Summer in the Country Blanket
A slow, relaxing knit-along with a nice group of friends

When I posted in my blog that I am working on this blanket would be willing to do a knit-along, I wondered if anyone would be into it. I have to say that the comments left and the emails sent from those of you would like to do a knit-along was touching. There is such a warm feeling of friendship amongst us all, and the idea that a group of us will be knitting this blanket together–and that the thought of taking it at a slow pace was appealing to others–reminded me of everything that I love about the online knitting community.

Take a minute to post a comment on this page to say hello and let others know you are in the KAL, and we can all pretend we are meeting up at our cottage to have a little knit, chat, and a cuppa together. Hmm, smell the aroma of the cuppa you’re having, and think of the biscuits I bring out from the kitchen with some of the peach ginger preserves and strawberry jam I made last summer. Can you smell those biscuits and picture the preserves? Do you hear the birds chirping outside, and hear the soft rustle of the wind in the trees. This is going to be lovely …

I decided to call this blanket the Summer in the Country Blanket because my inspiration for it was that I would like to make myself a 100% cotton blanket for the summer–for napping or wrapping up in as I sit on the sofa for cozy evening of watching movie with my husband.

Don’t you just love those mornings in early and late summer when the early mornings and evenings are cool? The days are still warm and bright and everything is alive, but it is cool enough not to have use an air conditioner, and to be able to cuddle up in a soft cotton blanket without getting too hot.

I chose a color from the Country Cotton yarns I used to carry (weeping because I can not longer sell it), “Misty Morning”. I named the color Misty Morning because it reminds me so much of that pretty color of mist rising up from the river or from the fields on an early summer morning.

My estimate is that we will need the equivalent of two 1-lb cones of yarn (around 1,300 yards total). My yarn is worsted weight 100% cotton, so whatever yarn you choose should be worsted weight as well.

I am using size U.S. 10 circular knitting needles in a 36″ length so there is plenty of cable to hold all of my stitches.

You should knit a swatch to test your tension; I got 4.5 stitches to the inch and I am going for a width that is about 52″ to 54″, so I cast on 241 stitches.

I am using a simple seed stitch for the border of the blanket, which will be 2.5″ all the way around. We will knit the border as a part of knitting the blanket — so there won’t be any sewing or joining afterwards.

The pattern for this blanket is evolving in my mind as I knit, so you will discover it right along with me … how does that sound?

Now you have your first few steps to complete:

A. Get your yarn
B. Get your needles on hand
C. Make yourself a cuppa coffee, tea or hot cocoa
D. Knit a swatch by casting on 12 stitches and knitting each row for about 12 rows–then measure and make sure you are getting 4.5 stitches to the inch.
E. Begin the blanket as follows:

  1. When you have reached the correct guage, cast on 241 stitches.
  2. Row 1: Knit
  3. Row 2: *K1, P1, K1*, repeat from * to * all the way across. Turn.
  4. Repeat Row 2 until piece measures 2.5″.
  5. If possible, shoot a photo of your progress and post it at Flickr, on your personal blog, Ravelry, or somewhere and then come to this page to post a comment with a link to your progress shot so we can all admire each other’s work.

After I have the next section going, I will create the next page of our KAL and provide a link here so you can move on.

For Stage 2 Instructions Go Here.


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  1. If you are following this knit-along, click on the link above that reads “RSS feed for comments on this post.” Then, when you get to the page after that there will be a button to Subscribe. If you subscribe to feedback on this comment at that point, then when I post the next page of the knit-along I will leave a comment here which you will get via email — that should help us all stay connected on this.

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  3. I am onboard for this KAL – Thanks for sharing the KAL.

    • Great to have you Sharon, we will have fun!


      • Firefly, I so want to be in the KAL but I cant seem to find the place to sign up.Can you help? Glenda

      • I sent Glenda a private message to see if I could help you with this 
 it will be good to have her as a part of the group.

  4. I have decided to use the yellow color I ordered from you. I have cast on and done my swatch. I am starting to knit after I get done posting this. As soon as I get to the 2.5 mark I will take a pic and post on my blog.

    • I think it will be beautiful in that Lemon Butter color Barbara, great choice! So fresh. Okay, great to have you aboard. I will send out an email to my email list on Tuesday to announce this to everyone so that those who haven’t gotten started will do so.

