It was a beautiful day

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A beautiful late winter day on fireflys farmSunday as we pulled into the long circular drive around the house toward the back yard, my husband noticed deer tracks leading to a little tree we just planted this past autumn. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and big clouds, so we decided to have a walk around the place to check out what damage the deer(s) may have caused. It was also a great opportunity to do some photography and play with Blu.

While I grabbed the camera, my husband fetched this very large ball we gave Blu for Christmas out of the garage. It is too large to play with in the house, but it is perfect for having a romp in the snow. We kicked the ball around as we made our way back toward the willow, Blu played with it along the way.

Blu plays with his snow romping ball on fireflys farm one late winter morningI especially loved the interesting shadows on the snow, cast by bare branched trees. I caught myself gazing at them here and there, getting lost in sort of a blank day dream state. I knew the snow was going to disappear on Monday because the local temperature was supposed to get up into the high 40’s (as it turned out, Monday’s temperature topped 60). I wasn’t sure if we would be significantly white with snow again this year, so I wanted to take in as much lingering beauty as I could. (Of course, it is Wednesday as I write this and I look outside at a newly white-powdered world with snow blowing in thick, fine foggy clouds … I love when that happens.)

Blu enjoys a snowball fight on fireflys farm on a late winter morningTomorrow it will be up around 40 again and today’s snow will disappear but more will come in the days that follow, and that will melt, and so and so on until spring arrives for good. Much as I cherish winter and snow days, I do feel the excitement of approaching spring. I lived so many years of my life knowing what it is like to have different seasons (from my childhood) but not being able to experience them (in Los Angeles) so that now in Western New York I relish the electric tingle in my soul that comes with changing seasons.

Ah, seasons. They do exist, they do come, they do go, there is change and I love it throughout my very being. Life is sweet.

Blu gets a snowball right in the face on fireflys farm one late winter morningMy husband and Blu started having a snowball fight, which I was fortunate enough to catch on camera. Blu is not very adept at making and throwing snowballs, but man oh, man can he catch them. He is dedicated to the game with a spirit that is admirable, willing to throw his body up and down, this way and that … anything to make a good catch. And catch the snowballs he does.

But, every once in a while he gets it in the face, “Blam!” That’s okay; he doesn’t seem to mind.

Yesterday and today I have been going through many, many photographs from the past two years and selecting those I want to create paintings from. I am anxious to get going on more of the post card size “daily paintings” I do, as well continuing on with the large paintings for the restaurant.

A hand knit Christmas Stocking design in the works by fireflyI still plan to publish the knitting pattern for the Cozy Toes socks this week, so do not despair if you are waiting for that. I have also start making a hand knit Christmas stocking of my own design. The knitting book I plan to publish by early fall will be Christmas stocking patterns primarily, so this stocking I am in the midst of is the first for that purpose. Of any project I have ever knit, I believe Christmas Stockings are my most favorite of all. They are perfect to give as gifts and tend to be treasured by those who receive them plus they are affordable knitting projects that can be tackled even by beginning knitters.

I suppose I will have to end off now, as there is much work to do and the day is slipping by.

Hope the weather is pretty where you are, what ever “pretty” is for you.


Copyright © 2008 J.L. Fleckenstein ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

pretty tree shadow in the snow on fireflys farm


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  1. Firefly, what wonderful pictures of handsome Blu.
    I know he is a joy to all. The pictures are always great, I just wait for your new bog to appear and enjoy all so much. The knitting is wonderful, and how easy is the shawl to knit?
    The weather in Mechanicsville is beautiful today and warm. We are going to the outer banks for a few days next, we will be married for forty-nine years nex week. Hope the weather is pretty. Great years together, stroms and trails along the way, but when you see one set of footprints we were being carried through. Bless you and keep the beautiful work coming. Peace and Love Judy

  2. Lovely pictures! I wish it would snow like that here in Texas…
    You’re dog is very cute! What kind is he?

  3. Stockings are my favorite knitting project, too – I’ve made them for my children, husband, and nephew – based on one that was made for me many years ago by a family friend.

