Lavender Scarf

The Official “I Live on a Farm” Scarf

(You can find the free Lavender Scarf pattern as well as my full line of knitting patterns here. You will find great ideas for knitted gifts such as Christmas Stockings, gift bags, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and more.)

The Official I Live on a Farm Scarf

Copyright © 2006 J.L. Fleckenstein ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. […] And, back here on Earth … I finsihed knitting my lavendar scarf Friday evening. I have posted the pattern for anyone interested. I am close to finishing my husband’s handknit Christmas stocking and will be able to post photos later this week. […]

  2. oh how beautiful! Nice job.. I just love alpaca.

  3. Found your site via Live Journal. Beautiful scarf! I may have to make one of them for myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  4. beautiful scarf! thanks for posting the pattern!

  5. And it’s reversible, too! Very lovely. I might make this for the Red Scarf Project.

  6. Wow! What a beautiful scarf. Thanks for posting the pattern.

  7. […] 3) I did one round in straight knitting before starting the pattern stitches and I did a final round in straight knit just before the bind off which gave my gloves a little roll at each edge to match the rolled edge on my Lavendar Scarf. […]

  8. The photo is showing as a broken link on this page – is there another photo we can see?

  9. I love the pattern and color of your scarf. I’m new to this blog, so I’m looing around.

  10. I am entranced by your blog–I check it our every day. I sincerely enjoy reading about your life on the farm.
    I also love the Lavender Scarf and will be knitting several of them for my granddaughters attending college in the cold New England weather this winter.
    Thank you for a great pattern. I appreciate it very much and I know the granddaughters will also.

  11. […] It will match my Lavender Scarf but will have special features too … oooh, a mystery for you to wait for! The pattern will be posted on Monday along with photos, so do come back to check on that. […]

  12. […] I completed stage one of my Lavender Hat and am sharing the pattern today, because for some people stage one of the hat will be hat a’plenty. Over the weekend I have a band I am knitting to add for warmth … one of the special features I hinted at earlier in the week. I added the knitted leaves on top as a decoration because I am in love with the beautiful leaves of fall, and because they remind me of the leaves on my pie crust mentioned above (I will be sharing that pie recipe soon, I promise). This hat is designed to match the Lavender Scarf pattern I published on an earlier blog. […]

  13. The scarf looks great! I love that it’s reversible.

  14. Hi, I love your blog site…
    The Live on a farm scarf…… can you tell me if I can just knit the whole thing in one piece,, ??? why do I have to knit it in 2 sections..???I love it though…

  15. The scarf is not knit in two sections; the stitch pattern has two sections to it. Just my terminology. The scarf is knit in one continuous piece.

    I hope this clarifies any confusion.


  16. Thank you for the pattern! I love the color and stitching of that scarf! 🙂

    In fact, I love your whole blog and I just subscribe to your updates! Thanks for being such an inspiration! 🙂

    Isabelle aka Tricotine

  17. I printed this pattern off also, and sent the link to my Mum in Australia. I plan to make the scarf and matching hat as a gift for my friend, she will love it.

  18. Oh My Gosh! I Just Made That Scarf…It’s So Warm And Beautiful…Thank You So Much For The Pattern!!!!

  19. i love your blog. i am going to make this scarf, as a matter of fact i have bought thr lovely australian wool to make it. i made a test piece with only one complete pattern. my question is….
    would it work out if i added 10 more stitches in the middle, say….k6 p4? so that would be 38 stitches. i want it a little wider than the test i did, which was the 28 stitches.
    thank you again for your creativity, and your lovely personality….i think you have touched a lot of our hearts out here in this crazy cyber world.
    God bless, and i sure miss my home in indiana
    ina ray

  20. I love this pattern. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I am going to make it for my mom for Xmas, with oatmeal and red sparkly mohair yarns worked together. Thanks!!!

  21. Hi I want to do the “live on the farm scarf”… do I knit 11 or 12 st sts at the beginning and end??????

  22. Hi Firefly,

    I feel so blessed to have come across your website. You’re talented and I thank you for sharing your work with us. I love this pattern of yours and I was wondering if its too “girly” as a man scarf as I was hoping to knit this pattern for a guy. I would value your input, thanks a bunch.

  23. Can I buy hat and scarf set?

    • I’m sorry Sandra, I only sell the knitting patterns for these items. ~firefly

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