Lentil Soup

Snow Day Lentil Soup

[Note: I have moved this recipe to the url below. Thank you in advance for visiting. ~ firefly]


Fireflys Snow Day Lentil Soup

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  1. […] However, I will continue pushing along with the nap blanket so those of you participating in the knit along will not feel “left out in the cold,” so to speak. I published the Lentil Soup recipe this morning, and right after I publish this blog post I’ll add the pumpkin bread recipe. […]

  2. I have a package of Lentils, but they are not “red” lentils. Do you think this makes a difference? I can’t wait to try this recipe. I love lentils. I am a semi-vegetarian (I eat poultry, but would gladly give it up), but my husband HATES beans. Maybe he will like lentils… let’s hope, anyway!

  3. […] Yesterday there was a prediction for snow here in the evening, and my husband and I planned to make a trip to see his mother, an hour from the farm. I knew we would be cold and hungry when we got back home, so I made a pot of lentil soup in the slow cooker and a batch of petite corn loaves early in the day. I just bought an adorable “petite” loaf pan (I think I might have mentioned it last week) but had not tried it out. My father is probably the world’s biggest corn bread fan, and he suggested I make individual corn bread loaves in the pan. Great inspiration, Dad … and look at the results. So scrumptious. When Mom and Dad come out here at Christmas, I will certainly make more of these little yummies. […]

  4. I just found your blog today and I have enjoyed reading it. I love lentels and will make this soup soon (it was 80 here today in NC so I will have to wait)

    Also I love the biscuit blanket and hope to make it before the holidays.

    thanks for an enjoyable blog

  5. I’ve had this recipe in my mind for a while and just went to check the recipe before I made it but the link seems broken, could just be my end but thought I’d check!

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