July is here, July is nearly gone

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Hello dear readers, I have been absent from my blog during the month of July.  As it turns out, I needed some time to recuperate from months of intense fine art painting.  Summer also brought with it many activities including a day of plein aire painting on the Master Gardener’s Garden Path tour along with other painters from the county, our annual Chicken Barbeque fund raiser at church, and many chores around our property.

Even today I don’t have as much time to write as I would like to.  However, you have been promised a July Sock Yarn Give Away and we have two days left in July so I am here to give you game rules for this month … at a minimum.

This month’s sock yarn give away features, of course,  two colorways from the Moments series of Foot Notes Sock Yarn by yarn designer Kimber Baldwin at Fiber Optic Yarns.  July’s Sock Yarn Give Away winner will receive one hank of this lovely sock yarn and will choose between two brand new colorways.

How to win it this month.  First of all, as a favor to me and not as a requirement … would you please go to the Facebook page I set up for I Live on a Farm and “like” it.  While you are there, if you would “like” to “like” the page I set up for J. L. Fleckenstein Fine Artist, that would be appreciated as well.  I am hoping that members of the I Live on a Farm page in particular will use that as a venue to meet up with each other, get into conversations, and have some fun.  You are a lovely bunch of people and really should get to know each other.  That is why I set up the page.

Okay, so back to how you can win July’s Sock Yarn Give Away.  Here are the details:

If you follow my blog, you know that gratitude is a theme that continues to appear in my posts.  Every day of my life I work myself over regarding my attitude toward life, events, circumstances, etc.  I have learned over the past several years that creating gratitude within myself and flowing it outward is a vital ingredient of living a happier and more rewarding life.  We all have less than ideal situations in life, losses, disappointments, struggles, and woes.  I have found personally that if I allow myself to be weighted down by the negative energy that comes from bemoaning such things they begin to loom larger than life.  Gratitude is a key that can unlock gloom in life and lead to openess that allows light and beauty to shine in no matter what your circumstances.  I have further found that finding and creating gratitude for those things which are less than ideal is even more powerful than being grateful for the things it is easy to be grateful for. I sincerely believe that this is a valuable, important message worth sharing and reminding others of as often as possible.

I have a challenge for you for the July Sock Yarn Give Away.   Leave a comment to this post expressing gratitude for something less than ideal in your life; find something about that less than ideal thing that you can honestly be grateful for.  If you need some extra inspiration, read this post.  You don’t have to reveal any information that is too personal and you don’t have to be overly descriptive.  You can just say, “a health condition”, or “a broken item”, etc. if you only want to touch on whatever your less than ideal thing is.   We all have these less than ideal things in life, it is inevitable.  In that, we are not alone, and for that I am very grateful.

I am going to extend the deadline for July’s Sock Yarn Give Away into August in order to give every one a chance to participate.  So, the deadline for comments will be midnight August 8, 2010 (that’s my birthday by the way!).  The winner will selected in a random drawing from all who leave comments and will be announced on my blog and notified via email by Friday August 13th.

Good luck, and thank you for being here.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!



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  1. Unemployment has a benefit – my hometown just opened a fabulous fitness center for folks 50 and over. With no job paying the yearly fee would be impossible. I received a scholarship and am enjoying the fitness center.

  2. Breast Cancer…devastating! After my treatment depression loomed over me like a black clould. The fear of what the future would bring causing constant anxiety. My wonderful Doctor told me to find a passion and learn to live again. I found that passion in knitting and the tactilness of all the beautiful fibers. Now I constantly plan my next project which keeps me looking forward to the future instead of being afraid of it!

  3. Working for a hypercritical, angry person … has taught me greater compassion and increased by ability to deal with stress and, when necessary to be assertive even when I’m afraid.

  4. Husband’s diagnosis of esophageal cancer three years ago BUT the gratitude is for the new friends we have met along this journey and his recovery. He is a miracle man.

  5. I recently graduated from graduate school but have been unable to find a full-time job. While this has been stressful, it has also given my the opportunity to think about working abroad, something I always wanted to do, but was uncertain. Now I am putting in applications to work with international NGOs (Doctors without Borders etc) and hopefully something will turn up!

