The Advent of Santa: Days 7 through 15

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My Advent of Santa continues, though I slipped up for several days in a row. I do that with advent calenders every time I attempt to follow them. I start out with the most sincere intentions that this will be the year when I finally follow the advent every single day. Inevitably I reach some critical point in the holiday season when the advent calendar is missed first one day, then another, and then several in a row as I focus my attention on completing various Christmas projects.

Without further explanation, I offer you the following assortment of Santas, nine in a row for today (see how bad I am). All but the two really little Santas are from my children, given to me as they moved through their teenage years into early adulthood. They are especially dear to me, of course.  These Santas reflect my their personalities, sense of humor, and the close bond we have.

This is one of the tiny ones, which I bought for myself I think at a Joann’s Fabric store many years ago.

This one they bought for me Christmas 2001, after September 11th.  They chose him because he is a Fireman Santa.

Another of the tiny ones I bought for myself.

They gave me this one the year before I moved to New York.

This is the first Santa they ever bought me, back when they were still kids.

A bobble-head Santa they bought me the year I moved to New York.

A Boyd’s Bears Santa they bought me because I love and collect Boyds Bears.

This one they gave me because he is goofy, and sometimes I am as well.

Happy Holidays!



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  1. I checked out your son’s work. Beautiful; very contemporary and clean! My middle son would love one of your son’s prints when he gets his own place. I have Flying Junction on my Etsy list!

  2. I like the “create your own” sign – of course I do, I have expensive tastes!!! The posters are very nicely done.

  3. Very nice! I love the contemporary look with the brick behind them and the silver chair. Have a N.Y. buddy that MUST see these so will send him the link!

  4. I like the King’s Hwy/Coney Island sign. I loved going to Coney Island when I was little.

  5. Those posters make me think of NY even though I’ve never even been close to there. How sweet that you are promoting him through your blog. A true mother’s love. 🙂

  6. I went and checked out your sons Subway signs and thougt they were verynicely done. I plan to go back after Christmas and get the Coney Island one. I have been watching Boardwalk Empire and I really like it. I think this will go nicely in my sewing room. I have always wanted to go to New York and riding a subway is something on my Bucket List. By the way I love your blog and etsy store. I hope there is a bisquit blacket kit available on friday as I plan to buy one JUST FOR ME!!!

  7. I visited your son’s Etsy site. Thanks for sharing. They have a contemporary look, even though they are “retro.”

  8. I love the Coney Island sign. All the signs bring back memories as a child I lived part of the year in New York City. Thank you for referring us to this site.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. Where did ‘Flying Junction’ come from? a novel- a place- an idea…? The canvas would be so ‘original’ but a print with Coney Island would fit my style better. Never have been to New York- these posters set me to day dreaming… thanx for the link.

    • According to Wikipedia a flying junction is “a railway junction at which one or more diverging or converging tracks in a multiple-track route cross other tracks on the route by bridge to avoid conflict with other train movement”.

  10. Those prints are incredible. There is no other descriptor suitable for them! If only I had the extra cash for the London one, I’d have it up in our new house the minute we moved in, as it will be our last move in the UK, at least for a while. But I still have 1-3 good years there yet, and I can’t wait to get that London one eventually!

    The creative genes run strong in your family, it’s evident. Nurture them always!

  11. Of course I rushed over to see the signs that you were talking about…and first thing that popped in my white haired mind was GrandKids!!! Wouldn’t it make a great piece to hang with all the places the Grandkids live? hmmmm??? Wonder where we could hang one?

    Thanks for directing us to Flying Junction! I do shop around etsy and this is a spot not to miss!

    Merry Christmas…

  12. Thanks for sharing the Flying Junction site! My favorites are the brick walls…..beautifully done!

  13. I bet the Kings Highway/Coney Island brings lots of good memories for alot of people…having never been there, it still stirred my interest. Hope he does well in his pursuit.
    Take time to take a big breath in these busy holiday days…

  14. Just love the subway posters! They bring back fond memories of NYC and my time spent traveling the BMT!

  15. I loved your sons posters. Particularlly the ones against the brick wall. I must also say that I also have collected Boyds bears! I have several Santa ones under my tree. I’m happy to see your many Santas. Glad your posting again. Merry Christmas!

  16. Checked out your son’s esty store—never knew about subway signs, love vintage stuff. I’ll fave it for the future. thanks.

  17. I love the LONDON England Bus Scroll Subway Sign – 20 x 60 Canvas Print on your son’s site! I may have to buy one of the NY signs for my daughter – she is hoping to move to NYC after college graduation.

  18. I think those subway prints are great – what an amazing and creative idea. I didn’t know these were collectibles – actually, I don’t think it had ever occurred to me what would happen to them.
    I love your santa collection too – what a lovely idea to treat yourself to a special ornament each Christmas. I think I may have to ‘borrow’ it, hmmm wonder if I could backdate it to when I left home, that would mean I could get around 30!

  19. Interesting work. I particularly like the name “Flying Junction” and am curious about the origins. Since I’m a relatively new blog reader, if you’ve shared this in the past, mind sharing again?

  20. The Queens roll caught my eye. I went there in 1981 for the first time and was awestruck by the area. Would love to go back one day. His art touched me.

  21. The subway signs remind me of my days in a little place in Greenwich Village….very bohemian. I love your goofy Santa…a Santa after my own heart.

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