      And, off we go …


  5. Oh, I’m so excited. I haven’t knit anything for myself in a VERY long time : )

    • It will be great to have you in the group Cathy … welcome!


      • OMG, I just a little picture of our KAL on your home page. I’m so excited ~ when I get home from work today I’ll be on my first Cable row and then I can’t wait to do bobble row : ) SO FUN Thanks again.

      • Hi Jackie, I’m loving my blanket and am ready for stage 3. Hope you had a great weekend.

  6. I’m on board as well and this will be my first KAL and my first RSS feed. I’m saving the cones I ordered from you for a sweater,so this will be knit in Vinnis Colours Bambi slate. Off we go . . .

    • So cool Joan, I’m glad to have you here. I’ll have to look up that yarn you are going to use, it sounds pretty!


      • It’s from a company called Purlescence in England –

      • Cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  7. I’m reappearing to join the KAL! Your description of cool summer mornings and evenings drew me in and so I’m in!
    Firefly, I ordered some of your “Rhoda” notecards a couple years ago and I have been sending them only to people I knew would appreciate not only my words, but your note on the back of the card … dedicated and made for me only.
    Everything you do has your special touch so I know this KAL will be fun as well.

    • Great to have you hear Beverly! And I appreciate the note you left about the Rhoda notecards … I love doing things like that for people, and it is gratifying to hear back and know the extra special touch meant something. Thanks so much!

  8. Hi, I am in for sure. First KAL for me too. I posted on FB. I tore into my stash and found [yarn/budget blown for now, but could fold and buy cotton IF I knew what to buy, wasn’t way spendy, AND was very nice quality :(] 10 skeins of Rowan felted tweed (50% merino wool, 25% alpaca, 25% viscose-50g/191 yards; weighed out to about 1 pound. It sounds kind of ‘hot’ for spring, but it is a lovely pea/avacado green. DO YOU THINK I HAVE ENOUGH? Still love your style! Judy

    • Wonderful Judy, so glad you will join in. Well, you have 1910 yards so, if that is worsted weight you should have more than enough. You might even have enough left over to make a matching pillow if you want to. I’m using two cones with 680 yards each so my total yardage will be 1360 yards or there about.


  9. I’m almost ready to start knitting, however, I need to get the yarn first but I know what cotton I’ll use just not the color yet–maybe lemon yellow or an aqua–a summer color favorite of mine. This is going to be fun–I’ve never participated in a KAL.

    • Either of those colors sound refreshing for a summer blanket. I can just see us all sitting around at our cottage, with our blankets on our laps as we knit and they grow, in all of the different colors that will be used … a lovely visual image!

  10. i am going to try. i have never done anything like this before. i am working on the i live on a farm, lavender scarf and enjoying it so much. i am on a life changing journey, knitting has made a pleasant companion. i will have to purchase some yarn and needles, i am new at this and do not have a stash. lol. i truly enjoy your blog. thank you for your kindness in sharing with me.


    • Hi Susan, good to have you aboard. I think most everyone will be able to follow along with this one, and it should be a relaxing adventure rather than any kind of stressful one. Let us all know if you need any help! ~ firefly

      • i live in a rural area and am having trouble finding a nice quality yarn. do you have any suggestions for me? i would truly appreciate your help. thank you.

      • If you have a Walmart anywhere within driving distance, they carry 100% cotton yarn on cones at an economical price. The color choices are usually pretty limited but you might find a pretty bright white, sunny yellow, or off-white. Any of those would be a nice choice for a Summer in the Country Blanket. If you go this route, buy at least two cones — three if you think you might want to make your blanket large. Here is a link to what they have online, but they are only showing two colors:


  11. Firefly – can you let me know what the cost of the yarn will be and what colors it comes in so I can order some from you – if you still have some. Thanks, Rita

    • Hi Rita, so sorry … but I don’t have any more yarn in stock and the manufacturer I was working with has gone out of business. For this blanket, people will need to find a suitable yarn in a color they like rather than using what I use. You will need 2 cones, or about 1,400 yards of worsted weight yarn in any fiber you prefer. I am using cotton, because it is a summer blanket. Good to have you here with us! ~firefly

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  13. This sounds wonderful! I need to get my yarn, too, but Ooooo I can’t wait to start!