    I’m a long-time lurker who really enjoys your posts – your book sounds like an exciting project, too! Hope you’ll be doing your own photography & illustrations :^)

  4. I always love your pictures, makes me feel ike I’m there. Can’t wait to see the Christmas stockings

  5. Congratulations, Firefly, on surpassing 600,000 hits on your always-inspirational blog! Your photos make this never-ending winter look beautiful! Thanks for sharing your many, many talents. I’m looking forward to your sock pattern, your postcard-sized paintings, and your book.

  6. Looking forward to the sock pattern! Beautiful photos!!

  7. I haven’t had time enough so far to browse through your blog (great, so many pages still to enjoy ;-)) so I discover only now that tender Blu is my favorite kind of dog. I just love those “Braque de Weimar” as we call them here in France (or am I wrong ?). And Blu seems to be just wonderful… Your pictures really make me dream, everything seems so quiet and beautiful. It hardly ever snows ’round here !

  8. I love the way Blu’s ears fly behind him when he runs. He is having the knid of fun that I wish all dogs could enjoy!

    I am awed by the beautiful Christmas stocking. I will look forward to the pattern for it, and hope there will be time to make one or two for this Christmas.

  9. I love your pictures! His ears are great flopping as he’s chasing his ball! Great scenes! Take care.

  10. Blu cracks me up!

  11. My middle son is supposed to fly in Rochester tomorrow for the 3rd quarter of college & I just checked the weather. That area, your area, is supposed to get 8 to 14 inches of snow between now and tomorrow night. Looks like Blu will have some more snow to play in. (I hope the two of you were having as much fun as Blu!) Fabulous photos.

  12. Your photo is beautiful as usual, and Blu is still a ham. Snow is wonderful, I love the way Blu embraces it. Blu has this catch thing down pat. But his catches keep melting, does that bother him. I bet nothing bothers Blu much.
    Your insights in the past several posts have really hit home and made me think. There is always something to be thankful for isn’t there? Winter’s beauty, Springs promise of new life. I know the tingle you wrote about. Can’t wait to hear the tree frogs. When I moved to Missouri I had never heard them before. Now it’s music to my ears. Were a bit ahead of you we have a Robin and a red winged black bird.

  13. Thank you for the beautiful photos and blog update. Here in Eastern NY we have lots of snow on the ground but just rain forecast for today. Tonight we turn the clocks ahead, I look forward to more daylight.I am also looking forward to seeing your Christmas stocking pictures. Thanks for all your good work.

  14. What a great post! Sometimes is hard to remember how pretty winter can be, especially in the city! I see I have some catching up to do…don’t worry, I’ll pop back by. Glad you and your family had fun in the snow…I remember playing with our pup when I was small. He had similar spirit, and used to grab our boots when we were making snow angels in the yard. We had the longest gowns on our snow angels!!


  15. So, how do you like the last good snow of the year, as you wished for it? 😉 There have been more birds in my yard today than in the past two weeks together, happily for me.

  16. Blu looks like he’s having so much fun, despite getting a muzzle full of snowball; the first photo, he looks positively crazed with excitement.
    I love your sweet stocking- of course, I’m partial to anything with cables 🙂

  17. Oh Blu is very handsome. I love your snow! We didn’t get anything this year and the love it so!
    I am looking forward to your book!
    Do you sell your paintings?

  18. I do love your photography. Most definitely “pretty” 🙂

  19. Looks like you had a fab time there with Blu. He is such a handsome dog. Great photos of him too!

  20. Greetings from one Firefly to another. Blu looks like he’s having a great time.

  21. HA! The photo of Blu with his giant ball made me laugh out loud!

  22. I had been thinking about making my kids their Christmas Stockings…and now that I see the one you are creating, I will start the planning now. I love the cables and the threaded ribbon…and the overall knitterly traditional look. Send me an email when the pattern is ready for the public!

    ps- Don’t be sad about the snow going away…just switch to cotton yarn 🙂

  23. What beautiful shadows the trees made on the snow. I must say, Blu looks so incredibly happy!

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