KAL 3 – Stage 3 Part 2

Good morning knitters.  It is a cool, overcast morning here as we continue to ready ourselves for the real arrival of spring.  I know the green is out there, waiting for just a bit of rain and sunshine to leap out and give us a visual hug.

If you are working on Option B of Stage 3, here are your next steps:

After knitting the 6 rows of Seed Stitch Band with Basketweave effect, do this:

1.  Work Rows 7 through 12 of Stage 2.

2. Work Rows 1 through 12 of Stage 2.

3. Work Rows 1 through 6 of Stage 2.

That will be a total of 24 rows of Stage 2.

Now you will work the Seed Stitch Band with Basketweave Effect, but slightly differently than you did the first time.  This is because on the first seed stitch band, the SD ST band went over cable 1, under cable 2, over cable 3, under cable 4, and over cable 5.  Now it needs to go under cable 1, over cable 2, under cable 3, etc.  so that the basketweave effect alternates properly, as a basketweave should.

So here is what you do for the second band:

Note: Any mistakes that have been discovered in the original write-up of these instructions will be corrected in red italics.

BB1: SD ST across first 13 stitches, (P3, K4 MB, K4, P3, SD ST across next 85 stitches) twice, P3, K4 MB, K4, P3, SD ST over across next 13 stitches.
BB2: SD ST across first 13 stitches, (K3, P9, K3, SD ST across next 85 stitches) twice, K3, P9, K3, SD ST over across next 13 stitches.
BB3: SD ST across first 13 stitches, (P3, K9, P3, SD ST across next 85 stitches) twice, P3, K9, P3, SD ST over across next 13 stitches.
BB4 & 5: Repeat BB2 and BB3 once more.
BB6: Repeat BB2.

Following this band you will do a full repeat of Stage 2, so that will be Rows 1 through 12 worked twice.

To proceed with the blanket, repeat all of the steps I have given you for Stage 3 Parts 1 and 2 until the blanket is the size you want it to be (excluding the final 2.5″ seed stitch border.  End off by repeating the 2.5″ seed stitch border.  Weave in all yarn ends with a tapestry needle.  Secure ends and trim excess.

I will decide once I am at that point whether or not I want to add any embellishments in contrasting colors, or whatever I might be inspired to do.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone will stay in touch here with comments and share photos via Ravelry, your personal blog, or Flickr.  I will continue to participate in the conversation as well.  And, I really look forward to seeing your photos.  Don’t forget, have a cuppa something close at hand while you knit and keep picturing the loveliness of knitting with friends in a quaint cottage by the river as spring brings light showers, the new yellow-green of fresh growth and the promise of many flowers to come.

I originally thought that about 1,300 to 1,400 yards of worsted weight yarn would be enough for this blanket but as I see the first cone I am working from diminishing quicker than I thought it would, I am not so certain now.  After you have used up 600 yards of the yarn you are using you might need to take a look at the size of your blanket and do a little math to figure out if you want to buy more yarn or not.  At that point, if you need help with the math at all, comment to me.



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  1. Sounds like a great plan and I can’t wait to start on this part and onward. Are you going to show us how yours is coming along? I haven’t figured out how to get the pictures onto FB yet but will do so after I knit a little more.

    • On FB, if you want to put a photo on my page you click on “Wall” and then you can post to my wall. There will be a link for “photo” among the options of what to post. And you can post the photo along with a comment.

      I will share a photo soon, but I wanted to let people get a bit caught up since it is supposed to be a blind knit along. It is probably silly of me, because you are all sharing photos — which is what you should be doing — so people do know what the blanket is looking like. The other thing is that I made yet another mistake and it was a big one, so I had to tink away more rows today. Once I have completed all of Stage 3 myself and a bit beyond that, I will do some photography of my progress and share it for sure.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress shots!


    • Is anyone else having difficulty with part two of stage 3? It looks to me like a large chunk of stitches are unaccounted for in the directions, or I’m not understanding them correctly. If anyone else has been able to complete option B, part 2….help, please!! : ) Possibly, I’m just being dense, or maybe revised directions are posted somewhere? Thank you so much for any help anyone can offer, Mary

  2. Mary was right, there were stitches missing. I have corrected it above in red italics. Be sure to adjust your notes.

    Sorry about that guys. 😦 firefly

  3. I started to do the second part of stage 3 at my weekly ladies knitting gatehring, but have been sick, so trying to concentrate on it while chatting with 5 other women didn’t work too well for me. So, what did I do? I bought another circular needle so I could start the afghan in Tangerine! That way I have 2 options when I go anyhere – to cocentrate, or not concentrate. (At least that’s how I justify it to my husband)

    • Hahahaha … what a solution! That’s great Marcy. Tangerine sounds like a very nice color choice too. ~ firefly

  4. I’m still here. Just on the second section…lot’s of things pulling me away. Not recieving any feeds. I hope I haven’t been dropped. I’ll look around.

    • I’m still here, too : ) I just started the second cone of cotton. The blanket is about 16 inches long, and I’m loving it. Soon, I’ll try to post photos again. I’d love to see others’ blanket progress also.

    • Hi Judy and Mary — nice to see more comments come in. I was starting to wonder where every body went. I haven’t posted, the flu we have had has beaten up on as all and I have needed extra rest. I’ll try to get some photos posted this week and will definitely write a new post. ~ firefly

  5. Thanks, Mary! Not as far as you but determined to try and catch up. It is lovely. I am using a tweet yarn that dances with the pattern, but I can see it coming plus checked on some of the photos posted.
    I’m drinking chai tea and trying to get in the spirit of the farm:)). Have chickens; live on a little acre, now being closed in by the burbs. Changes changes….

  6. I knew you were there “firefly”. Just thought I pushed a wrong button. Flu bugs are many, recurring and mean. I am a slow knitter due to some dexterity flaws, but I just put along for many moons. It is lovely pattern and I’m keeping it!!! Spring break and Easter probably got a few.

  7. Well, fellow KAL-ers, I finally finished the Summer in the Country Blanket. I LOVE it!! I’ve been taking it on our day travels throughout the Black Hills, where I live, as it is so much chillier in the hills, and it is so cuddly and so perfect. Thank you again, Firefly, for the pretty pattern and the fun of the KAL.

    I posted photos on my blog and on Ravelry (Busyknittymom). The color of the blanket shows up more true on the photos taken outside. I used exactly 3 cones of Peaches and Creme, stopping when I had about 2 yards left. The finished size is quite large, so I’ve started a second one in the same color, minus the bobbles and with a little tweaking for a smaller size. One of them will be for my sister.

    Are there more of you with photos posted somewhere of the finished blanket, or in progress blanket? I’d love to see them : )

    So…when is the next KAL?? Smiles and ((hugs)) to each of you, Mary

    • Wow, that’s great Mary. I think you are the first one to complete the blanket. I am no where near finished, as I have had a difficult time getting time to knit without interruption. I will go check out your photos!

      Is anyone else finished?


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