    • Awesome Sue, we will love having you in the group!

  14. I am going to try to keep up with the KAL. I am notoriously bad at doing them on time! :0) Thanks for hosting this.

  15. Hi Firefly:

    I always enjoy your blog and love your patterns. I have been a fan since “The Terra Gift Bag” pattern. Thank you so much for the idea of the KAL. Can’t wait to get started. What fun!

    Many happy regards, Susan

  16. I knitted the swatch to check my gauge, 12 stitches with the #10 needle came out to about 2 1/4″ for me after knitting the 12 rows. I know the no. of rows wouldn’t matter–I’d just knit some more rows–but the width sure would. I thought this was a worsted but it’s not obviously–it was only a left-over so no money spent yet. Back to the yarn search.

    I so enjoy my visits here with you “on the farm”, you are a delight.

  17. Firefly,

    I first found your beautiful blog through a link to the first hat pattern you posted. I have been visiting you on the farm ever since. So now it seems fitting that we should be knitting together. I don’t have my yarn yet, but I’m going shopping! It’s nice to hear what others are doing; it gives me ideas.

    • Wow, Janet … it is so great to have you here. We really have had a long time virtual friendship by now. I am so happy you will be knitting this blanket with us!

  18. Just finished my border – posted on Ravelry

    • Nice beginnings, Joan … so you and I are at the exact same point now. I did warn everyone this would be a slow paced project – and by that I mean my slow pace, not yours. While I work out what comes next and get the instructions written up for it some of the others will get their supplies together and get caught up with you and I. Thanks for helping to inspire everyone else!

      • Thanks, firefly. I have a number of projects in the works, so the pace works just fine with me. And it’s nice to let go of what something looks like, and just let it happen. I’m looking forward to seeing our fellow knitters’ yarn and color selections 🙂

    • Joan, How did you make your Ravelry link? I would like to do the same.

  19. I am so excited about being able to participate in a KAL that seems not to be too complicated and one that I might be able to keep up with. I’m notoriously bad at keeping to one project. Have way too many started. It takes so little to entice me to start on something new. Woe is me!! Thanks Joan for posting and sharing. I still have to get supplies, but should not take long for that, so that I can join you all with my knitting and cuppa and good conversation, albeit on the web.

    • Great Carol, welcome to the party!

  20. Thanks, sorry for the lateness in responding, still working outside the house. Going today to get the fiber I need, (just can’t find anything in my unlimited stash, Ha Ha!) Sounds like we are going to have alot of fun. This is also my first time trying a KAL!

    • No problem at all Loretta, we’re taking this one at a slow pace so no one has to feel stressed. Just good to have you here!


  21. I found Sugar N Cream at Walmart for nearly $7.00 a cone. I’ve worked with this yarn before and when worked up it’s nice and soft. They didn’t have a large variety but I got the sunny yellow. Very pretty for a summer blanket and will show the stitches really nicely, too. I originally looked online but the price of shipping would be the same as the cost of the yarn. Too expensive to ship for me. If you’re willing to pay shipping costs, Ebay has a nice selection.

    • Or, site to store shipping at Walmart is free (if your store offers that). We often find that having things shipped from Walmart to our farm is only 97 cents … even for larger items. Sugar and Cream will make a lovely blanket and yellow will be beautiful for a summer blanket. My blanket is going to be more the color of summer rain, as it is falling, but later I think I will have to knit another that is sunny and bright.

  22. Excuse me people … you will need to have a cable needle or extra dpn on hand for the next step. I have decided to have a pretty little cable stitch running up each side of the blanket, just inside the seed stitch border. ~ firefly

    • I love cables!

  23. I just wanted everyone to know my border is finished and I posted it on my blog. panhandlesuesquiltingspot.blogspot.com It is the most recent comment after about 2 months of nothing.

    Barbara in Amarillo, TX

    • Your border looks lovely, Barbara!

    • Looking very lovely Barbara! I hope everyone will post links to their blogs in these comments, or to Ravelry pictures or pictures posted at Flickr … wherever. It makes it much cozier when we can see each others’ work.

