Little Cindy Lou Who Would Love it Too

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I just completed this Christmas Stocking for our dear little Sweet Pea. This will be her official Christmas Stocking that will stay on the farm with Grandma and Grandpa. When I first showed it to her, she let out a happy squeal and leaned forward to look more closely with a big grin on her face … at 9 months old she already appreciates knitting projects!

I used some beautiful, soft sock yarn for this Christmas Stocking that I purchased online from Kimber at Fiber Optic. I love Kimber’s taste and artistry in creating colors for her yarns, and especially loved that I could find sock yarn in low-contrast colorways like the Pale Violet and Watercress I used in this design. I believe I will be using plenty more beautiful, artisan dyed yarns from Fiber Optic during the coming year! I named this pattern “Little Violet Who Christmas Stocking” because of the pretty pale violet yarn I used for the main color.

We have also been having fun introducing her to Christmas lights, Santa Claus, the tree, pine cones, snow … so many iconic symbols of holiday joy. She shows excitement over each new discovery!

You can find this pattern as a download in my Etsy store and at Ravelry. Within a couple of days I will add it to my website pattern catalog and will add a printed version of it. If you want a printed version, let me know and I will let you know once I have added it to the store.

Happy holidays!



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  1. I love that you have this fresh new babe to share all the wonder with… and of course she shares and adds her own wonder for all of you to enjoy. What a Merry Christmas you are sure to have.

  2. The colors couldn’t be more suited to a sweet little girl. We are sending our dearest Christmas wishes to your family this year.

  3. Very wonderful blog! The stocking for Sweet Pea is beautiful! You all will have fun stuffing that one. How great to have her with you for her first Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas. Butterfly

  4. Hi. i live in Ct. found u thru a friend. love to knit, but have not mastered the 4 dp needles. Did learn how to use circular this past year.

    Family would love this Gram-ma-ma to make some stockings. but alas, no one to really help me. Maybe next year.

    i knit, hats, sweaters, scarfs for the charity tree at local libary. also make children;s quilts for Humanitarian center in utah.

    God Bless

    p.s. love your blog

  5. The stocking is beautiful, lucky little girl! The yarn colors are fabulous!

    The memories of her first Christmas are certainly ones to cherish! God Bless!

  6. What a wonderful stocking and a wonderful blog…I’ve enjoyed reading through your various postings and I must tell you, I’ve tried your lentil recipe, the biscuit recipe, and just a moment ago I pulled a freshly baked loaf of buttermilk/honey bread out of the oven–absolutely delicious! All three recipes were soooo tasty! Thanks for sharing, you’re appreciated 🙂

  7. What a beautiful stocking you’ve made. Great job!

  8. Just thought I would check in. I love the colors of the stocking!

    • Thank you for stopping by and saying hello … I’ll be back to blogging again shortly.

      Have a beautiful day, firefly

      • firefly, we miss you. Hope you’re “weathering the weather” all right, and that we’ll be treated to another entry soon. Bless you.

  9. I miss your blogs. You were the inspiration for me starting my own blog. Come back soon!

  10. Hi ireflyf,
    Long time, no blog posting! Have you given up?

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