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My summer art show, “Moments”, opened this past Friday night at Shawn’s Gate Gallery in Medina, New York. The day before my husband and I along with our good friend Roger G. worked together to hang the paintings. The gallery was not air conditioned, and the summer sun was on duty in the western sky. Nonetheless, we enjoyed working together and the men did a great job of bringing my vision to life in how the paintings were hung and arranged.

When I originally planned this show I took the actual wall measurements from the gallery and did a mock up of the walls on my computer using Photoshop. Next, I planned the paintings I would create based on how I wanted to occupy the space on the walls with my art, how much empty space I wanted, etc. I also did mock ups of the paintings and put them in position to figure out what kind of colors and subjects I wanted hanging and how they would relate to one another.

There is one painting still on my easel — a 30″ x 30″ oil of a single sunflower. I have a few more petals to complete on it and I just could not finish it in time to hang it in the show. That was a disappointment, but with a little bit of tweaking in the arrangement of the paintings the missing piece was not noticeable to the public.

I have taken a few days off, but will get back to the sunflower painting and complete it shortly.

Meanwhile I have posted six of the large, new oil paintings of Moments on my new J. L. Fleckenstein Fine Art website. As I get photos ready for the rest of the show I will post them over the coming weeks.

If you are in the Western New York area and would like to see the show live and in-person, it will continue to hang until July 28th. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Plus, right across the street is Zambistro Restaurant where several more oil paintings of mine are on display.

Some of the pieces in the show and at the restaurant are available for sale; many are available in print form in sizes ranging from 6″ x 6″ up to 8″ x 16″. We are also offering custom framing now for originals as well as prints. The frames are beautifully finished by a disabled friend of mine who is quite an artist herself. We had an Amish fellow in the area build the frames for us in unfinished red oak, then my friend gave a unique finish to each frame based on which painting or print it was intended for.

The results were so beautiful we decided that we will start framing my oil paintings in the same way, as well as offering custom framed limited edition prints of most of my paintings for sale.

The photos you see here are in order of appearance are:

1. East Wall: New Oil Paintings
2. South Wall: Four New Oil Paintings, Three Older Oil Paintings and One New Watercolor
3. North West Wall: Four Older Watercolors Newly Matted and Framed
4. South West Wall: Three Older Watercolors Newly Matted and Framed
5. South East Wall: Several Matted and Framed Limited Edition Prints

If you are interested in note cards, prints, framed prints, or originals from this show you will be able to do so offline at the gallery, in my Etsy store, or on my fine art website. Not everything is available right now, but several pieces are available along with their prints. As new items become available I will send out email alerts to those who are on my mailing list.

Of course we also have the June sock yarn give away to discuss. Again, the yarn that is being given away is hand dyed by fiber artist Kimber Baldwin of Kimber Baldwin Designs and Fiber Optic Yarn. Kimber is designing twenty four hand dyed colorways in her Moments series, Foot Notes Sock Yarn inspired by my photography and fine art. The first two colorways were announced last month (Rhoda and Jackie’s Lilacs), available on her website and in her Etsy store. Last month’s lucky winner chose Jackie’s Lilacs for her free yarn. I purchased one hank of the Rhoda colorway and I have to say that Kimber did a beautiful job creating a yarn that embodies the beauty of my Rhoda flowers (Rhoda the Tree Peony). Next week I will begin designing and knitting my very own pair of socks in the Rhoda colorway.

As for the June Sock Yarn Give Away (colorways to be announced), here is how June’s give away will work. There are three questions listed below. To be in the running for June’s Sock Yarn, you must answer all three questions correctly. Enter your answers by leaving a comment to this post. The winner will be chosen from a random drawing of those readers who answered all three questions correctly. So, here goes:

1. How did I meet my husband?
2. What is the name of one of my knitting patterns?
3. What is the title of one of the six new oil paintings I posted on my fine art website this week?

Answers must be submitted no later than midnight on June 30, 2010. The drawing will happen by July 6, 2010 and the winner will be notified via email and will be announced in a blog shortly after the drawing. The winner will get to choose between two Moments colorways announced by Kimber Baldwin at the time.