  6. We moved 2 weeks ago. The girls start school in 2 weeks. We haven’t found a house yet and are living in possibly the oldest apartment in the state. No idea on when or for how much our current house might sell. The positives – after a hard troubled time in our marriage, my husband & I are doing well and we all Love where we moved to, it feels like home 🙂

  7. I am grateful that my dogs were lost.

    I have two drooly, frito smelling basset hounds. I love my dogs, but was forever bemoaning cleaning up the drool, the daily swiftering to keep the shedding at bay, dealing with the $$$ of boarding them if I go away etc, etc, etc.

    Wednesday I came home to no dogs. The pest control man left the back gate open while he was spraying and they slipped out. This was around 11:00am. I realized that they were gone at 5:30pm.

    After a frantic evening of searching, facebooking, etc, I received a phone call from the Animal control that they had picked them up miles from home. I am so blessed to have them back with me.

    So I am grateful they were lost, because I now know how much I took their love and companionship for granted. I tough lesson, but one I will always be grateful for.

  8. I am grateful that today I get to take my stitcheries along with me in a old truck sitting next to my honey! We have to go pick up some fencing materials, 220 miles away and then drive back. The hard thing is it will be 97 degrees in a truck without air conditioning. Could be a little hot. After your post…….., I will remind myself to smile!!!!

    It will be wonderful just getting to be with my sweetheart!!!!!!!

    Love your blog and you do such beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blessings and hugs from my farm.

  9. Two years after breast cancer treatment–lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation–my husband decided he needed to “find himself” and moved out. I was totally devestated. For months I could only go to work and then home to bed. During cancer treatment a friend knitted me a prayer shawl. I decided I wanted to knit one for each of my children, so I ventured out of my self pity and found my local yarn shop–Knitting Under the Influence of Nancy. My life is once again filled with wonderful friends, beautiful projects and new discoveries. While God and my family-minus husband-have always been with me, I am so grateful for my knitting family.

  10. I´m grateful to have 2 wonderful daughters (nearly 3 & 8 years old) who are making every day of my life sunny and warm. I never thought that i should be as happy as I am with those little sunshines.

  11. We live in Phoenix, AZ and have been without air conditioning for two weeks. It has been a struggle, but it has also given me so much perspective. Our family of 5 got to spend two weeks living with my mom 30 miles away. What a treat to be able to enjoy that stay when typically we don’t stay at her house. I am so thankful that we all stayed healthy and had a great time with my mom!

  12. In the mornings, as I walk my puppies through my neighborhood, I find myself smiling each time I see the pinkness of the clouds where they’ve just received their morning kiss from the sun! Then as the morning progresses, I become more and more thankful for my big mug of coffee, slightly sweetened & topped off with raw milk. And then I find that I’m truly thankful for the hot water that comes from the faucet in my shower! I could continue taking you through my day, telling you of all that I’m thankful for, but to be honest, my life is so blessed it would take all day to try and begin to write it all!

    I would like to say that I’m also so very thankful for your website – I truly appreciate the creative inspiration your work provides for me.

  13. I am grateful for the challenges in my life that make me a stronger, better, more compassionate person. I am grateful for cystic fibrosis because it makes me appreciate every healthy day – every healthy moment – I’m given. I am grateful to have my profoundly disabled daughter because she reminds me every day what unconditional love is really, truly about.

  14. There are several. Not wishing to go on and on, I’ll just list the three major ones:

    Mother’s death
    Having a child at an older age

  15. Both of my grampas are sick, but I am grateful for the time I have spent with them and the lessons I have learned from them.

  16. I am greatful for so many trials…losing my mom, family drama, health issues…they have all made me who I am, brought me freedom and healing…one thing my mom taught me that I have tried to apply to all situations…You will face adversity, and it’s how you handle that adversity that will make you who you are.

  17. Our lives seemed to crash as we lost half of our retirement, all of the equity in our home and my husband’s job. As a result we gained something money can’t buy and that is a closeness we had lost somewhere along the way. For that I express deep gratitude.

