make room for my needles, yarn and elbows he gives out a loud disapproving sigh and has another go at it.

Firefly had this much yarn left from each skein of yarnFor a while I tried keeping him beside me rather than on top of me but somehow he changed my mind, and I don’t even remember when or how. Oh well, we are still working it out and providing a certain amount of amusement and entertainment to my husband while we’re at it.

Neither of us have ever known a dog with so much of a need to give and receive love while applying full body contact. Every time I wear my Cozy Toes socks, I am bound to think of Blu’s warm and cuddly lap of love and how he was right there for the knitting, every stitch of the way.

I am seriously considering writing up a little instruction manual with helpful hints for pet owners who are learning to knit, but that will be another day and another time.

Meanwhile, back to Cozy Toes. Enjoy the photographs today and check back within the next few days for the pattern. I will be sharing this one for free, although I might ask people to join my mailing list to get the pattern for free. Come on, please? I promise I won’t spam you. I would just like to be able to send an email once a month or so when I have new patterns for sale or new paintings to show. Plus, I hope to self publish a cookbook and pattern book by September of this year and would love to be able to send out emails to promote them.

At any rate, the Cozy Toes sock pattern will be free, one way or the other, and I will be happy to share it with you, my dear reader.

Fireflys river on a snow day this winterI will leave you with a photograph I shot recently, across the road looking out over our river. Every day the river has a different look as ice forms and melts, snow builds up and disappears, and comes back a day or two later. This is one of my favorite shots I have taken of it so far.

Today we have snow falling all day long. I prayed for one more deep snow this year because I want to be able to go out by the willow with my husband and Blu and have a good long romp in a couple of feet of snow. Blu and I did that one day back in December and I have wanted ever since then to repeat the play date with my husband included in the mix. Maybe today or tomorrow we will be able to do just that. Wish me luck!

Hope your day is cozy and beautiful, as our is here.

Chow mein, noodle.



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  1. What a lovely post! Cosy socks, cute, cute dog and a gorgeous snowy river. I’m glad you’re getting your wished for snow. πŸ™‚

  2. We haven’t had one good snow this year….Here’s to hoping for a better winter next year! (winter is my favourite season πŸ™‚ )

  3. Hmm. This may be a really silly question, but how does one join your mailing list? I’d love to but can’t…figure…out…how. πŸ˜›

  4. That is a lovely pair of socks, and a lovely pic of the river. Seems like a relaxing few days.

  5. Firefly,
    Love your pics, your projects and your recipes. I made the basketweave scarf for my son’s girlfriend and it turned out wonderfully.

    You continue to be one of my two favorite bloggers! Thanks for spending your time doing this- you inspire!

    Can’t wait to buy one of your books!


  6. I grew up near Rochester, NY, so I am totally enjoying your photos and talk about winter. I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for over 20 years and still miss aspects of the NYS winters – maybe absence is making the heart grow fonder!

    How do I sign up for your mailing list?


  7. I love your socks. What type of yarn did you use? They look great and I’m anxious to see the pattern. I had to laugh when you were talking about your lap dog. Our neighbors had two great danes. They were the sweetest dogs you’d ever meet. One day I was sitting on their couch and this huge animal starts backing up towards my lap. Could have sworn I heard back up beeping! Anyway, she backed right onto my lap. Her front legs were on the floor, but her butt was in my lap! She was as content as could be! I was shocked as could be, but once I got over the shock of having such a large ‘lap dog’ in my lap, we were both content!

  8. Firefly, Your daughter did good with the yarn…I just love purple!! Your view is wonderful and I hope you get out in the snow and have a good romp.

  9. Great looking socks, they look REALLY warm! I have a canine and some felines and I know what you mean about sitting on your lap when trying to get something done. But we do love them, don’t we? They’re part of our families!

  10. What darling socks and how generous you are!! My newly knitting daughter will likely be happy to see this!

    And your dog…what a lovely creature!! We have a very old blue heeler/border collie mix. She will sit beside us, resting her head on our lap or leg at times…but it must be on our LEFT SIDE ONLY…do not ask me why…that is just how SHE decided it had to be and ever since that is it!! I love her so…I HATE to see her growing so old before my very eyes. Dogs simply have much too short a life span!!

  11. Those socks do look toasty.
    I have a small cat who I would love on my lap, but no she has to be next to me. Perhaps the size of the pet is directly related to the amount of lap they think they need!

    Can’t wait for the pattern.

  12. Oh bless Blu’s sweet little heart! He loves his Mom. I have the same problem with Macy. She believes she has to help me knit, and it is close to impossible to knit with her in my lap. We are currently looking for a new chair that will be wide enough for her to be beside me instead of on me. We have been taking her with us to the stores to “test drive” clairs. You should see the expression on the salesperson’s face when we ask if Macy can try the chair with me.