Helpful Hints for Answer the Questions:

Q1: When We Were Cowboys
Q2: I Live on a Farm Website
Q3: Moments online show at

I have to end off for today. There will be more announcements and photographs related to the Moments art show, including a drawing in July for a signed, limited edition print.

We have wild raspberries ripening as I write, strawberries in a great old big patch at my friend Lora Partyka’s farm waiting for me to pick for my annual strawberry preserve-a-thon, and local cherries ready to be u-picked as well. Summer is here and it is an especially abundant one here in the beautiful rural farmlands of Western New York.

Hope you have access to some delicious, ripe berries wherever you are and I look forward to sharing more with you shortly.



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  1. Your paintings leave me breathless. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of us.

  2. 1. Met him through an on-line dating site for rural (etc.) folks, which has always seemed like something of a miracle to me (maybe to you and him also?).

    2. Biscuit blanket is the one I think of a lot, but then there’s that baby cable hat and the sweet pea blanket and block and ….

    3. Old Friends — I love that one!

    Wish we were going to be in that area so we could see the show live but your photos of the paintings are so fantastic, it’s ALMOST like…. well, no, not really.

    Congrats on getting the show mounted. I hope the response is as good as it deserves.

    • 1. You met your husband on line,
      2. Bisquit Blanket ans Springtime Dishcloth. Bisquit
      Blanket being my very favorite.
      3. Elegance of Being, beautiful.

  3. Your paintings look wonderful. Congratulations on your show! My “Pear” was framed in a carved wood frame as one would have been a century ago. So glad you are doing well!

  4. 1) You met your husband in an online dating website after joining to evade the romantic interests of an old high school friend.
    2) One of your knitting patterns is the Biscuit Blanket and I can’t wait to give it a try once I’m done knitting a bunch of Itty Bags to use as wedding shower host gifts.
    3) “Hay Bale at Golden Hour”

  5. 1. Through an online dating service.
    2. Emily Baby Sweter
    3. Elegance of Being

  6. You met him by chance online which is exactly how I met my dear husband 11 years ago this July 28th.

    I’ve always loved your “Biscuit Blanket & Springtime Dishcloth”.

    I just love the “Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome”

  7. Firefly,
    Congratulations on your show! Your work is beautiful. I always enjoy your blog and design work…what a talent you have. Answers: online, Cuppa Joe, Old Friends.

  8. I too, met my husband online and we will have been happily married for 5 yrs in Aug. I enjoyed reading your story, and am glad you have found someone to be happy with! (So have I!)
    I really like your pattern, “Sweet Pea Blanket and Soft Block”. I need another grandchild so I can make it.
    Of the few paintings you have on the website, I really like “Haiku 1” because I love watching birds. And Japanese watercolors.
    I love the Fiber Optics yarns and fiber. The colors are wonderful. I just found them at Knitters Connection in Columbus. I am a Cincinnati native now living in VA and it’s nice to support artists in my hometown.

  9. I admire your artistic talents so much. I still enjoy my apple tiles and “Rhoda” note cards immensely.

    1. Online. It’s one of the most beautiful leap-of-faith love stories ever …
    (I met mine at a TV station where we both worked at the time).
    2. 1Bag Three Ways
    3. Corner Bistro

    Continued blessings to you and your family.

  10. Q1 Husband met online
    Q2 Ginger Snap Christmas Stocking (my personal favorite)
    Q3 Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome (love it)

  11. So beautiful! You do such fine work and it was fun to see what you have been doing this Spring. Thank you for the blog.


  12. Although my family thought I was a nut 50 years ago when I met my husband, who was a race car race driver,we met in Oct. and married on Valentines Day almost 50 years. I can only imagine what they would have thought of my meeting him over the internet. You took a leap of faith and won, me too.
    1. Internet
    2. Sweet Pea Biscuit Blanket (will be making that up for new Greatgrand son arriving in Oct.)
    3. “Old Friends”
    As a fellow artist and art teacher your paintings are increadible. Isn’t putting your feelings and memories on canvas exciting. Have a good show. Sally

  13. Good luck with the exhibition. Your paintings are absolutely fabulous. Well done.

  14. Beautiful paintings and patterns! Thanks for sharing. I recently discovered Fiber Optics and that has led me to your site. Amazing how the internet does that, isn’t it?