  18. For some being blind would be the end of hte world – however I have had opportunity to help others see you can succeed and do what ou want (within reason!). I love to knit, read and cook (especially deserts for friends) and help others achieve. While walking at a local church I had a long conversation with a grandmother who has a blind granddaughter. It was nice to be able to tell her that her granddaughter can achieve whatever she wants to strive for in life. I must say I love the descriptions on your blog. I can see them without seeing your paintings and know they are just beautiful!

  19. It’s more mundane, but I am so grateful to have a job, not just a job but a job that continues to allow me to work shortened hours from home because my health doesn’t let me work full days plus a commute right now. And it’s been over a year now since this part time from home started and maybe the telecommuting is a good lesson for all of us. I’m also fortunate that there’s no distraction (other than the mess around me and the yarn begging to be knit) so I can work from home.

  20. I am still trying to do as much as I can to help those that have no one in nursing homes by making knitted and crocheted items to give them in exchange for a smile and I have received lots of those by the giving.

    It is becoming increasingly harder to afford the yarns to do these things, but am trying to do as much as I can on a SS income and will continue as long as I can.

    I do recommend to anyone to check out their local nursing homes to see just what joy it is to visit and give of your time.

    • That is a wonderful, beautiful thing you are doing. You might find that people in some of the churches in your area would have yarn they are willing to donate in order to help you continue to do this work. Your local yarn shop might also be willing to get the word out to their customers to get stash yarn donated. Best wishes with what you are doing! ~firefly

  21. A dear friend, a true soul-sister, has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. I felt bitter and asked God, WHY? Then I began to realize how wonderful it is that this friend is in my life even for a short time. What if I had never known her? I am grateful for the time we have left, she enriches my life so much. Thank you God for this friend.

  22. No more teaching… after being forced out of the teaching job I loved I am grateful that I am able to retire with benefits and start a new chapter in my life. Maybe I can teach sock knitting 😉

  23. You are always an inspiration…even though I am not a great knitter, I am trying!
    Right now it is so hot and I have Lupus so I can’t be hot (we don’t have AC) and I am trying hard to be patient with my husband, (as the chemo makes me swell up in the heat and be really ill) because he doesn’t like AC……so my knitting is kind of when I am up at night cooling off…. I am going to be more positive after reading all the trouble everyone else has!!!!
    My next journey will be to make socks for sure!!!! I was so inspired by your story…we have similar stories (working for rich people and getting taken) and the nasty divorce thing, although I lost both my mom and a sister…
    Even today I kept telling myself to be positive…at least I have a new husband to love and even though he doesn’t understand my illness..
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me!!!
    Margaret B

  24. I am not in the best of health at this time so I am
    thankful for each day of life, to have my husband of 56 yrs. and to
    still be able to knit. To have a loving family and to be able to
    worship our grand creator, Jehovah God. I am truly blessed.

  25. I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach a college knitting group. My husband and I moved from Portland Oregon to Campbellsville University in KY last year. (A long way from family and friends) As to not become home sick, I decided to take my passion for knitting and share it with others. We started with a box of old yarn and needles that had been donated from a woman who’s mother had recently passed on. She wanted the supplies to be put to good use and I made sure they were. We gather once a week during the school year to support each other in our learning process and to become better friends. Some come weekly and some only a few times, my hope is that I will have just a chance to be a positive roll model for these young students who can then take their love for yarn crafting and pass it along. They make me realize what community and genuine friendship is all about. I am blessed to have them in my life.

  26. It’s hard for me to be grateful that two of my SIL’s apparently have no interest in meeting my daughter, who we brought home from Russia 9 months ago at the age of 14 months. One of them has children and we (hubby and I) have gone out of our way over the years to visit, send presents and cards, and try to have a relationship with all of our nieces and nephews.
    However, we were going to name one of these SIL’s and my brother as guardians for her in our will and I am at least grateful to have seen the light on that front in time to change our minds. I’m grateful that my husband’s sister and her family love my daughter very much and are making a real effort to connect to her from halfway across the country. Becoming parents was a real struggle for us and seeing how some parts of my family have been so uninterested in our child has made me so much more grateful for the ones who love our little one. And it makes me even more grateful for my parents, who love her dearly and think she is as wonderful as we do.

  27. I’m thankful for a divorce in my extended family because even though it is heartbreaking, it makes me appreciate my husband.

