Lavender Hat

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(Click here to find the complete pattern for the Lavender Hat and Scarf. You will also find great ideas for knitted gifts such as Christmas Stockings, gift bags, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and more.)

Fireflys Official I Live on a Farm Lavender HatIn early October of 2006, it snowed here in upstate western New York. I was out doing quite a bit of photography the morning of the snow, but had no hat to wear. All the other parts of me were warm, but not my head because I had not yet knitted myself a hat and I am new to the area.

It occurred to me that I could wrap my Lavender Scarf around my head, and as it turned out that was a great solution. The crown of my head was still exposed, but the scarf kept my head warm anyway, wrapping around my ears the way it did. I liked the way it looked, and I started dreaming up a hat knit from the same yarn (Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca in Lavender Mix).

This hat is knit in two stages: 1) the basic hat, and 2) a removable band to make the hat even warmer when it is colder than cold, but removable for when it is just plain cold.

Fireflys Official I Live on a Farm Lavender HatNotice in the detail photo (below) I knitted and sewed four leaves to the crown of the hat and sewed a vintage button in the center as a decoration. I used a modified version of leaves found in Knitting Over The Edge by Nicky Epstein … a knitting book I love quite a lot.

Please note also that Stage One of this hat is knitted with two strands of yarn.  I am still offering the Lavender Scarf pattern for free.  If you buy the Lavender Hat pattern, the Scarf pattern is included as well.  You can get all of the details by following the link below.

Get the pattern for the Lavender Hat and Scarf here.


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  1. […] I completed stage one of my Lavender Hat and am sharing the pattern today, because for some people stage one of the hat will be hat a’plenty. Over the weekend I have a band I am knitting to add for warmth … one of the special features I hinted at earlier in the week. I added the knitted leaves on top as a decoration because I am in love with the beautiful leaves of fall, and because they remind me of the leaves on my pie crust mentioned above (I will be sharing that pie recipe soon, I promise). This hat is designed to match the Lavender Scarf pattern I published on an earlier blog. […]

  2. The leaf detailing is beautiful, and I love the texture of the “body”. This is definitely something I can see myself wearing as I scuff through the autumn leaves in our nearby park. I’ll wait for phase two as winters in Germany require all the extra warmth possible. You’ve really outdone yourself with a beautiful design here; thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the hat! Thanks for putting the pattern up here!

  4. I LOVE that hat. And I even have the same yarn in my stash. Thanks for posting it. HH

  5. Hi, I don’t see a gauge in the pattern. My swatch is 4 stitches to the inch with a double strand. Is that what you got (for stockinette). Thanks.

  6. […] Before I get into that story, for the knitters who read my blog I posted the instructions for Stage 2 of the Lavender Hat this morning. I am entirely pleased with my hat design, it came out just as I pictured it in my mind. Stage 2 directions are on the same page as Stage 1, just further down the page. Enjoy! […]

  7. What a beautiful hat! It makes me want to make one, and I don’t even look good in hats. But there is always my daughter-in-law…

  8. Hello! I found your blog by following a link on Knitter’s Review. So glad I did, as I’ve spent about an hour now reading your blog entries! How wonderful to live on a farm. I too am recently transplanted East (northern NJ) from Colorado and am loving the green, the rain, the beautiful Fall season and everything else! Even though we don’t live on a farm, we do live in the country with wild turkeys, deer and black bear. My camera goes everywhere with me! I’ll check back often.

  9. Since I live in AZ I don’t wear hats unless I travel. I have one I wear skiing; I didn’t realize how bad it looks on me until I saw a picture! I think this would be wonderful, and I can use it with the extra band on our trip to Chicago that we usually make once a year in December!

  10. Lovely hat, and I like that it’s modular. I grew up a New Englander when winters there were really cold and this would extend over the seasons – without the band for spring and fall, and with the band through the winter. I live in Virginia now, so I’m not so greatly in need, but my daughter’s in Minnesota – she may be getting another hat!! (like she complains . . . not)

    Thanks for a lovely pattern!!

  11. I gave the first hat I made to a friend for her birthday today and she loved it. I felted the leaves before attaching them. Thanks again for sharing the pattern. (I’m on my 3rd hat from this pattern!)