    1. You met online!

    2.Vineyard Wrap

    3. “Elegance of Being “

  15. Oops – forgot to enter your drawing!!
    1) on line
    2) vineyard wrap
    3) Old Friends (like us!)

  16. 1. We met as children and then through a mutual friend as adults.

    2. Peace Socks

    3. “Moments”

  17. Q1: You met your husband online, by chance.
    Q2: From you knitting patterns I choose to mention the one that I have, and intend to knit for a friends baby, the Emily Baby Sweater and Hat pattern.
    Q3: Which painting to mention? It has to be Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome, simply because that’s my favorite.

  18. Pattern that I purchased : New York Hat and scarf
    Met your husband online
    The “Antique Tree Peony” painting is amazing!

  19. 1. Online dating service
    2. Biscuit Blanket (I just love it)
    3. Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome (even in monochromatic colr has an intriguing depth)

    You are truly blessed with love & talent!

  20. I have to confess I haven’t been here for a while and it was the sock yarn giveaway that drew me back in, but I’ve really been missing out. My answers to your questions are:

    1. You met your husband by chance online on a dating site. (You give me hope in that arena!)

    2. New York: A Guy’s Wool Hat. I’ve used this pattern more than once and love it.

    3. Smokey Pears. I don’t like eating pears, but I sure like looking at your paintings of them.

    Good luck to everyone who’s entered!

  21. You meet your husband on line

    The new pattern “Emily Baby Sweater” is wonderful!

    Hay Bail at Olden Hour is my favorite!

    Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  22. Hi,

    You met your husband on line (dating site for rural folks).
    One of your patterns is the Biscuit Blanket (which I am working on).
    One of your new paintings is Elegance Of Being.

    I really enjoy seeing your beautiful paintings and patterns.


  23. I find it wonderfully refreshing that you met you husband online. After hearing so many horror stories, it is comforting to know goodness also happens. The pattern that I like the best is your chimney top christmas Stocking though there were a couple other Xmas stockings I liked. Your picture Peony in khaki monochrone is the one I like but I also like your birds. Karen

  24. 1) online dating site for rural people and small town folks, farmers, and ranchers

    2) Biscuit Blanket

    3) “Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome”

  25. # 1 You met him on line

    # 2 One of my favorites – Emily Baby Sweater and Hat

    # 3 Old Friends – I just love that one!

    You are so talented!

  26. Y’all met online. Your experience was very interesting.

    The “Silk” Stocking Christmas Stocking is one of your patterns
    and is scrumptious looking.

    One of the new paintings is “Old Friends”

  27. 1. I met my husband at his law firm where I was a client.
    2. I love Biscuit Blanket and Easy Cable Hat.
    3. Hands down, Elegance of Being is my favorite. Although i like each and every one of your works.

  28. Answers to your questions:

    1. You met your husband online.
    2. Smokey Pears (I love this one because it reminds me of the Smokey Mountains.)
    3. And my favorite of your designs – Biscuit Blanket & Springtime Dishcloth

  29. Thank you for sharing your talent with me. The paintings are so beautiful. I felt like I could reach out and touch them.
    1.You met your husband on line. 2. Biscuit blanket 3. Old friends

  30. 1. Online
    2. A Little Violet Who Christmas Stocking (pretty darn adorable name). I’m going to order that pattern.
    3. Two Cherries

  31. The answers are; 1. online; 2; Jinny’s Vines Nap Blanket; 3. Hay Bale at Golden Hour. This is a great giveaway, I’m really keeping my fingers crossed I win! And good luck with the gallery exhibition.

  32. What great fun and possibility of winning free sock yarn.
    You met your husband online (dating service)
    Painting name Elegance of Being.
    Patter is the Biscuit Blanket

  33. 1. Met your husband online.
    2. gingersnap Christmas Stocking
    3. Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome

    Your paintings are beautiful!

