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Eight is my lucky number.

Some number of years ago I rolled a lucky double eight and out I popped … born to two very sweet dear people who I have come to know as “Dad and Mom”. Lucky me, for many reasons but most especially because that Dad and Mom are my Dad and Mom. They are my lucky double eights.

Today is my birthday, and I have looked forward to this birthday in particular for quite a long time. I have patiently circled the sun some 51 times looking forward to the arrival of this, my luckiest day of them all. August 8, 2008 … 080808. Oh, 8.

And today my thoughts are mostly on my parents. I told them once they are national treasures in my mind and heart. In my life, I have tried to honor and love and treasure my parents. Sometimes I have goofed up, but being parents I doubt they remember my goofs anywhere near as much as they remember my glories. That’s how it is with parents when they look at their children.

The way we have lived life, my parents and my children and I are the very best of friends and teammates. We came to call ourselves “The A Team” because of the special quality of our bond and how together we can overcome anything, mutually protect and support one another, and create a beautiful future together no matter the odds.

When I was 16 years old (a while back now) I made the Daisy Afghan you see in these photos for Dad and Mom for their wedding anniversary (their anniversary is August 16, by the way). Mom took such great care of that afghan that now, all of these years later, it looks just as good as new. She passed it along to my daughter a few years ago, and my daughter is so tender hearted she treasures it dearly.

The gratitude I feel for my parents and my children, for the love and experiences we have enjoyed and will enjoy as future days come and go, is so large and full there is no adequate means of expressing it. Somehow the universe blessed me with icing on my cake of life … a dearer husband than I could have imagined (and I have a very big imagination). With so much to be grateful for, I am speechless to tell you the truth.

A few photos, and this sweet poem my father wrote for me when I was eighteen years old … that is what I give to you today, my friend.

Little Dreamer
a poem by Herb S.

Go little dreamer dream your dreams.
Just remember: they’re life.
Find your times of happiness.
Heal your wounds from strife.

Dreams are for those who need and seek
balms for wounds and woes.
Remember little dreamer, life’s dilemmas
are not to you unique.

So dream your dreams little dreamer.
In them your happiness find.
For they can become more solid and real
than lurking shadows of your mind.

In this mood of reflective gratitude, I will attempt to point out a few highlights …

Dad, thank you for helping me with that nail I jumped on at the lake so many years ago. Mom, thank you for the hot chocolate, chicken soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches that made snow days magically special and cozy. Dad, thank you for all of the things you could fix … my gosh, where did you get all those skills from? Mom, thank you demonstrating in your daily life grace of patience and a gentle touch. Dad, thank you for letting me drive the family car when I was first learning how to drive. Mom, thank you for all of those sweet dresses you sewed for me when I was growing up. Dad, thank you for sharing your writing with me and others so openly and freely — and thank you for the thoughts they contain. Mom, thank you for teaching me how to cook.

Thank you both for always finding a way to soothe my owies. Thank you both for my brothers and my sisters, they are precious to me even now. Thank you both for always making a warm, loving, and safe home for us all. Thank you both for endless, countless, too-numerous-to-mention help and supportive acts of kindness during all of my years of single parenting. Thank you both for being such wonderful grandparents and making my own children feel as loved and special as you do.

Dear Dad and Mom … thank you from the depths of my heart and the spirit that I am for life.


Copyright (c) 1975, 1992, 2008 J. L. Fleckenstein ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!

    I am wishing you a wonderful day and I hope you can enjoy it with all your beloved ones.
    I am reading sometimes your blog and I like to tell you that it is always a pleasure to come back to your blog.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Firefly~
    Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope your day is filled with unexpected surprises! That life will continue to grow sweeter and sweeter with each passing day! And may God’s blessings flow down on you!

  4. Such a tender and touching post. I hope you have a lovely birthday; it certainly sounds as though you have a wonderful family with which to share it. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, and many more to come! I love the blanket as well, what a gift you have! Jennie, Wales

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Love your blog!

  7. Happy Birthday, Dear Firefly!

    I hope you have a blessed day and that you will tell us later what you did to celebrate.

