The Advent of Santa: Day 1

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Sunday my baby grand-daughter helped me unpack my Santa collection and set the jolly old elves out around the house.  We set quite a few of them all along the window sash frames in the four dinning room windows facing our barn.

Others, we sat and stood all along the fireplace mantle in our sitting room.  A few others we placed on the tops of floor cabinets, hutches, and a knee wall.

After they were all arranged we counted them up … 43 in all–I didn’t realize I had that many so far.

I started collecting them when my children were little and I became a single parent,  buying one for myself each year to add to the collection.  It was a little Christmas tradition I started to add a little magic to the season.  As my children grew older they started buying me Santas; now that I am married my husband has joined in as well.

So,  I have many more Santas than there are years in my childrens’ lives.

This little guy is really the first Santa of mine, and the oldest.  I made him out of a wooden clothespin when my son was a baby.  This Santa is nearly 30 years old, as is my son.

Today begins my 2010 Advent of Santa.  Each day up through Christmas Day I will add to the Santas on the window sill for you to see.  As I got out my camera to photograph him, it began to snow in earnest for the first time this year.

A good omen.


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  1. What a wonderful tradition! Thanks so much for sharing the story and all the upcoming pictures!

  2. I really enjoyed your story. Especially the snowy effects! It’s cold here, cold enough to snow but nothing yet.

  3. I love it! I’ve been “away” for a while and had to change my email address. We had a “lucky” snow shower on Thanksgiving day. Blessings on All-I look forward to the Santas! Happy Holidays everyone…

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