  34. Oh firefly,
    your show is just beautiful!!
    Wish I could have seen it in person. YOu did a great job.

  35. I always enjoy reading your blog. The answers to your questions:
    1. How did I meet my husband? Online
    2. What is the name of one of my knitting patterns? Emily Sweater (I made this for my first granddaughter; thanks!)
    3. What is the title of one of the six new oil paintings I posted on my fine art website this week? My favorite one; Antique Tree Peony in Kahki Monochrome. (I love flowers!)

  36. What a wonderful website. 1: Met your husband online. 2: Biscuit Blanket. Love the Teddy Bear Sweater. 3: Old Friends. Love the Moments picture.

  37. Hello, Firefly.

    You met your husband through an online dating service for rural farmers, you have many lovely knitting projects, such as your Biscuit Warmer and the adorable little Christmas bags that hold candle votives (my friends loved this gift last year) and your painting Essence of Being is being shown in your current Moments exhibit.

    I have never actually completed my first pair of socks (my three kids 6, 4, 2 often like to play with my knitting “sticks” and things have tended to unravel…), but would love to give it another go for this winter. Thanks for doing the drawing. What a fun idea!

  38. I have enjoyed your patterns for quite awhile now, and am enjoying your beautiful artwork, too.
    Answers are: through the internet, Bisquit blanket, and Haiku 1, my very favorite of the paintings I saw!

  39. 1. You met your husband through an online dating service, as I met my dearest, too!
    2. Biscuit Blanket is my favorite pattern of yours.
    3. “Hay Bale at Golden Hour” speaks the peace of the country to me.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and life —


  40. As always your painting are beautiful and expressive. I should take a little time and go see them in person and I’m “just down the road.” I love the colorways that Kimber develops, especially those based on your paintings.

    As for the contest answers:
    1. you met online when you least expected
    2. I love all of your patterns but I will name the “Biscuit Blanket”
    3. Haiku 1 is beautiful. I can remember a similar sight when I was a lot younger and living in the deep South. The tree was an old live oak I called “my dreaming tree” and the birds were mocking birds, but your painting brought back the memory.

  41. Question answers:

    1. You met him online.
    2. Biscuit Blanket — my favorite!
    3. ” Elegance of Being” — just glorious!!!

  42. 1. I met my husband when we worked at the local Dairy Queen together. A friend of mine had actually been in love with him and he was all she talked about. I thought he was gorgeous, but never thought I’d have a chance with him. We’d flirt here and there and then one day, I was just getting done with work and my husband followed me over to the gas station. He asked me if he could pump my gas for me and then asked me if I was available the next evening for a date. The rest is history. It’s been the happiest 16 years of my life. We have been married for 14 years and have 3 beautiful children!

    2. The Vineyard Wrap is one of your pretty knitting patterns.

    3. I would have to say the “Elegance of Being” is my favorite masterpiece of yours.

  43. 1. Same way I met my man, online!
    2. Easy Cable Hat
    3. Elegance of Being

  44. 1. You met online
    2. Biscuit Blanket
    3. Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome

  45. I always enjoy your blog…absolutely beautiful artwork!
    I love your biscuit blanket pattern and have made a few so far and planning to make more. Great for giving Christmas goodies.
    Thank you for sharing your talent!
    Answers: online, biscuit blanket(favorite), Love the moments..

  46. 1. online dating for small town people, farmers, ranchers
    2. Biscuit Blanket, my favorite! I’ve made many.
    3. Elegance of Being

  47. Hi Dear, you know, I always read your blog and I love your patterns (btw mil enjoied knitting the biscuit blankie kit)
    here are the answers:

    1. you met him online
    2. biscuit blanket (what else)
    3. Elegance of being

    hugs from Germany,Andrea

  48. 1. You met your husband online…answer to prayer written in your journal?

    2. Fun pattern name is CUPPPAJOE TRIO.

    3. Painting title is Haiku I.

  49. really interesting to read how you set up exhibit using photoshop.

    good luck!

