Happy Friday

June 6, 2008 at 5:08 pm | Posted in country living, faith, family, knitting, love, marriage, photography, relationships, romance | 9 Comments
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Some little kitty is playing hide and seek on fireflys farm

The laughing kitty says give me your vittles or I pounce on your toe

Sweet little Yin poses for his photo op Friday morning at fireflys farm

And Yang is all like Hey I can be cute too take my picture firefly

Nice close up of Yin wondering why firefly has a big dark thing in front of her face

Yang wonders what firefly is going to plant in that planter this weekend

Mom comes along and says okay kids settle down and lets get a nice family portrait

Happy Friday, and best wishes for a wonderful weekend from …

firefly, The “I Live on a Farm” Husband,
Blu, Kat-Kat, Yin, and Yang


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  1. I am a career woman, with a sensible business head on her shoulders, who takes life with a grain of salt. I take foster parenting as seriously as I do my career. I don’t laugh at a joke unless I actually find it funny. And yet…

    I wuv widdle fuzzy kittens. Awwwwww, fuzzy widdle kitty, come here!!! Smoochy smoochy smooochy squishy fuzzy tiny paws….

  2. happy friday to you too 🙂

  3. lol Muriel…
    You found her *soft* spot Firefly!
    Me? I’m easy, and those kitties certainly make me go to baby talk and deep sighs and cooing!
    Your pictures set the right mood for a happy weekend. May yours shine.

  4. Those are the cutest kitties! I wish I could pet one!

  5. My how they’ve changed! So very cute. Now which is which again? Yin has the goatee and Yang is darker? or the other way round?
    Just too cute! Stop by and see my happy happy news! I know I’m going to have a good weekend, albeit a HOT one.

  6. Happy Friday, the kittens are so cute.

  7. Have a great weekend, I love the kitten pictures

  8. Aaaaawwwwww!!


  9. They have got to give you some delightful moments with their antics. They are too cute Firefly!

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