Purple Heart – A Treasury at Etsy

January 17, 2011 at 6:57 pm | Posted in art, blogging, country life, faith, family, flowers, knitting, Life, love, photography, shopping, Valentine's Day | 3 Comments
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I know many of my readers have visited my Etsy shop, and some have purchased various knitting patterns, Biscuit Blanket kits, and other items I sell there.  Your support has always been welcome and is, in fact, treasured by me.

Many of you have also visited my son’s Etsy shop and commented on it, contacted him, purchased his wares, etc. and this too has been very welcome and appreciated — treasured.

A great way to help bring attention to a favorite Etsy shop or item is to create your own Treasury list there.  Until fairly recently I had not ever made a Treasury list, although my items have been featured in many others over time. The folks at Etsy have made it very user-friendly now so I have created a few will continue to do so. It is an opportunity for me to pay it forward, plus I enjoy doing it because it is like going shopping but without spending any money necessarily (although I did find something this morning that is so pretty and unusual I do plan on making one little purchase this morning).

This morning I created one I titled “Purple Heart“.  I don’t know any of these sellers, I just felt like searching around for things “purple” and these are some of the items I came across.  By creating this Treasury list I might be able to bring attention to a fellow Etsy seller and pay forward some of the warmth I have received from you all.

Hopefully you will take a few minutes to check out this Treasury list and enjoy window shopping through my eyes. meanwhile, if you have an Etsy store, I would love to hear about it, and perhaps some of my readers would as well.

Hope you have a beautiful Martin Luther King Day!



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  1. Wonderful Treasury!

  2. Thank you firefly for finding and including my pair of purple/bird bird bowls in your beautiful treasury. It is an honor!


  3. Hello Firefly,
    I, too, have recently discovered the addictive pleasure of creating Etsy Treasuries. My Etsy shop hasn’t been given much attention until recently — I’m trying to spruce up my items for sale, photography, descriptions/tags, and profile. Basically, a big beauty treatment. Your Purple Heart Treasury is lovely. The vast variety of items for sale on Etsy is remarkable and a perfect armchair adventure on a snowy day.

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