    I love the alpaca socks!

  13. that was such a great gift from your daughter. your socks are awesome!

  14. i’ll be happy to be added to your mailing list. let me know when it and the pattern is available.

  15. Hi Firefly,
    Cute & Cozy sock…I may have to give these a try! I could actually use a week-end where I do nothing but knit & watch movies; unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough. It is cold & Sunny here in Indy today. Boy, did I need the sunshine. I was able to run outside today and I loved it! I am looking forward to spring! Have a wonderful day and I’m glad you got your wish, my wish was a little bit of sunshine. Ann

  16. I have a boxer who will just stand and rest his great, heavy head on my arm while I’m knitting, looking at me with his huge, soulful brown eyes. I tell him, “yes, I feel so sorry for you that you are a dog and must remain on the floor” but that makes his little butt wiggle all the harder and it’s difficult to count stitches when you have a wiggling boxer leaning on your arm. I digress. Nice sock pattern! I have about a ton of sock yarn looking for a way out of the stash so your pattern should help that along. Stay warm!

  17. What great socks- they look so comfy!
    Had to laugh when I read about Blu- our cat, Mr.Black, will do the same when I try to sit on the couch knitting. I have considered only using magic loop for socks:-~
    Your photo of the river is beautiful- it is so good to see some real winter, our winter has been windy and wet,with no snow, so I love those snow images!
    Take care.

  18. Love the socks, do we need to check your blog for the pattern or just where? Do you ever do two needle or circular socks?
    Thanks Knitter Gma

  19. Cute socks! I love the color too, very cheery.

  20. Beautiful photo of your river. Lovely socks. I wish I had taken up knitting.

  21. I would LOVE to see a photo of Blu “helping” you knit! My Jenny is a Welsh Cardigan Corgi, and when she decides she needs attention, she “drapes” her long body over my lap and knitting – and GLARES at me if she gets poked!

  22. very nice socks and in my favorite color as well.
    Blu in your lap sounds like my 3 year old in my lap… almost impossible to knit while he cuddles (which he always insists on) enjoy that time with him, you’re giving each other a wonderful gift.
    i’m hoping, too, for another decent snowfall. Not a couple of feet (although that would be spectacular) but enough for the kids to sled and make snowmen and angels.. they’re predicting some tonight πŸ™‚
    I wish you snow… and thank you again for your wonderful blog.

  23. I love the extra length that you chose for the cozy socks. I am not very handy in circular patterns….socks, baby caps….etc. I am a combined knitter, and a little spastic. Ever thought about trying to make a 2 needle sock pattern? Most of the patterns I have found are less than spectacular. Just a thought.
    So glad to see that Blu has found his Forever home. If he sat on me, I think I would disappear. He is a very blessed canine to have a MOM who would “make do” knitting,so he could have cuddle time. How can you say no to that face!

  24. hi firefly

    Thank you for your lovely email. Arent you lucky to have so much snow the picture is beautiful. Not forgeting Blu its great that he is so lovable. I have three cats and the youngest one sometimes plays with the ball of yarn I am using and bites it in half, shes so cheeky!!! Love the socks looking forward to the pattern. Take Care x

  25. I’d love to join your mailing list. Can’t wait for the cozy toes pattern to be released and will also be interested in further patterns and the cookbook.
    wish I had a hundred bucks right now! I love the haybale painting.


  26. I have a dear friend who discovered knitting last year. She is currently knitting me some socks. I am sending her your way because I know she will love to see your work.

    I spend my evenings on the couch under a 20 lb. cat, so I know how you feel. My knees ache and my feet get numb, and I can’t read any book that weighs a lot unless I prop it up on her back. πŸ™‚

    Hope you get your snow. Actually, you’re welcome to mine! LOL

  27. Gorgeous picture of your river. We don’t have winter like that here on the Oregon coast and I do miss it from time to time.
    Looking forward to the sock pattern. Yippee!

  28. Love the pictures and the socks. The color is gorgeous. Can’t wait for the pattern

  29. I “unearthed” your blog not long ago (seems so cozy to me too…) and I’d gladly join your mailing list if only I knew how to do it !! Must have missed something somehow ? ;-)) I was thinking only yesterday that I definitely should knit a nice pair of cozy socks for my frozen feet and there you are… Thank you so much from over the Ocean…

  30. I love these socks, and I especially like that they can be knit in a couple of hours, NOT on size 0-1 needles, not with something called “thread,” AND with a dog in my lap…eager to get my hands on this rare-type sock pattern!

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