Surviving a holiday

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Thanksgiving Day was the most relaxing Thanksgiving holiday I think I have had as an adult.  Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was spent nursing my dear daughter through a three-day migraine.  So sad for her, and stressful for me.  I don’t mean that as a complaint, it just is what it is.   Giving care to someone in that kind of pain while simultaneously caring for a 2-1/2 year old full of robust enthusiasm for life (which is totally great) takes a toll on my body after the first day and a half.

Thereofre, I hope you will all bear with me that, though I would love to post an interesting blog today and show you the cool progress I have made on the first of the knucks I am designing and knitting for me (and ultimately for you all to have a shot at knitting), I just don’t have it in me to photograph the knitting or do the writing.  I will spring back quickly, and will share that with you in a couple of days.

I know you have been getting a lot of “sale” posts from me lately, but please bear with me as I do one more of those this morning.  It is a big shopping day, and it would be prudent of me to offer something to encourage a few more sales.  Be patient, please … I will be back to giving you the content you love after my neck and shoulders relax some from the past few days activity.  Promise.

Here is the “Cyber Monday” sale info for anyone interested:

1) From me:  20% everything in my Etsy store.  This is a first, and not likely to happen again, but it is the quickest thing I could think of to implement.  So, use this code: CYBERFARM in my Etsy store.  This is good through today.

2) From my son (Flying Junction):  20% off everything in his Etsy store or at his website with this code at checkout:  CYBER20 at either place.  This is very coo, because he normally doesn’t offer discounts off of his beautiful canvas prints.   This offer is good throughout today, Monday the 28th of November.

Now I will go see what I can do to get my muscles to relax.  I look forward to showing you what is happening with my knucks, because I do think this is going to be a cool project that you will enjoy.

Have a beautiful day,


The children are nestled, all snug in their beds

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…and I can’t sleep.  Too many things on my mind, so I am up writing instead of sleeping.

Here is something I can do while I am unable to sleep:  Announce on my blog what I am doing and what my son is doing for online shoppers today, Black Friday.

From Me:  Buy One, Get One Free on all of my Knitter’s Eye Charts and other prints.  Buy one, get one of equal or lesser value free — no limits (includes sets of three).  Buy from my Etsy shop or my website.  This also applies to any fine art photographs or prints of paintings in my fine art Etsy store.  Just type “BOGO” in the comments section of your order order and tell me which item you choose for free.  Ends today, November 25, 2011 at midnight.

From My Son:  Buy One, Get One Free on any of his 12″ x 18″ Subway Signs and Bus Scroll Paper Prints (includes collections of three).  Buy from his Etsy store or his website, and enter “BOGO” in the comments section of your order form and tell him what you want as your free item.  Free item must be of equal or lesser value of paid for item.    Ends today, November 25, 2011 at midnight.


It is “Black Friday” already, and I know the stores are not open yet but people are out there in the world standing in lines waiting to participate in various stampedes in order to bring home all sorts of things.  I went to a Black Friday event one time, back in Los Angeles.  I mostly did it because I wanted to have the experience of it.  I have never been that much into shopping, and the idea of going out into a big mob of people in the wee hours of the morning waiting to crowd into a store and try to grab some things marked way down before someone else gets a chance to … that just isn’t my cup of tea.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.  It just isn’t for me.

But I did do it the one time, to see what it was like.  I almost didn’t go, because when my alarm went off I decided I would much rather go back to sleep than to get up and go out in the cold dark morning air.  Before I could fall back asleep, however, I remembered my sense of adventure.

I’m glad I did it the one time, because it was an adventure.

Right now, I wish I could get some sleep.

Happy shopping,


One River comes into focus

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The past month has involved quite a bit of hard work preparing for our photography show; the show is opening on December 2nd at Marti’s on Main in Albion, New York.  When we first decided to do a photography show this December, the idea seemed rather simple and easy to pull off.  Of course it could have stayed that way, but the more we worked on it, the bigger our plans became and the more work there was to be done.  No regrets about that at all, we are having a good time doing something productive and creative that the entire family enjoys so it is worth any amount of time or financial investment that has gone into it.

This past week my son designed an awesome postcard and poster to promote the event.  We have the posters going up in shop windows in the villages around us, and postcards are going out in many directions.  I also wrote a press release and submitted it to plenty of media contacts in Western New York; we will be interviewed this Friday for some coverage.  If you are a blogger and would be willing to give us some coverage, it would be greatly appreciated.

I listed the poster for sale in my fine art Etsy shop (  Proceeds from the sale of this poster will help cover costs associated with the production of the show.  Now through Sunday, I have three special offers for my readers:

1) Buy a One River poster for $19, get any two knitting pattern downloads FREE (excludes the Three Scrumptious Christmas Stockings pattern, although you could substitute that one for any other two).  To take advantage of this offer, place your order for the poster, and then email me to tell me which two patterns you would like for free.  I will send a download link via email, or will gift it to you at Ravelry (Ravelry username required).

2) Buy any Subway Roll Sign, Bus Scroll Print, or reproduction vintage map from my son’s online store and get any three knitting pattern downloads for FREE — same details as above. (Offer also applies to any custom order placed with him.)

3) Buy any 11 x 17 inch Knitter’s Eye Chart (or Crocheter’s), and get any two knitting pattern downloads FREE — same details as above.

This is all being done to raise money to cover expenses for the photography show.  We have printed all of the photographs at a professional lab using Kodak’s Endura Metallic paper, they are all matted with black mat board and framed in simple black wooden frames.  A limited selection of some of my photographs that are featured in the show are listed in my fine art Etsy store … if you are interested.

We have titled the show, “One River”.  It is a show of six decades, five artists, four photographers, three generations, two coasts, and … One River.   The photography began in the late 1940’s when my husband’s father began shooting beautiful color slides at the family’s cottage on the river where we live — our farm is situated on that same river.  There are five artists in the show because it features photography by my now-deceased father-in-law, my husband, my son, and I plus poetry by my father.  Three generations — that should be obvious from who the photographers are.  Two coasts — my son still maintains a home and studio in the Los Angeles area, and then we have the place here in New York.   One River.  We have all been photographing this one river for the past sixty years, using the range of photographic technology available during that span of time.  I think it will be very interesting to people to get a chance to see one river–and the surrounding countryside–captured by three generations of photographers, each bringing their own take on the river into focus.

Even with all of this show related work in progress, I have managed to make a humble start to what I think is going to be a very cool (yet warm) pair of knuckle gloves for myself.  I have a hank of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca fingering weight yarn in a gorgeous colorway called “Potting Soil” to make them with on size U.S. 1 knitting needles.  I am using a delicate little broken rib pattern for the cuffs and am enjoying the knitting very much.  The yarn is dreamy soft and easy to work with.  I’m planning on making these knuckle gloves with extra long cuffs so they go way up in my sweaters and jackets to keep my arms warm.

What will be even cooler, I think, is that I will make a pair of coordinating fingerless gloves using the same Berroco Ultra Alpaca worsted weight yarn in Lavender Mix colorway used in my Lavender Hat and Scarf pattern way back when I first started my blog in 2006.  On particularly cold days I will wear the Lavender colored fingerless gloves over the thinner, more delicate knuckle gloves for extra warmth.  They are going to look ultra cool, and now that we are pretty much finished putting the photography show together I should be able to get some serious knitting done so the gloves will be ready to wear soon.

Okay people, I am going to head off to get some more work done.  I appreciate your continued interest and support.

Warmest wishes,


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