  24. Hi,
    I just picked up my materials this weekend and I’m looking forward to getting started! I’m new to knitting and my first projects have been dishcloths and hats. This is also my first time knitting in the round, so I’m am really excited to try this! Thanks!!

    • Hi Beckie, so glad to have you. Just to clarify one thing, even though we are knitting on circular needles, we won’t be knitting in the round. We are using the circular needles with the cable so that there is enough room to hold all of the stitches on the blanket, but do not join your knitting into a circle. Just turn around when you get to the end of a row just as you would on straight needles.

      Let us know when you have your lower border finished and are ready to move to the next level!


  25. just finished my border.


    • Awesome … I am close to releasing the info for the next steps. ~firefly

  26. Hello KAL friends, I have just posted the second set of instructions for the Summer in the Country Blanket KAL here:


    Good luck!

    ~ firefly

  27. Just a thought? I used a knitted cast on to give some flexibility to the bottom dge of the blanket. Do you think it’s a good choice? I think now would be a good time to change it before I get several more inches and feel the need to rip.
    Suggestions from anyone would be welcomed.

  28. I would like to join the knit along

    Is this where I sign up to get the rest pattern?

    I’ve never done a knit along because I never understood how it works

  29. Hi everyone 🙂
    I’ve decided this is just what I need right now…a nice, slow-paced KAL with a lovely soft blanket as the result. I’m going to be using 2 cones of Peaches & Cream that were in my stash. I’ll cast on this evening and hopefully catch up soon. Firefly…I adore your patterns! The Biscuit Blanket is my favorite, but I love each one I have purchased. I just know this blanket is going to be wonderful as well.

  30. I have not gotten into knitting blankets yet so this might be a fun place to start. I love to have a cuddly blanket to wrap up in on a chilly morning.

  31. stage 2 done. but mostly because i wanted to finish up some other busy stuff. i hope for stage 3 it’s warm enough to sit in the park and have a little picnic.

  32. I have had family matters that had to be taken care of but I will try to ger started this next week. I hope I can catch up soon. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  33. Hi,
    Can’t wait to try this. I will buy the yarn and try to catch (keep) up!

  34. […] KAL […]

  35. This sounds awesome! A little stash busting without a lot of pressure but lots of encouragement. Trying to get guage than to cast on……

    • Welcome to the KAL Karrie! ~firefly

  36. Done with part 1…now onto part 2!

  37. […] KAL […]

  38. I can’t wait to start this. This is my first KAL.

  39. I would love to join the KAL but where in the world would I find the yarn for such a project without purchasing loads of smaller skeins?

    • You could try buying yarn by the cone (more than 700 yards per cone usually) at Walmart or JoAnn’s might have it too. ~firefly

  40. Hi Suzanne,
    I found two cones of Sugar N Cream at Walmart. I only paid $14.00 for the two skeins and it’s working up beautifully; nice and soft, too! Depending on where you live, Michaels, Hobby Lobby (I think, we don’t have one here) and AC Moore. I know Ebay has cones available, too. This is a fun, relaxing, easy knit. Try to join us if you can!

  41. Hi. I’m a little late to the KAL but would like to join. I think I can get caught up pretty quickly. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

  42. I hope you are feeling better.

    I finished the second part last night. I’m a knit at night in front of TV person, so I’m slower than most. The pattern is lovely–my cables are working out just fine but my bobbles are a little “not so good” looking. I’ll practice them some more. Take care of yourself. Joan

    • I’m a knit in front of the TV person, too, Joan, and the other Joan in this KAL. As well as bouncing back and forth between comments on the Stage 1 blog comments and the Stage 2 blog comments. Knitting can be very complicated 🙂

    • For my bobbles, I have tried wrapping that last P3tog stitch a little differently and it tightens it up very nicely. Instead of taking the yarn around over the top of the needle, I am wrapping from the bottom, from front to back around the needle. Play around with something like that and see if it helps. ~firefly

      • Thanks for the help. I tried it and the bobbly came out less wobbly. They are not as messy looking. I did the 6 rows for Part B and so far, it appears that your idea will work.

