We are makers of things

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I have been away … at home.  Enjoying life, working out of doors on flowers and vegetables; working in doors on many new things including books (writing, as well as making actual physical books), making pendant necklaces using prints from my photography and paintings, clearing out and rearranging various rooms in our home in search of a new studio space to create for my creative endeavors, cooking, baking,  organizing and participating in our annual Art Trail Festival, resting, reading, studying, … living.

I received an email a while back from Martha Stewart with this as the subject line, “Are you a Maker?”

You know, there is a huge explosion of creativity going on across the globe and Makers of Things are finding themselves, finding each other, and finding a vast assortment of materials, techniques, and inspiration in their quests to make, create, design, build, and grow.

Sunflower PendantSometimes I struggle with my intense desire to create because I can tend to over collect materials for so many different types of creativity that I become too over burdened with materials things that are difficult to keep organized.  Over the past year I have been going through a process of choosing which avenues of creativity I will hold onto and build on and which I will let go of.

I am at heart, at the root of all things, a writer … a teller of tales and a creator of universes.

I am a painter of fine things, using oils, watercolors, colored pencils and oil pastels.

I am a photographer of life and experiences.

I am a fiber artist, with knitting being at the top of my list of fiber arts I am passionate about but needle felting is also included in there along with a bit of sewing and some crochet.

My fiber love extends also to the fibers used in making paper and books, and making paper and books ties back in with that which is at my core … writing.

This is my circle of creativity.

Simplifying down to this point has been an adventure all in itself but it has made it possible for me to simplify my materials and my studio space needs so that I can define and establish a new creative space to work in without our home that doesn't fill up too many spaces that I really need to share with others.

Well Martha … yes, I am a Maker.

ILiveonaFarm_pendantI come from a long line of Makers, and a big family of Makers and I am happy to be living in a world where making things is growing and expanding and exploding in new and even more beautiful ways.

And, speaking of making things … for the Art Festival I made some fine art photography print resin pendants/charms featuring tiny photographic prints of some of my fine art paintings as well as my fine art photography.  They were quite popular, so I decided to add them to my Etsy shop.  This one uses a portion of the photograph I shot back in 2006 when I was knitting on the Lavender Hat & Scarf, back when I was fairly new to blogging.  It is the photograph I use as the header here (see top of page), and I think it makes a lovely pendant for a knitter.

I hope you had a beautiful summer, and that you have been having fun making many things of your own.  With fall beginning and the holidays not so very far away we all move into that happiest, busiest time of creativity in the making of holiday gifts, decorations, and foods.

What fun.


Cyber Monday for I Live on a Farm and Flying Junction

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First of all, here is the Cyber Monday offer I have posted in my Etsy store today. This applies to all knitting pattern and wall art for fiber lovers.

Plus, check out my son’s Cyber Monday offer at Flying Junction, where you can get his vintage inspired subway signs, bus scrolls, urban typography maps, vintage maps, other cool urban art. He is the guy I designed this scarf and the matching hat for (see scarf pattern down below).

Surviving a holiday

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Thanksgiving Day was the most relaxing Thanksgiving holiday I think I have had as an adult.  Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was spent nursing my dear daughter through a three-day migraine.  So sad for her, and stressful for me.  I don’t mean that as a complaint, it just is what it is.   Giving care to someone in that kind of pain while simultaneously caring for a 2-1/2 year old full of robust enthusiasm for life (which is totally great) takes a toll on my body after the first day and a half.

Thereofre, I hope you will all bear with me that, though I would love to post an interesting blog today and show you the cool progress I have made on the first of the knucks I am designing and knitting for me (and ultimately for you all to have a shot at knitting), I just don’t have it in me to photograph the knitting or do the writing.  I will spring back quickly, and will share that with you in a couple of days.

I know you have been getting a lot of “sale” posts from me lately, but please bear with me as I do one more of those this morning.  It is a big shopping day, and it would be prudent of me to offer something to encourage a few more sales.  Be patient, please … I will be back to giving you the content you love after my neck and shoulders relax some from the past few days activity.  Promise.

Here is the “Cyber Monday” sale info for anyone interested:

1) From me:  20% everything in my Etsy store.  This is a first, and not likely to happen again, but it is the quickest thing I could think of to implement.  So, use this code: CYBERFARM in my Etsy store.  This is good through today.

2) From my son (Flying Junction):  20% off everything in his Etsy store or at his website with this code at checkout:  CYBER20 at either place.  This is very coo, because he normally doesn’t offer discounts off of his beautiful canvas prints.   This offer is good throughout today, Monday the 28th of November.

Now I will go see what I can do to get my muscles to relax.  I look forward to showing you what is happening with my knucks, because I do think this is going to be a cool project that you will enjoy.

Have a beautiful day,


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