Restocking Country Cotton Yarn

February 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm | Posted in country life, country living, free knitting patterns, knitted washrags, knitting, yarn | 8 Comments
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Over the next two or three weeks I will be restocking my shelves with my super soft worsted weight Country Cotton Yarn.

I will be selling Country Cotton yarn in 120-yard project balls ($3.00) on my website and in my Etsy store, but I don’t currently plan to stock the 680-yard cones. However, I will sell the 680-yard cones ($10.00) by special order only. If you need some super soft cotton yarn for a larger project (sweater, baby blanket, afghan, etc.) and would like it on one or more cones please get your special order in to me as soon as possible. You can leave a comment on this blog with the specifics or just a “special order” request and I will email you to get details as to color, quantity, etc.

All special requests for Country Cotton on cones for this quarter will need to be in to me ASAP so that I can include your request in my order.

I have discontinued Peach Sherbert (aka Peach Sorbet), and will be adding a beautiful red I have named, “Old Red Barn”, as well as “Storm Cloud” (a wonderful charcoal grey), and Morning Mist (a silvery grey color). Sorry I don’t have photos available yet for the new colors, but they will be ready soon too.

This is the super soft cotton yarn I use in my Deluxe, Limited Edition Biscuit Blanket Kit (and other Biscuit Blanket Kits in the past) … which, by the way, could make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift packaged the way it is in that scrumptiously chocolate looking box.

Meanwhile, stay cozy and warm if you are in the path of the storm and blizzards.



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  1. How much do the cones cost? I would be interested in the new red color. Thanks so much. Love your blog!

  2. I was interested in the cost as well for both the 120 yd and the larger cone. How many do you think I’d need for a large ripple type afghan??

    Glad to see you posting more often – can’t get enough of your great shots of winter!

  3. I’m interested in 2 cones of the Pumpkin and 2 cones of the Green Pear for two baby blankets. Thanks.

  4. I am interested in purchasing a Biscuit, Old Blue Cupboard and a Cup o’ Joe.
    Thank you

  5. i am interested in ordering some coned yarns but am not sure on the quantity. help??

  6. i’m interested in the 3 new colors and Evening Lilacs on the cone.

  7. Do you send to Thailand?

  8. Can you get either the biscuit or green pears on the large cone? I will need two of the to do your KAL blanket. Thank you. Can you email me a bigger picture of each to determine color I want? THANKS.

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