(I hope you will check out my full line of patterns. You will find great ideas for knitted gifts such as Christmas Stockings, gift bags, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and more.)

A Guys Wool Hat Free Knitting Pattern A Guy's Wool Scarf Free Knitting Pattern Buttons and Stripes Hand Knit Scarf Pattern Emily Sweater and Hat
New York
New York
Buttons & Stripes
Emily Sweater
and Hat
Official I Live on a Farm Lavender Hat Free Knitting Pattern The Official I Live on a Farm Lavender Scarf Free Knitting Pattern Jolee Hand Knit Little Girls Ruffled Sweater Pattern Fireflys Vineyard Wrap Hand Knit Pattern
Fireflys Buttercup and Company Hand Knit Gift Bag Fireflys Buttercup and Company Hand Knit Baby Washcloth 1 Fireflys Buttercup and Company Hand Knit Baby Washcloth 2 Free Cozy Toes Hand Knit Sock Pattern
Gift Bag
Washcloth 1
Washcloth 2
Free Cozy Toes
Sock Pattern
Lucky Warm Fuzzies Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Fireflys Biscuit Blanket Free Knitting Pattern Jinnys Vines Nap Blanket Knitting Pattern Baby Cable Switchback Hat Pattern
Lucky Warm

Baby Cable
Switchback Hat

Terra Knitted Gift Bag Free Knitting Pattern Santas Itty Bag Free Knitting Pattern Small Knitted Gift Bag Free Knitting Pattern
Gift Bag
Itty Bag
Small Knitted
Gift Bag
Gentle Waters Hand Knit Scarf Pattern Pink Teddy Bear Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
Gentle Waters
Teddy Bear
Pink Teddy
Bear Scarf
A Little Girls Dress Up Scarf Knitting Pattern Fireflys Hand Knit Spring Time Dish Cloth Pattern Fireflys Hand Knit Puppy Blanket Free Pattern
Spring Time
Dish Cloth


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  2. I love your patterns, blog, and everything else. Your life seems idyllic…

    Can you share where you got the cute knit clothes for your bears? Did you knit them?


  3. i just stumbled upon your site while looking for a nose warmer pattern.
    you have absolutley beautiful patterns. i am so anxious to knit up some of them.
    i may have to take some time out of work to get things completed for christmas:)
    i’m hoping to check in again to see if you have added anything.
    thanx so much for sharing

  4. I just found your blog while looking in the Knitty gallery on the cofffe shop board. I love your patterns and your blog. You are an inspiration!! Thankyou so much 🙂

  5. Love your website, I too lived on a farm so can relate to things you say. Tried your squash soup and oh my was it ever delicious! thanks for this great site to learn!

  6. Your pics are not showing up. All I am seeing are red X’s 😦


  7. For some reason the photos are not showing up. By the way I love your blog. It makes me feels good when I read it. Makes me feel like, everything can be good and work out! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  8. Are you going to post the pattern for the Christmas stocking as well??? I would love to have it!!! I check fairly often and love your blog. And Faith to me is trusting God with my life in it’s entirity. Doing what he tells me to do in his word. Thank you for your blog!!!!

  9. Just happened upon your site. The Gentle Waters scarf is on the needles for my mother-in-law and the NY man’s hat for my dear hubby. I enjoyed your romantic story of meeting your love. Although I knew my husband as a child it wasn’t until our 20’s we “met.” Less than 4 months later we were married. This Christmas Eve it will be 22 years!

  10. Hi,, I want to make the “Live on the farm scarf”…. is it knit 12 or 11 st./sts at the beginning and the end???????

  11. HI I was looking for free patterns and found your blog! This is the very first blog I have ever read…and now you are on my fav.list!
    I live on a farm too. I have ..all my life. I live on one of the first farms settled in our small Ohio community, by my ancestors.
    I love to knit….and would love to help on your blanket squares. It would help me…if you had a get me started…instead of trial and error. =) I will keep looking….maybe you have one on here somewhere??
    I love your blog!!!! I can feel the love…and this blanket project is such a great idea! God bless you!

  12. I have knitted a few 7 inch squares, but where to send them? Love your site, I visit often!

  13. Thank you for the information you’ve put into your site with love and compassion. You are truly an inspirational and gifted person.

    Jo (Tasmania, Australia)

  14. i, like many it seems, just stumbled onto your blog and love it!!! what wonderful photos of the fall leaves in western ny!! i hope you CAN make it work and make a living(bills, etc) while creating your wonderful art….all the best to you, keep at it and ill keep reading.
    babs in san francisco.

  15. I live on a big ranch in b.c. Just moved here with my boyfriend and love it. He is a cowboy/farmer and I have a wonderful life with him. There are many new sites for me, like cows, calves, horses, john deere tractors, eagles, and most of all, the big mountains. I want to know if there are any patterns for cow or horse patterns for dish clothes or place mats? Thanks.

  16. I am not a very good knitter yet, but I found that your website was very easy to understand and I absolutely LOVE the patterns.