  28. Last, August my husband left a career that he had loved for more than 25 years. However over the past several months this career had turned into a job and all the love and passion that he felt had turned to anger and resentment towards the situation. This had transfered to our home life also. He was no longer the fun loving and caring man that I married. After many hours of talking, crying, yelling and even silence he made the choice to leave the newspaper that had been his life for so many years. Yes, there was a large decrease in our personal income but the change in him is something that I realized cannot be measured in money. He is now the happy go lucky man I met 13 years ago. He has found pleasure in the small things again like walking the dogs, gardening and just enjoying life together. So I am thankful for the lose of my husband employment for we gained back our lives.

  29. With two small children I don’t get time for myself very much and the past two years have been very tough mentally and physically, but part of having children is that I have discovered the joys of knitting, felting and sewing and boy am I grateful for that! they allow me to have a small window of time every now and again where I can think without being interrupted and also I can relax and turn my mind to something that I find challenging and is not part of the run of the day. (I am ever grateful for the joy of my children but that goes without saying!)

  30. I am grateful for my cheating ex-husband. If it wasn’t for him keeping his dirty little secret for so long, I would never have met the wonderful man I am now married to.

  31. Lifes disappointments and struggles make me a stronger person.

  32. Fourteen years ago I had a serious accident that almost took my life. Through the rehab and pain, I feel gratitude for the years I have been given. I saw my youngest daughter get married, was able to attend her masters and PhD graduation. And most important, I have two grandsons that I would have never seen had I died on that day. I have recently begun a Gratitude Journal.

  33. I am grateful for my future mother-in-law. I’m living at her house for the next few months while my fiance and I save up a little bit more money to buy a house. Were it not for her generosity, it wouldn’t be possible until late next year. The unfortunate part is she has a house full of cats, and I’m allergic! But, I’ll get through it, and have a house at the end of it all. 🙂

  34. After over 30 years as a victim domestic abuse, I am grateful for the help and guidance I received through the YWCA to escape that situation. And in the last 10 years, I’ve grown to become a strong, caring and loving person….who is a lot less afraid than I was for all those years. I went back to college and get my BA. Became a professional after years of being told I was too stupid to do anything. And now, I have learned to knit and am growing more adventurous in this newest endeavor. Thank you to all those who helped me find my way out.

  35. I am grateful that my husband survived lung cancer (almost 4 years now) as it taught us how precious every day is. We also learned that life is not always going to be easy and problem free, but that together we can get through anything!

  36. When I’m ‘less than grateful’ for my son’s – their squabbles, their arguing, etc. I have to remember that these are the very children I prayed for – and the Lord gave me the desires of my heart!

  37. I am so thankful that even with Alzheimer’s Disease, my husband is physically healthy and has an incredible sense of humor. He tries to carry on an “adult” conversation, but doesn’t possess the words. He doesn’t remember his 23 years of Air Force Service, his rank at retirement (0-6), where he got his PhD (Florida State), or almost anything else. He no longer reads or writes. I’ll never forget something he said a few months ago while he was on the phone with one of his daughters. “What I’m talking about might not make sense, but know that I mean it with love and happiness.”

  38. What wonderful comments so far. I am thankful you all shared them.
    I’ve faced some physical challenges for the last 2 years- I am thankful for the lessons the chronic pain has taught me. I am thankful that God does not always give me what I want, but I can trust that He gives me what I need. Some days are looking for the treasures of the trials

  39. I’ve never had cable or satellite, my landlady won’t allow them in her building. When TV switched over to digital I lost reception on all but 3 channels, and those have intermittent signal losses that sometimes make watching too frustrating to deal with. I am grateful for the time recovered, for realizing how banal and unimportant so much of what is broadcast really is, whether it is called “entertainment” or “news”, and especially “enteretainment news”. Happy Birthday, and many more!