  50. 1. You met your hubby online
    2. Antique Tree Peony in Kahki Monochrome (absolutely gorgeous!)
    3. Emily Baby Sweater & Hat

  51. 1. Met your husband on line
    2. Jinny’s vines nap blanket (just got the pattern and am giving it a go)
    3. Elegance of being

  52. 1, Online
    2, Scrumptious Christmas Stocking
    3, Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome

  53. 1. Met on an online dating site for rural types
    2. Gingersnap Christmas Stocking, I love all the stockings!
    3. Elegance of Being, my favorite

  54. I always enjoy reading what you’ve written – you make life really ‘come to life’!

    And, for a chance to win some of Kimber’s yummy sock yarns –

    1. Online, through a dating service for those from small towns and rural areas
    2. Three Farm Fresh Gift Bags has always been one of my favorites (and, a pattern that I have used extensively), but the Violet Who Christmas Stocking – and the Chimney Top Christmas Stocking – and Cuppa Joe Three Piece Set – well, let’s just say that I need to enlarge my pattern collection from all these offerings…..
    3. Haiku 1 – love those little chickadees!

  55. 1. You met him online
    2. Biscuit Blanket
    3. Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome

  56. I love looking at your patterns, recipes, and paintings. You are soooo talented! The answer to your questions are: 1. You met your honey online, 2. Emily Baby Sweater and Hat, of which I purchased, 3. Hay Bale at Golden Hour.

    I hope your show is successful and if I were visiting, I would definitely stop by to see it!

  57. You meet your husband on line….you wrote in your journal a prayer to sent him your way.
    I love the biscuit blanket.
    I love your painting Old Friends.

    Thanks for the give away…good luck with your show.

  58. You met your husband online.
    1 bag threeways knitted shopping bag.

  59. Q1. You met your husband online. “through a series of small miracles”
    Q2. Biscuit Blanket.
    Q3. “Smokey Pears” Beautiful show from the photos.

  60. Gorgeous paintings!

    1) You met your husband online.
    2) One of your knitting patterns is the Ginger Snap Christmas Stocking.
    3) One of the new paintings you posted this week is ‘Haiku 1.’

  61. Looks like it was a great art show!!

  62. 1) Via on an on-line dating service, particularly for rural folk.
    2) Biscuit Blanket — I love that stitch pattern.
    3) “Smokey Pears”

  63. 1. You found him by random chance, or perhaps fate?, online
    2. 1Bag Three Ways
    3. Elegance of Being

    Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t wait to see who wins.

  64. 1- met online
    2- I love sweet pea blanket and baby cable stitch hat
    3 – love the colors of antique tree peony in khaki monochrome

  65. 1-Over the Internet
    2-the Biscuit Blanket….I made them for gifts last Christmas and they were a hit.
    3-“Old Friends” my favorite

  66. 1. through an online dating site for country-loving ppl (it would be cool if you wrote up your story in a short true-life little story – a book of several of these from different ladies would be delightful)
    2. biscuit blanket and springtime discloth (btw – I made a biscuit blanket for my grandmother who always made me homemade biscuits and she loved it! 🙂 )
    3. Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome (this one’s my fav! 🙂 )

  67. 1) You met him by chance online (wow!)

    2) Knitted Biscuit Blanket (that i learned about whole reading the whole How I Met My Husband story! i can’t wait to make the blanket now)

    3) Elegance of Being (i love this!)

  68. 1. You met your husband on-line.
    2. Biscuit blanket
    3. Bosc Pears from the Local Farmer’s Market.

  69. 1. Met the Viking online rural dating site
    2. Biscuit Blanket (smaller version of the baby blanket – made them both – AWESOME!!!)
    3. “Smokey Pears” – love the continuation of the pear theme

    • Ah, but the Viking didn’t turn out to be my husband … his mis-step led me to my husband. But you are right, I did meet the man who did become my husband online.

  70. 1. You met him on-line; lucky for you…and him.
    2. Vineyard Wrap; on my list to make!!
    3. Antique Tree Peony in Khaki Monochrome

  71. Delightful! You inspire me as I seem to inspire others. I too met my love on the internet and moved across country(as I said I would never do) to find happiness as his wife. Love will find you if you open your heart!
    The Lavender Hat
    Smokey Pears

    I would love to get my hands on your Sock Yarn in one of the new colors.

  72. Hello dear firefly,

    Your paintings simply take my breath away, absolutely amazing work.