  12. Lovely pattern! Could you tell me the guage you used? I am a VERY loose knitter so gauge is really important to me. Makes me crazy.

    I really love this pattern!

  13. The first hat I did I used the same yarn as in the pattern and had a 4 st the inch gauge. It was a little loose on my head (perfect for my friend). On hats number 2 and 3 I used 1 strand of cashmere/merino, one strand of silk, and 1 strand of kid mohair. The gauge was about 4 1/2 st to the inch. You can see photos at The photos are from before I added the leaves. The green and brown one is from the Alpaca. I really have enjoyed this pattern.

  14. Hey! These are really cute!!!! Thank you for sharing. I greatly appreciate people who have the talent to create patterns.

  15. Thank you for a lovely hat pattern.

  16. Envious am I!

  17. Can you tell me what your gauge was, and/or what size your head is 🙂 ? I usually have to jump down a needle size, would be handy to know what you were working in.
    I got here through a link on the Knitlist. Thanks very much for sharing such a lovely pattern!

  18. OMG! This hat is beautiful! I have printed it out for myself and sent the link to my Mum in Australia. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  19. Thank you for sharing this beautiful hat pattern. I am going to make it for my 92 year old aunt for Christmas in Illinois. Then I will make one for each of my 3 daughters. I am new to knitting, but just finished a sweater for my 4 mo old grandson. What is your gauge and/or head size. Thanks, Linda

  20. Hello,
    First, I want to tell you that I love your patterns! They are unique and quite beautiful! I would like to let you know 2 things. When I print out your patterns the font is a light gray, the comments are in black though. It makes it very hard to read the pattern. Also, in your “Lavender Hat” pattern the second photo from the beginning, prints out, over the writing next to it. (So it makes what you say disappear. Just thought you would like to know. Again thanks so much for sharing such lovely patterns!

  21. This is a lovely hat, and I think even a fairly new knitter like me could accomplish it. Could this be modified to add something to cover the ears? If so, what would you suggest? It is cold and WINDY in Iowa and we have to keep that wind out!

  22. Just finished this hat – thank you so much for the terrific pattern! I’m a left handed knitter also and I even got the buttonholes without any trouble…

    Two corrections, though, in the pattern if you don’t mind me sending them by blog…

    In Section 2 of the removeable band, Row 2B s/b
    P1, K1, P1, K7, P4 (pattern reads P6 on website)

    and Large leaf – even rows are purled but you list a row 4 as an increase row – I took it to be row 5 and adjusted all the subsequent rows in the pattern up so I ended up with 23 rows instead of 21. (don’t know if this is what you intended but I got a leaf when done so all’s good)

    I made this hat in blue heather Wool-ease for my daughter – it was a fun project – thanks again!!!

  23. So cute! Thanks so much for giving the pattern out! I cannot wait to start it!

  24. I love the look of the hat. Do you have any other
    hat patterns?

  25. Hi, such a wonderful site. I think, I live close to you and raised my children on a farm, now years ago.
    One of my 4 kids still live in the area and her daughter now marrried lives in Albion. I have 4 great grandchildren and I often wonder how got through raising my own.
    I understand about missing where you lived before. I have lived in quite a few places hot and cold. But do love the autumns in this part of the world. I spend summers with my son in the Catskills. It is a magical place with so much peace and tranguility. If we are as close as I think we are we should meet for coffee some time.
    WE have a lot in common. Not a writer but have the imagination. Love your patterns. I may try one after the holidays. Needlespinner
    PS…do not have a blog.

  26. I just finished the base of your hat..beautiful is all I can say. I used a pink, lavender and green yarn. My problem is that I used one strand in the hat because it is worsted and then I just read the pattern for the band which calls for one strand of your yarn…help??? I am not sure how to convert it. All I can think is using a dk weight for the band and then I would have to use a different color.
    Thank you so much for your sharing in your blog…sharing your heart like that will also help others to heal. hugs JoAnn

  27. Absolutely great web-site

  28. I am very interested in the lavendar hat with scarf patterns but am a newby to knitting so am wondering if the pattern for the rolled brim lavendar hat is on circular needles or straight. I haven’t done circular yet. Is this hat easy ish? thanks, Sarah

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