A Christmas Story eBook Download

Fireflys Christmas Story Book Cover“A Christmas Story”
by J.L. Fleckenstein
Illustrations by J. C. Roeschke

Format: eBook or CD

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Price: $4.95

I wrote this story quite a number of years ago when my children were very young. It is the story of two children who discover the meaning of Christmas has more to do with your own acts of kindness toward others than with what you are going to receive from others.

This story is inspires children to look and act outside themselves and their own wants and desires to the bigger picture of what the Christmas season is all about. You have the option of downloading the book online and printing it out, or you can choose to order a CD.

“I just downloaded and read your book. I love the story! It’s so sweet, and what I really love about it is the way the kids are together. Especially the part about Marie noticing how cute Jeff looked in his coat…it reminds me of my son and how he notices when his little brother looks or says something cute or sweet.

“I also couldn’t help but smile at the reference to the scarf and mittens that the mother knitted. 🙂 What I really like, though, is how it is all about doing things for others, but doesn’t sound unrealistically sappy sweet like some Christmas stories do.

“I’m definitely looking forward to reading this to my kids.”

-L.G., Arizona

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this eBook will be donated to our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. They are currently raising money for a house being built for a local family, a single mother and three children. Their home is scheduled to be complete this spring and your purchase of this eBook will make a difference.

Best wishes for a happly holiday to you and to yours,



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  2. I ordered your book and am assured of a happly holiday (I couldn’t resist!). I hope yours is the same.

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  4. Did something silly with the download, I didn’t manage to receive is there any way you can send it again.

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