Santa’s Itty Bag

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Santa’s Knitted Drawstring Itty Bag Santas Knitted Drawstring Itty Bag

The diameter of this knitted drawstring Itty Bag is about two and a quarter inches. It was knitted using scraps of DK yarns from hand knit Christmas Stockings and was a one-evening project pretty much. My idea with this Itty Bag is to make half a dozen of them to use as hanging decorations on my Christmas tree. They will go well with my knitted Itty Tree Elf Stockings.
It could also be filled with potpourri or chocolates and given as a sweet little gift … even used in the bow on a gift as an “extra” present.
You can find this pattern along with two other precious, fun to knit gift bag patterns on the I Live on a Farm website and in my Etsy store in the “Three Farm Fresh Gift Bags” pattern.

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  1. I happened upon your website today and felt the warmth of your heart the envy that you do such beautiful work. I actually got home sick the fabulous pictures were heavenly. I Love the stocking you are doing. I would love to make one for my granddaughter and grandson. I have one major issue I Have never knitted before. Your site motives me to learn I so enjoyed.Thank you for bringing a little sunshine to a very cloudy time in my life.

  2. […] Yesterday I also knit up this pretty little bag, creating a variation on my knitted Itty Drawstring Bag pattern. This bag isn’t itty, it is small (small is larger than itty, in case that wasn’t clear). I wanted to see what size the bag would come out if I knit it up with worsted weight yarn on size U.S. 8 dpns. Plus, I wanted to try out a picot edging along to the top and mostly I wondered if a small “itty” would accomodate one pair of’s “Fetching” fingerless gloves … and it does. My Fetching gloves were in the bag when I shot this photo. […]

  3. i wanted to knit this santa’s itty bag, but not sure how to follow the part where you supposed to knit holes for drawstring… would you be able to help?

  4. hi does anyone know where i can find the patter for this drawstring bag.

    • Hi Catina — you will find that pattern in my “Three Farm Fresh Gift Bags” knitting pattern, available as either a download or a printed pattern in both my Etsy store and on my website.

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