Blue Friday

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Today is Blue Friday for two reasons, 1) it is a gorgeously beautiful day with a deep blue sky and plenty of white fluffy clouds, and 2) I am not feeling well so have already taken two naps today and wishing for several more if only I could find the time.

At a minimum, I need to announce the winner of the July Sock Yarn Give Away … so here goes. Her name is “Debby”, and she left this comment to my gratitude challenge:

Our lives seemed to crash as we lost half of our retirement, all of the equity in our home and my husband’s job. As a result we gained something money can’t buy and that is a closeness we had lost somewhere along the way. For that I express deep gratitude.

I sent an email notification to her a few days ago but have not heard back yet. I am posting photos over on my Facebook page of the two colorways she gets to choose from, if you are interested.

My, but August in New York is a beautiful time of year for the sky. We saw an article in a local paper last week mentioning that the apple crop this year would be two weeks earlier than usual and the apples will be sweeter because we have had such a warm summer with plenty of sunshine. With that news, I can hardly wait to buy a half-bushel from our favorite local grower and get started making apple preserves. Of course, first I have to get a half bushel (at least) of peaches and get enough peach preserves for the year made up. Last year I put ginger in my peach preserves and they came out especially good, this year … we’ll have to see what I am inspired to do.

Knitting: I knitted my first swatch in quite some time this week. Little Sweet Pea is at that age where she is keeping all of our hands full, so finding a little bit of quiet time to do some knitting has been non-existent this entire year. However, I did get my swatch knitted up from the Rhoda colorway that Kimber created and released back in June. It is a lovely colorway, and it looked even prettier knitted into a swatch. Sadly, I unravelled the swatch after taking essential measurements and I forgot to photograph it for you.

This weekend I plan to cast on my new pair of socks, so within a few days I should have a meaningful photograph or two to show you what I am up to, as far as knitting goes.

Art: Two weeks from tomorrow (28 Aug) I will participate in the Orleans County Art Trail sponsored by GoArt. We will actually be hosting several artists here on our farm in plein aire tent studios as a part of the Art Trail. Our friends at Schwenk Wine Cellars might even do a wine tasting here at our place during the event, and I am trying to line up an accordion player to wander around playing as artists paint and viewers view. It should be a lovely day, and you if you are interested in more about it, you will find more information here.

On that note, I must … away!

Have a beautiful evening, and a beautiful weekend.



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  1. Jackie- Since you’re not feeling well we’ll forgive you for not stopping by the house for some plein air painting!! You were missed & we all were thrilled with the Batavia Daily article – great job!! Kim brought over a few extra copies to share.
    Really LOVE that blueberry sock yarn – wish I had joined in on the contest!!
    Hope you’re feeling better – you’re more than welcome to stop by the house any time with or without other artists!!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the coming apple crop. That’s always a cheery thought for me. There is an orchard near me in Omaha, NE that has several Antique types of trees. I need to get there before they run out of Big Chief apples. Those are divine. Plus I allow myself 1 caramel apple per orchard visited. I just don’t care what anyone says about stopping at one. That’s just silly. Don’t forget to get some local honey and try the stuff with Cinnamon in it if you haven’t all ready. Great stuff. I ran out long ago and can’t wait to get some of the new stuff. Yum! Thanks for this post. You really cheered me up. Feel better soon & take as many naps as you can.

  3. So sorry to hear you don’t feel well. I hope you are up and running before long, but make sure you are ready before you tke off!

  4. Here is hoping that you feel better soon. Your art doings at the farm should be very interesting and successful. Do take care!

  5. How nice to have all that fresh produce so handy to you. Good luck with the artist trail, it sounds like it will be a great time.

  6. Dear firefly,

    I hope you are feeling much better at present. Signs of Autumn are peaking its head and for that I am most pleased. As you well know, Autumn and knitting seem to go perfect together. Happy week to you!



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