Spectacular October sunrise

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This morning my husband called from work, just as the sun was rising, and asked if I had taken a look outside.  He told me to check out the western sky, which I did and it was mystical looking.  While I was still on the phone with him, my daughter looked to the east and called out for me to hurry to the kitchen windows to look outside.

The eastern sky was even more mystical and beautiful looking than the west.  We ran outside in our pajamas and found that in every direction we looked there was something spectacular to see.  The combination of dark stormy sky, golden breaking sunlight, and tree tops covered in brilliantly colored autumn leaves were the perfect ingredients for what I believe was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever witnessed.  Adding to our joy, the magnificent lighting effects last a good thirty minutes.

We ran throughout the three acres of yard, shivering from the cold, me shooting photos and my daughter keeping little Sweet Pea wrapped up warm in her arms.  We whooped and hollered and exclaimed and cried out in joy; it was an impromptu celebration of life and light.

You know what would be wonderful, is if the way we greeted this day could be the way we the people greeted many of the days of our lives.  Even without the spectactular lighting effects, if life itself excited many of the way the beautiful sunrise excited those of us on our farm this golden, perfect, dramatic morning.

Can you imagine getting up many of the days of your life and upon contemplation of the day that lay ahead you just ran around joyously shouting and exclaiming about how extraordinarily beautiful it all is.

We could create that kind of life, we could you know.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope you have a beautiful Halloween weekend.


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  1. Firefly ~ what fantastic pictures and another great short essay of explanation. After being terribly ill last year and 52 days in the hospital I try to great each day in a manor that will make God proud.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I live on the beautiful coast of northern California but, I grew up in Colorado and Idaho–these pictures remind me how beautiful the fields are at this time of year! Nostalgia is tugging at my heart!

  3. There is an Oswald Chambers quote that I love:

    “To be certain of God means that we are uncertain in all our ways, we do not know what a day may bring forth. This is generally said with a sigh of sadness, it should be rather an expression of breathless expectation.”

    The part I always remember is “breathless expectation”…and I add “of good things”

    Beautiful, beautiful photos :)!

  4. Firefly, you are a painter with a camera. Sooo lovely. Thank you.


  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Firefly. A few evenings ago, my husband and I were so in awe of the fall beauty we both saw upon arriving home, that we gleefully ran outside with the camera to capture images of the golden leaves in the waning sunlight. I’m blessed to have a husband that appreciates the beauty of nature as much as I do. Sounds like you are similarly blessed.

  6. Tom said he saw the sunrise that morning too & agreed it was the most spectacular he has ever seen & he was without his camera!! He stood for several minutes in the parking lot at school just admiring the lighting – so glad you captured it with your camera & shared it with us!!

  7. Awesome! I love looking at sunrises, which I don’t see too often because I love snuggling in bed with my daughter. However, I do see gorgeous sunsets. Thank you for sharing with us. As always, I enjoy your sharing thoughts and comments.

  8. I always find inspiration on your blog…I really appreciate and love the beautiful picture’s you show! Thanks once again for making my day!

  9. And how cool is it that your pictures answer my questions???? I asked “what kind of tree is that?” and hovered my little hand shaped curser over the picture and to my amazement a little tag box mystically popped up and answered “Mulberry”.

  10. Even in the rain that followed on Friday, the area was beautiful fall colors. I was in your area then on a school charter to Brown’s Berry Patch. The sun would peak out every now and then making the trees, fields and water glow. I think fall is my favorite season because I love the colors. Your photos and sentiments show God’s creation in Western New York at its best. I hope that Sweet Pea will remember this glorious morning as she grows.

  11. Awesome photos, so glad you shared. I always think, this is God showing us how great the skies and land is. And to think how blessed you are to have that all around you every morning.

    Have a happy, blessed day!

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