  40. Awesome idea this! (the 8th is our wedding anniversary!) 🙂

    I’m grateful that in order to cut costs and be mindful of our budget that ‘I’ am refinishing our deck out back versus hiring someone else to do it. I’m learning all kinds of things about working on this massive deck of old wood. I’m also learning that my body can do more things than I was aware of! I’m just taking it nice and slow and working on a few feet each day and hoping and praying that it will be finished before the rains set in for fall. My husband has not been able to help with this project and so I get to gloat when it is finished that I did it! 🙂

  41. I am grateful for having a health condition.

  42. I work with the public and as the ecomomy remains in the doldrums, I find many of them more whiney and needy. I am, however, grateful that I have a job and sometimes, these goofy needy folks can bring a huge bit of humor into my life. When I think I am at my wits end, I emember, it could be so much worse and say alittle prayer for those less fortunate that I.

  43. Oh yes, and a happy birthday to another Leo. Hope yours is a great day with great folks. 🙂

  44. My Father-In-Law was just diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma. He will be going back and forth to the Mayo Clinic for surgeries/treatments for the next year or so. While this has been such a horrible circumstance in our lives, it has made us more appreciative of him, my Mother-In-Law and Family. Our lives are hectic from day to day, but since this has happened, we’ve taken time out to really enjoy time with the family. I feel closer to my Mother-In-Law than I’ve ever felt before. She has called me “just to talk”, which had never happened before. So, why this is not the best situation for our family….it is bittersweet. It has really pulled my husband’s family closer together and it has made us realize our mortality. I love my Father-In-Law very much and he raised a wonderful son!

  45. I’m grateful that I ended up needing to move back in with my parents after university, because it gave me a chance to get to know them better from an adult perspective.

  46. I’m grateful for my job even though it is demanding and makes me extremely tired.

  47. In Jan. ’07 my father-in-law died after battling lung cancer. We expected it since it was a year long battle. In Feb. ’07 my Dad died after a very unexpected stroke. The grief was unbearable for my husband, me and our kids. Never having been a patient person and needing to be on antidepressants for years, I had no idea how I would cope. However, with two grieving mothers, Randy and I had to cope and help them cope even more so. Somewhere along Daddy’s passing, he must have left me with some of his patience – he had quite a bit! 🙂 There can be no other explanation for the calmness of which I am able to handle some situations. Of the gifts he could leave me, besides his gift of unconditional love, I am most thankful for this one.

  48. I am blessed to have great parents! What do I mean by this, well…
    This weekend in the dorms that I run at the University that I work for, we had the “Teen Alanon” group with us. These are kids who have alcoholic parents. They have traveled on a bus from Canada to Kentucky and have picked up 4 states along the way. The love and instantly understood compassion that these kids have for each other is unlike anything I have ever seen. These kids’ lives are controlled and affected by the terrible choices their parents have made and still do make. But for them to have a weekend “off” away from all the unfair responsibilities and pressures that they endure while at home is enough to make a grown woman’s heart ache for each one of them. I am so blessed to have been brought up in a home full of love, encouragement and a real knowledge of what a family it. My heart longs for these kids to someday find that love in one form or another.

  49. “Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.” – Lionel Hampton
    I am grateful for losing my job. I have been able to spend the summer with my son. Additionally, I found out how much I was valued by colleagues who offered recommendations. It has been a blessing.

  50. I am grateful for the babysitting job that I have today.

  51. Having to go to the bank on a Saturday morn… I got stuck in a very very long line. There were at least 30 vehicles ahead of me and I was getting frustrated and annoyed. I tried to get out of the line, but could not. So…I had to wait and was getting stressed, when I realized that one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio. Then I looked up at the sky. The clouds were beautiful…and I thought how blessed I was that was there enjoying these things and that I had a little somethin to go in the bank. I am blessed.

  52. I have a wonderful husband, and two great kids (13 & 10). I then spiral out to an extended family of siblings, cousins and fabulous friends. I am extremely blessed.

    After my Dad died from Esophageal cancer, I was faced with the realization that life is short – it was time to accomplish some of those things on “my list”. I ran my first 5K listening to Tim McGraw’s song, “Live like you were dying” (asthma had stopped me in the past). I found solace in knitting (I knit very tight so it took me a while to learn and enjoy it). Most importantly, I stopped worrying so much about how clean the house was (oh and so many other things that can wait for a rainy day), and we started going to the beach as a family unit most nights where the kids body surf the waves, we walk the beach, I knit, and we just enjoy life! I am truly blessed.

