The Advent of Santa: Days 7 through 15

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My Advent of Santa continues, though I slipped up for several days in a row. I do that with advent calenders every time I attempt to follow them. I start out with the most sincere intentions that this will be the year when I finally follow the advent every single day. Inevitably I reach some critical point in the holiday season when the advent calendar is missed first one day, then another, and then several in a row as I focus my attention on completing various Christmas projects.

Without further explanation, I offer you the following assortment of Santas, nine in a row for today (see how bad I am). All but the two really little Santas are from my children, given to me as they moved through their teenage years into early adulthood. They are especially dear to me, of course.  These Santas reflect my their personalities, sense of humor, and the close bond we have.

This is one of the tiny ones, which I bought for myself I think at a Joann’s Fabric store many years ago.

This one they bought for me Christmas 2001, after September 11th.  They chose him because he is a Fireman Santa.

Another of the tiny ones I bought for myself.

They gave me this one the year before I moved to New York.

This is the first Santa they ever bought me, back when they were still kids.

A bobble-head Santa they bought me the year I moved to New York.

A Boyd’s Bears Santa they bought me because I love and collect Boyds Bears.

This one they gave me because he is goofy, and sometimes I am as well.

Happy Holidays!


The Bus Stops Here

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I was up very late this evening and into the wee hour (1:00 is just one wee hour and I went to bed right after this post which I did at 1:10 a.m. or so, so yes, singular “wee” hour) of the morning. There is a book project I am working on and there was a long, long wait while files uploaded and re-uploaded. While I waited I dreamed I was on a shopping trip in the city on a bus. In my dream I got off at each bus stop and shopped at the store right in front of the stop.

Of course, my bus was virtual and in a waking dream and so my shopping was on Etsy. I created a Treasury so I could show you what I was up to; titled it, “The Bus Stops Here.”

Hope you enjoy my dream.

And, by the way, if you are paying attention … I really am going to finish my Advent of Santa. You know how it goes with advent calendars sometimes …

A wee bit o’ magic

December 9, 2010 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Christmas, gifts, pets, photography, Santa Claus, shopping | 1 Comment
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A Treasury I created this morning while window shopping on Etsy.

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