Howling wind, flying fingers

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20140410-164623.jpgThis is one of those spring transition days, bringing with it the inevitable blustery winds Winnie The Pooh made famous. For the first time in more than six months it is 70 degrees outside … ah, the pleasures of 72 degree air.

Not that I was unhappy with our winter; no, far from that, The winter we are finally emerging from was my favorite winter of my life, as far as the weather goes. It was horribly cold, but I was able to spend much of the time snug at home knitting, baking, studying, reflecting, enjoying family, organizing my studio, prepping for paintings, working on some paintings, and generally staying warm.

But, no matter how much I like winter cold and snow, I do so look forward to the first day of going outside and feeling the natural warmth of the sun on my skin, my back and shoulders.

Today was that day.

72 degree air.

I have this pile of knitting in my lap, a knew lace shawl I have designed and am close to finishing. It will be my special shawl for chilly spring days and cool summer evenings. I will make a pattern available, hopefully before too long.

I hope you are enjoying your spring day.


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