  53. Having ADHD is sometimes a Godsend. Now that I finally know what the problem is (it only took 40 years of coping to find out)I have learned to somewhat control it. It helps me get many things done in a short amount of time. I knit for a few hours, clean for a few minutes, crochet for a while, clean for a few minutes….you get the idea. The house gets a cleaning & projects get finished wihtout the normal boredom involved for most of us.

  54. I am grateful for my husband’s upcoming deployment. I am so proud of him and all his hard work both now prepping and later when serving overseas. I am proud to sacrifice for our country as well, being a military family, and teaching our 4 beautiful children age 4 and under, the true meaning of patriotism. God Bless America!

  55. Nothing teaches you to love your littles more than losing a child. Losing two has helped me to be a better mom to the others. I’ve learned to savor each one of them and what time I have with them. I’m so very thankful for my little Immy and Issy and the lessons God has taught me through them.

  56. I’m grateful for not being able to give my kids everything they want. Sometimes they complain about all that their friends or cousins have, but I can see how when they have to wait for something they want, they are more appreciative. They have also realized they can do without and still be happy. My daughter was commenting the other day about how much more she likes the hand me down clothes she gets from her older cousins because they remind her of them (her cousins), or the second hand clothes she gets from Plato’s Closet because they were such a great deal!

  57. I too have a birthday on August 8th!
    My Dad was my best friend and a very positive force in my life. On August 8, 1989 he passed away very suddenly. I remember when we were kids, how encouraging and supportive he always was. He was also a great “Poppy” to his nine grandchildren. Not a day has gone by that I don’t think of him and remember what a wonderful father he was to my sister, my brother and I and how grateful I am to have had him for thirty-six years.

  58. I was forced to retire early, in Jan. of 2008, from a job I loved dearly. This was much less than ideal because although I knew my husband would support me, I didn’t know how I would find the money for my hobbies & the expensive supplies & travel they entail.

    However, I was able to launch my own business demonstrating, teaching & selling in the area of my hobbies. I am so grateful for this new “career”, the friends I have made through it & of course, the extra income I am able to produce. Retirement is great!

  59. I’m thankful I have the opportunity to look after my Mom. She is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and each good day is a blessing.

  60. I’m thankful for my 1 hour commute into work. The drive gives me time to plan out my day and, when we carpool, time to talk with my fiance.

  61. Breast cancer! My mother died of it because she refused treatment, being terrified of doctors and hospitals. It runs in my family. My sister and I were wondering which one of us would get it first. It was me, but discovered early enough for me (maybe a lot of other people, but not me) to not be overly concerned about it. I had the whole treatment deal. All the way from biopsies through double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, then reconstruction. I think it saved my life. I switched to a very healthy diet, lost 120 lbs, and I look and feel better than I have ever felt in my life. Old friends do not recognize me and are amazed at the transfiguration. I got that breast reduction I wanted and now the size is very flattering. I am a happy camper. I will never slip back into the old habits again.

  62. I’m grateful that I have a positive attitude even when things are tough or painful. I have a hereditary joint condition that makes walking, sitting, even sleeping painful sometimes, and despite that I still have a positive attitude and try my best to make a difference in someone’s life every day.

  63. I am grateful that I had my knitting to help me recover and get my movement back after having a mild stroke. I had it in hospital with me and both the Doctors and the Nurses said that they had never thought of something such as knitting to help regain movement.

  64. I am grateful for the way life has made me grow up quickly after I lost my mom to cancer. Though it sounds harsh, I truly believe God does have everyone’s best interests in mind when He decides on something. I have learnt to value the small things of life and find happiness in little moments.

    I ‘liked’ the Facebook pages.

  65. Hello Dear firefly,

    Happy belated birthday to you! You and my dear father share the same birth date:o)

    I am grateful for the unconditional love our Heavenly Father bestows upon us each and every day, every hour, every moment.



  66. My DH and I have just retired at the same time. Mine was planned; his was due to the economic situation–our family business just wasn’t making it anymore. This is a big adjustment because we’ve always been so busy. We also keep running into each other in a way that we haven’t since we were newlyweds. However, we are learning to enjoy and value each other again and to concentrate on some common interests. We are also learning to value the way our two adult children are conducting their lives and becoming very proud of them.

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