  17. Thanks for a wonderful site. I’m a left handed knitter, too, and I notice you knit your Christmas stockings from a right handed pattern book. Do you adapt need to adapt them in order to knit them lefty, or do they turn out ok unadapted? I’m trying to find out how to knit socks left-handed or any other info about knitting left-handed. Thanks.

  18. The Jolee sweater is very cute. How much would you increase to make a size 2T?

  19. Thank you for sharing the pattern for fingerless gloves. I knit my neighbor’s teenager a scarfette for Christmas–today I was told that everyone who saw it thought it was beautiful. Wait until they see these gloves–wow! You are such a talented lass–

  20. I am looking for milkweed pods to purchase. I have a beautiful pattern for a poinsettia Christmas tree ornament. Can you please let me know if I can purchase from you or if you know where I can get some!
    Thanks for your help,

  21. I am making the pretty Buttons and Stripes Scarf. I have a question about the directions. When you say knit 12 rows isn’t that really 24 rows? Are you only counting the rows on the front of the scarf? In the pattern it seems like when you say 1 row you mean back and forth. Each stripe is actually 2 rows front and back.

  22. Thank you so much for answering my question about the magic loop for knitted socks.I am still looking at other sites in hopes of an answer.
    I love your site.You look so much like a friend of mine I just have to look at your picture for a long while.Good luck to you in your new life.It sound wonderful.

  23. I just got the pattern for the beautiful vineyard wrap. I would like to practice the repeat pattern but can’t quite determine it. Can you help me????

  24. Hi, I linked to your page from the Purl Bee. I am a wordpress blogger too and have been looking for a good way to organize links on my blog… I love the way this page looks! How did you make it on wordpress?

    Thanks a bunch,

  25. […] Biscuit Blanket from I Live on a Farm? Keep it small and […]

  26. […] Biscuit Blanket from I Live on a Farm? Keep it small and […]

  27. I’ve just finished the biscuit blanket and really love your pattern. I’d had it in the “To Do” pile for a bit, and I’m so glad I stopped putting off knitting it for a friend. I will be doing this one many times I’m sure! All your patterns are so nice, and I love your blog.

  28. […] stretchy. Can’t wait till I block it and see how that looks. The pattern I used was from: I live on a farm… Also a Raveler by the name of, Firefly8868 I followed the pattern for New York scarf, but added […]

  29. I have been trying to learn to knit socks.I can not seem to get the hang of it.Could knitting a Christmas stocking give me the experience to knit a regular sock?Answer when and if you can.June Patterson.

  30. Enjoyed discovering your website as I was searching for a dishcloth pattern, which I plan to try before Christmas. Thank you!

  31. Hi i got one of your patterns,on your site and like it very much.your site is really nice ,and added recipes. Ilove that ,igot two of them.thank you Iam looking forward to your Emails . Have a nice day.

  32. Love the dishcloth knitting. The pattern reminds me of the one my mother used to use. I am having a hard time understanding how the P2 tog without slipping stitches from needle, the purl the first stitch again, then slip both stitches from the needle together.”

    Any chance you could post a video on your site or on youtube with a link from your site?

  33. I found your site when looking for a hat pattern for my son. Found they NY hat pattern – and the scarf that goes with it. I read through your site and it has expanded so much. I bookmarked it and peek into it quite often. Love your writings.

  34. Hi there fellow knitter, I have admired your patterns, but am looking for a graph for a little Green Tractor to put on the front of my grandsons jersey, do you or any of your fellow knitters have a pattern for me, me and my grandson would be very greatful
    From a knitter on a journey

    • Liz,

      My mom used to design her own cross stitch patterns to put on her knitting. She would take a photocopy of the item she liked and then put x’s in graph paper to chart out the image and degree of detail (color shading) as appropriate. i would think you could do the same thing with your knitting stitches of a tractor.

  35. Emily Sweater pattern question:

    Hello! I’m working on the RF and on p. 4 it instructs to make 5 full pattern repeats of RF rows 1-12. However, RF Row 1 is an increase row – I already have 32 stitches on the needle. Should I skip this row and start with row RF 2 for the next four patter repeats?

    Thank you!

  36. Liz…there is a picture of a child’s sweater with a tractor on it in the Annie’s Attic catalog.
    It’s adorable.. Try can be downloaded online.

    Another knitter that just found your site. Beautiful work.
    Anxious to get further into this site & also look at your other sites.
    You have gained a new follower.
    Patterns, recipes, pictures …..oh my!

  37. Do you also have free instructions for the Men’s NY Hat pattern? I saw it at one time but can not find it now….. Thank you for your response,

    • Hello Barbara — no, the NY Hat is a paid for pattern. The pattern includes the instructions for the matching scarf, and as a bonus includes my best chocolate chip cookie recipe that I make for my son — who I designed the hat and scarf for. ~firefly

  38. Hi –
    Thank you so much for your lavender scarf pattern. What is your secret for such perfect stitches?
    Also, did you double the yarn, or knit with a single strand or with 2 strands together?


    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment and questions here. Perfect stitches? I don’t know, patience I suppose and lots of practice (I’ve been knitting since I was 8 years old). I knit with a single strand on this project — the yarn is a slightly light worsted weight yarn. Good luck! ~ firefly

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