      • Great, I know wobbly messy looking bobbles is a bit distressing. You can go back when the blanket is finished and use a tapestry needle with some yarn to tighten up the loose bobbles with a bit of yarn. Thanks for your feedback on Part B. ~ firefly

  43. Stage 3 directions posted this evening here: http://wp.me/P1piG-xS

  44. […] KAL […]

  45. Just posted Stage 3 Part 2 instructions here: http://wp.me/P1piG-y9

    Get your cuppa ready!

    ~ firefly

  46. Just posted a correction in red italics to the instructions for Stage 3, Part 2 — important to check it out. Here is the link: http://wp.me/P1piG-y9


  47. HELP! my cable is only on one side and just before the first bobble(stage 2) Can you help me figure out what I am doing wrong….maybe reading the pattern incorrectly. Is row 5 the only row with the C9F instruction.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Happy Spring :0)

    • Hi Texas-Gran, yes Row 5 is the only row with the C9F instruction, then 2 rows later you make the bobble. When you say “side” of the blanket do you mean right side of fabric versus wrong side of fabric, or are you using “side” as in left side and right side?

  48. to clarify….I have the first part of the cable on each side of the blanket but the cable is incomplete. I am on Row 5 (2nd time through).


  49. working on the summer blanket … it is exciting to knit blindly and not know what the pattern looks like until you finish the knitting…. having fun … thanks

  50. Rita has expressed my feelings.

    I have been thinking about posting the same as this is what I’ve been telling my friends.

    I’m hoping we can do this again

    • And thank you Joni! I appreciate the comments very much. ~firefly

  51. I love this pattern. It is going to be pretty…can’t give up; want to show it off! I just apologise for being behind. I haven’t beeen able to sit and knit for all the ‘pulls’ for my attention…not even earth shaking, just time consuming distractions; interruptions while I’m counting:)).

    • Well Judy, no apologies needed for being behind. I think everyone is way ahead of me, and I am the one who started the KAL. But, I promised a slow knit along, because I too have so many things pulling on my attention right now too. So, you are in good company! ~firefly

  52. Update – working on stage 2 — BB rows – my daughter and grandsons (2) say the blanket last weekend and loved it. I bought I love this cotton in denim blue at Hobby Lobby – you can get this yarn at Jo-Ann Fabrice as well. Another note, I was stuck on how to make a bobble and went to You Tube and searched for knitting a bobble and a shop out of San Francisco has simple great directions on how to knit a bobble. When I get more done on the pattern I will try to post a photo.

  53. Is it too late to join the KAL Summer in the Country? I just found you and am going to stash dive to find some cotton… I know it is hiding in there…. and will start as soon as I find it tonight!! I need a good project to fill in waiting time while my daughter takes classes at the JR college

    • It is never too late to join this knit along … welcome aboard! ~firefly

  54. Where is everyone displaying their pictures?? I have my photo of stage 1

  55. I just finished Stage 2… it is looking wonderful. I normally ditch the instructions for making bobbles in patterns, mostly because they use up yarn, however I put them in here and my daughter loves them, so now I have to continue with them. Photos of Stage 2 are loaded onto my Ravelry page.


    • Hi Susan, I checked out your photos at Ravelry … looking good! That’s very nice that your daughter loves the bobbles, and you are good to make them because of her. 🙂 ~firefly

      • Thank you. We (read She) have decided that she needs this blanket for her dorm room this August, and since it is 100% cotton, we (she again) are going to dye it with Strawberry Koolaid…. but we are going to get the blanket wet and sprinkle the Koolaid so it gives a splotchy effect… this is the plan anyway… I will take before and after photos of the Koolaid experiment… should be interesting… : } I just have to make the blanket grow quickly since she moves in August.

      • Wow, sounds like a great project — so cool you are planning it together — the whole We/She thing aside. It is fun to hear about what you two are up to with the blanket. ~firefly

  56. Hi there!! I just found out about this blanket about 15 minutes ago!! Reading through these comments makes me want to jump in here and start knitting! Is there a central place for all of the pattern links or do I just need to follow each lonk as I get to them?
    It seems like you have a wonderful following here, and I’m glad to have heard about you!

    • I started late, too, but not to worry, the throw is a wonderful project. Start at the beginning and follow through. It was loads of fun and it was amazing as the design began. This was my first KAL. Enjoy!

      • Thank you for fielding that question Susan … your help is appreciated! ~ firefly

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