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Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s blog post with either a comment or by sending an email, Facebook message, or Twitter response. There was so much love from all of you directed toward me as well as my family and it made quite a difference in our lives. So, again, thank you.

My mother tried to post a comment response thanking you all, for she was having trouble logging in to her WordPress account and the post did not “take”. I told her I would post her message, and thought if I do that as a separate postscript it would be easy for people to find and read it. Here is her message:

“I just wanted to thank all those who responded to our daughter’s blog. We do appreciate your thought and prayers. I wanted to tell you how wonderful you are. Your pictures,writings and all your creativity are so precious. You are so precious! I love the swans.” ~ butterfly (firefly’s mother)

Dad is doing a better than he was that particular day, and I am certain that your affection, caring, prayers, thoughts, good wishes, and wonderful heartwarming communication made a distinct difference.

So, thank you again. You all have a special place in my heart.


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