    1.met hubby on-line (lovely story)
    2.biscuit blanket
    3.Antique Tree Peony

    Continue to enjoy a love summer!:o)



  73. online
    biscuit blanket
    peony tree

    you do beautiful work

  74. Nice Blog
    1. You met your husband on line
    2. Vineyard Wrap
    3. “Old Friends”

  75. 1. You met your husband online.
    2. Biscuit Blanket (I’ve made it)
    3. Peony Tree

    Hope I win–just got two new books about knitting two socks on a single needle at the same time.

  76. You met online: I lived in Los Angeles most of my life. LA is hot and cranky with too many people and too much summer. In late January of this year I met a man online. By the end of April we said “I do” at a drive-up wedding chapel window in Vegas. Now I live on a farm in upstate western New York. I live on a farm … and my husband drives a tractor.

    Biscuit Blankets – a favorite of mine

    Smokey Pears – love this one. Absolutely

  77. 1. Online!
    2. Biscuit blanket
    3. “Old Friends”

    Hope I win!

  78. Easy peasy for me since I’ve been following firefly since the beginning. 🙂

    1. You met your husband online.
    2. Cuppa Joe
    3. Haiku 1

  79. Answer to your questions.

    1. You met your husband on line by chance. You were trying to contact an old friend from college and then happened to join dating on line. Your first time was not very serious but then you then joined and gave more detailed information about yourself and eventually found the man of your dreams (I would be too afraid to do this but well done you.)
    2. One of your knitting patterns is called “Sweet Pea Blanket and Soft Block”.
    3. I chose your new pictures called “Old Friends”. (I love all your paintings and well done you).

    I am not very clever at winning anything but fingers crossed this time.

  80. 1. You met your husband online.
    2. One of your lovely patterns is the Lavender Hat and Scarf Knitting Pattern aka “The Official I Live on a Farm Hat and Scarf.”
    3. One of your oil paintings is titled “Elegance of Being.”

    Thank you for your drawing!

  81. Yours was the first blog I ever read. Right away I was hooked on the knitting, the photography, the content, everything. So thank you. As for the contest:
    1. You met your husband online which is why I’m now considering online dating. Could I be as lucky?
    2. I like them all but Smokey Pears is my favorite.
    3. Your Lilac Hat was my first knitting project. It came out beautiful and everyone compliments me on it.

  82. 1) Met online!

    2) Biscuit blanket

    3) Elegance of Being


  83. I love to read your blog. You draw us in and allow us to share your fairy tale. I enoy the artwork and photgraphy that you share also. Beautiful!

    1. You met your husband online.
    2. JInny Vines a Blanket for Naps
    3. Old Friends

  84. 1. You met your husband by chance online
    2. Sweet Pea baby Blanket and Soft Block
    3. Smokey Pears

  85. Ok, firefly…here are my answers:
    1. How did I meet my husband? While in high school, was formally introduced at a party

    2. What is the name of one of my knitting patterns? Biscuit blanket (which I did finish in time for Mother’s Day this year; Mom loved it!)

    3. What is the title of one of the six new oil paintings I posted on my fine art website this week? Elegance of Being; awesome painting!


  86. Hi Firefly,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Here are my answers…

    1) You met your husband online

    2) Biscuit blanket

    3) “Old Friends”

    Have a great day!

  87. 1. You met your husband on a dating website.
    2. Biscuit blanket – my favorite pattern.
    3. Old Friends….BEAUTIFUL.

  88. Hi ya Firefly,
    Here are my answers:
    You met your husband by chance online, you wanted to sing and dance!
    I like your “Emily Baby Sweater”.
    And your “Old Friends”.
    Thank you for your blog, have a great time continuing! 🙂

  89. You met him on-line.
    I love the biscuit blanket!
    Old Friends is my favorite.

    Happy holiday weekend from Rochester NY!

  90. This give away is now closed, the random drawing has been conducted and the winner has been notified. I will announce the winner on Tuesday, July 6th.

    July’s Sock Yarn Give Away details will be announced shortly.

    Warm wishes to all,

  91. Yours is one of my favorite sites to visit. I greatly admire your work…and your spirit.

    Blessings today and always…


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