Tale of the Naughty Knitter

I am a bad, bad girl. I am naughty. I am a naughty knitter. A couple of days ago (20 Sept 06 to be exact) I managed to get myself banned from an online knitting community. Banned. Me. Verbally flogged in the public square of comments by a zealous moderator. Some of the “banning” was done in all caps including the word “ABSOLUTELY”. So, I come before you here and confess … I am a misbehaving miscreant naughty knitter.

I must say, however, at first I was a bit dismayed. If you have followed my blog at all, I think you might see my communication tends to be respectful, wholesome, inspiring for some, and offered in a spirit of friendship and kinship. Being met with harsh, somewhat fascist treatment was a bit disconcerting … at first. Very shortly afterwards though I did get my sense of humor about it all. I mean, really … this is knitting for goodness sake.

Truth be told, stirring up a bit of controversary is a great marketing tool, and there were about 1,500 curiousity seekers who came to my blog that day to see the naughty knitter for themselves. I hope they weren’t too disappointed.

I have decided to adopt a positive attitude and regard for the entire affair. I consider my banishment as a badge of honor in fact and I feel sincere gratitude for this opportunity to remind myself and others that life is far too sweet and much too short to lose ones sense of goodwill and to treat others harshly, even if you believe they deserve it (which I believe people do not deserve).

To mark the occassion, I have created a scarlet “N” for “naughty” and made a badge which you will see proudly displayed on my blog from here on out. It is the “Sign of the the N”, the official badge of honor of the Naughty Knitter. I offer it in the spirit of play … so please, don’t anyone take themselves or the “N” too seriously. We are knitters, after all; we have a certain reputation to maintain.

If you too are naughty, have been publicly flogged on the Internet (especially if ALL CAPS were involved at all), or if you have been ousted from any ostensibly “cool” group ever in your life for any reason whatsoever, please join me in the Naughty Knitters Club.

(If you use the badge, please copy the image and get it hosted wherever you get your images hosted so as not to eat up bandwidth over here … even if you are naughty, please be helpful on this point.)

Wear it proudly my friend.


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  1. OK, now I’m curious… your posts here would never inspire ALL CAPS much less banning. Maybe I’ll have to search to find your “transgression.”

  2. everyone needs a spot of subversion in their life. Clue me in…

  3. Well, who would have thought it? I think some people on the boards just live to stir up trouble.

  4. I think I’m a little envious. I’ve never been thrown out of anywhere. I’m obviously not applying myself. I think the whole world should take itself a little less seriously. After all, it does you good to laugh.

  5. I accessed this post via the “N” for NAUGHTY badge!

    Now you have me curious as to what sin you committed to get you banned; but you are right to have a positive attitude about it because it IS just knitting! While it’s really important for me to find the time to knit, I wouldn’t let my kid touch the stove because I wanted to finish a row… though it’s tempting!

    I love a controversy and bad PR is, well, still PR. That moderator did you a great favor, much more than you might have been able to orchestrate if you wanted to; that is if you are not in marketing.

  6. Oh Oh can I steal the badge and put it on my blog?

    And I can pretty well betcha what online community you were banned from…but I won’t mention it.

    I’m a naughty knitter and if you allow me to “borrow” the graphic I will certainly put up a link to THIS blog entry. Thanks.

  7. What does the 1100 mean?

    Well, I haven’t bee publicly flogged for any knitting related items but can I still play? LOL

  8. my curiosity is killing me! I know it wasn’t any of the groups I belong to unless of course I skimmed to quickly. Glad 2 see your positive attitude about the fallout (more traffic is a great thing!)

  9. I just got kicked off a Kniting Group this morning and I have added your button to my blog…
    Thanks, Naughty Knitter Sister! 🙂

  10. I think you should create a Webring! LOL

    Isabelle aka Tricotine

  11. Thanks to Isabelle, I know there is a badge for me. I am a Naughty Knitter. I was kicked out of the same group as Isa. I will wear the badge proudly 😀

  12. EUWEEE! If Isabelle is Naughty, I want to grow up and be Naughty too!, Jolene

  13. ohh… am I a Naughty Knitter if I do not follow patterns?

  14. I also would like to be a Naughty Knitter, and I will also wear the badge with honor as I was also kicked out of this so called group. With all of the above kicked out of the same group, we can now belong to the Naughty Knitter Group. Life is to short to let a little thing like that stand in the way of our knitting

  15. Can I join too! I haven’t been bad….. yet! I did unsubscribe to said group base on morals. I too will wear the badge with dignity and honour.

    Have a great day!

  16. I am so happy to see I am not the only Naughty Knitter around 🙂
    I was not allowed to join a dishcloth yahoo group because I did not want to be part of the swaps(I have many a time not recieved swaps, so I am leary) I was also removed hrom A Harry Potter Knotting Blog thing because as of yet I haven’t made any Harry Potter Items and the rule is you have to knit and show a photo of at least one Harry Potter item you have made… The Charmed Knits pattern book dopesn’t come out until April 20th…thats when I plan to start making some harry Potter Stuff.
    This is all so silly why can’t people just be happy and chat with others that love the same thing we do.. KNITTING!

  17. I am going to post the Scarlett N on my blog because I too have been banned from said group for voicing my opinion and unsubscribing. I am a bad knitter…bad, bad knitter.

  18. Too funny, yet relevant…’cause lotsa group mods don’t like it if you think beyond their capacity to do so. Jealousy, dear blogger, is why. I’ve not been kicked off..yet; just ignored but copied nevertheless. Oh well. I have, however, been refused entry to two knitting groups. When I asked why, the answers were just too inane to expound in the presence of one with a brain. If I ever read up on how to add the button I’ll do so with pleasure.
    Knit on; enjoy every minute.

  19. Unfortunately not everyone can take jokes in the same way. i like your posts and will follow your blog (when i remember !! I’m very forgetful!)

    Why are you naughty? I’d love to knit or crochet some sexy sexy lingerie but have not yet found the patterns! I was hoping this blog would help !

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