A September 11 remembrance

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Today we sang “America The Beautiful” in church; it is impossible for me to sing that song without crying. We sang it today, along with other songs and hymns, in remembrance of those who lost their lives, those who gave their lives, and those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.

How can I sing any song in remembrance of these things and not break down into tears for many, many reasons. Added to it is the fact that my brothers and my sister and I sang America The Beautiful at my oldest brother’s bedside as he lay dying in a hospital in 2005. As we sang with him, he roused just enough out of pain and semi-consciousness to hum the melody with us somewhere in his throat … it was all he could do.

The simplicity of singing one verse of a meaningful song, all of us together there with him holding hands and holding his hands, and the intense feelings of love stirred throughout the room by the moment and our singing touched off something in the universe that brought my brother back to life enough that he lived another two weeks. It was enough time for him to have a chance to say goodbye to us all and allow us to say goodbye to him, to assure him that his affairs were set in order and to allow him to die in peace rather than anguish.

The feelings many of us have today are complex. I have no idea what it is like for those who lost someone that day, I only know what it was like for me and my family then and since then. Our lives have changed forever, and I believe they have changed in ways we cannot or do not fathom perhaps.

My heart goes out to anyone who might by chance come across my blog who grieves for someone they knew directly and lost that day. Whether there is such a person out there who reads my blog, I don’t know. I hope that regardless of whether there is a direct connection or not, that my love comes across somehow in this large world that is actually so very small. And, if my love does reach some one as that, I hope it makes some kind of difference to you. I am out here today, singing whatever songs I can think of out loud and to myself, hoping my voice makes some kind of difference somewhere in the world today.

Those of you who lost and gave your lives that day, you will never be forgotten, the light of who you were and who you are will never extinguish.



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  1. This was a beautiful post!! America the Beautiful also makes me cry. I’m very patriotic and sentimentally so. I didn’t lose anyone on 911 — didn’t even know anyone personally that died that day, but it still affects me. I live in a military town in Texas and the post went on high alert, of course. Schools were shut down and those on post had guards walking their hall ways. Where before 911 you could drive on to post as you wanted, that stopped that day. There were lines miles and miles long of cars trying to get on post just to go to work that day. And all of this was taking place before anyone really knew what had happened or what was going on. Of course, those of us at home had our eyes glued to the TV. My ex-daughter-in-law was visiting me from out of state and we were out of the back porch visiting when my grandson called from Colorado to tell us something had happened and to go turn on the TV, which we did, of course. It was a terrible time for the United States and each of us individually as citizens of this great country. Thank you again for your post. I love your blog, especially when you talk about your knitting, your baking, or cookiing, or your farm and community.

  2. My cousin, Abe Zelmanowitz, 55 years old, sent his friend Ed’s nurse out … Abe stayed with Ed who was a quadriplegic. Abe helped Ed to call his family and then he called his own family to say goodbye.

    Ed’s nurse got out safely.

    I hope you’ll do a Search of the Internet for the full story.

    In 1997, a year after moving from Long Island NY to the San Diego CA area, my husband and I visited the observation deck of the WTC. I said “What would happen if these fell!?!”

    Little did I know that my husband, 55 years old, would die on February 12, 2001 and that both of the Twin Towers would also fall – and then to find out my cousin was in one of them.

    Thank you for recognition here.

    • Dear Marny, thank you for sharing this story and I will do a google search for the full story. I am speechless, but appreciate you sharing this story. ~firefly

  3. Beautifully put….you have touched many!

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