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope everything is wonderful for you!

  9. Hello firefly!

    A Big Happy Birthday to you! Indeed August 8th is a special special day for it is my Father’s Birthday too! Not more than ten minutes from hanging up from wishing my dear Father a very happy birthday, I decided to check my favorite places to visit and my goodness here it is your day too!

    What a beautiful tribute to your parents…just lovely! The Afghan is beautiful. I can see it most certainly has been treasured. A lovely post and a special day. Have a wonderful birthday firefly!



  10. No one deserves a perfect day more than you, dear Firefly! You inherited your father’s gift of writing and your mother’s gift of grace. Lucky us … each entry in your blog in which you share your life, your charmed life, your hard-fought-for amazing life … is a gift to us.

    The Other Beverly, the one in Iowa

  11. Happy, happy day to you! You indeed were surrounded by much love and happiness growing up and it is truly reflected in your beautiful writing. Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog and hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family!

  12. Hi, Happy Birthday to you!!! My Birthday is also today, 08-08-08. I wish I could say that I am 18 or 28, but I’m 46 with a husband and two children. I hope that you’re day was as wonderful as mine. I even renewed my drivers license today so that it would say issued on 08-08-08. God Bless you and have many more wonderful birthdays. Sincerely, Terri

  13. A joyful birthday to you firefly! I know you have added special memories in your heart and mind from your magical ‘8’ day. You deserve it and you are a special birthday treat to all of us every day. With love and admiration and many happy returns. Your friend from out west, Lin

  14. Forgot to add that the afghan is gorgeous. Just like new. Amazing! Have you ever considered making another and selling your pattern in your store?

  15. Happy Birthday, firefly! Lovely post. Very nostalgic for me as I too had a wonderful bond with my parents. Both are gone from me now. My Dad over 8 years ago, and my dear, dear Mother just one year ago on August 10, 2007. I miss her so. Keep on treasuring your parents, hold them close to your heart for once they are gone there is no going back.

    Hope you had a special day.

  16. Priecless! You are such a treasure to all, especially your parents and family.

    May all the good things of life keep coming your way!


  17. Let me add my good wishes also. I read your post yesterday but got interrupted so mine is a belated Happy Birthday.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday wishes. Thank you for sharing your parents’ loving care with your readers. As my dearest Mom celebrates her 95th birthday on the 16th I will add my silent happy wishes for a continued blessed life together for your mom and dad. I love the Daisy afghan. I had an all white one that is now my granddaughter’s favorite snuggle blanket if her “kiki” is available.

  19. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Firefly! Happy Birthday to you! Okay, can you hear Snowbird singing Happy Birthday? I hope you could! What a special day 8/8/08. My thoughts for you on this day is that happiness you will find in all your wishes that will come true “little dreamer”.

  20. Happy birthday a little late. I think you are not only blessed, but are a blessing, as you have such love and gratitude.

  21. Happy Birthday. Your Mom and Dad did a great job.

  22. Happy Birthday. I also love the fact that your parents’ anniversary date is “8/16” which is made of an “8” and “8 x 2= 16.” Ironically, my wedding date was 8/16/80. So my husband and I will celebrate this year knowing your parents are celebrating too.

    I happened upon your lovely site because I soooo want to make a daisy afghan just like yours. Could you tell me how to do that? Could you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you. Please enjoy your “new year” ahead.


  23. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for an award. If you get a chance, visit my blog where there are full details.

    Hope that you enjoyed your birthday, and that the summer is treating you kindly.

  24. Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Such a lovely post!

  25. Happy Belated Birthday. I hope it was wonderful!

    Your parents sound like wonderful people. I wish them a Happy Anniversary.

  26. My eyes filled with tears when I read this entry. A new tradition that I have developed with my mother over the past 20 years years is that I call her before she can call me to wish me a happy birthday…I call to tell her “thank you for having me.” Just like I have 3 sons, my mother had 3 boys and then, miraculously, decided she had enough energy to “go for the girl”…and thus I exist. I don’t have her strength, and so I thank her yearly.

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