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I lived in Los Angeles most of my life. LA is hot and cranky with too many people and too much summer. In late January 2006 I met a man online. By the end of  that April we said “I do” at a drive-up wedding chapel window in Vegas. Now I live on a farm in upstate western New York. I live on a farm … and my husband drives a tractor. How weird is this?


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  1. I love it!
    I grew up in the Chicago suburbs.
    Now I live on a farm and my husband drives a tractor,too. And we have a barn with sheep, goats, chickens, and a calf in it! It amazes people who knew me in my former life! : )

  2. Hi we are impressed you made it. My wife and I are working on a plan to owning and running a farm. We are foster and adpotive parents and thought you mite know of other resources that could be of help. We are changing business to impement our plans. Hey by the way great job on your web site the wife loves it. Thanks Jay

  3. Hi, I just came across this site and wanted to say how enjoyable it is. Also, it is good to see you are from NC. I am from Mt.Airy,NC and lived down the street from Andy’s uncle Edgar. You showed a recipe for biscuits that remind me of my mother’s and grandmother’s which brings me to a question. Did your mother ever make sourdough pancakes? Uuummm,good. Does your mother happen to have that recipe? It was made with a starter,and I would love to know how to make it.

  4. I would just like to say that my plan for marriage, whenever that may be, is to elope to Vegas and get married at a drive through wedding chapel, preferably by someone in an Elvis getup. I hope you had as much fun doing that as I imagine it is!

  5. Why not? I met my wife at the end of April 94 and we got married in October of the same year. My parents met at the beach in September and in November were married, and they are still together!
    I am very happy for both of you.
    Bye from Belgium,

  6. I came accross you blog randomly and I’ve been reading it for a while.

    I think it’s very interesting and I enjoy reading it.

    I’m even thinking of starting to knit again. 😀


  7. I love your web site. It is my favorite. I am just learning to knit so I’m very fond of that section. I’m following you along on your beautiful nap blanket. My husband was impressed, too, when I showed him the picture. For a large person would I add on like 18 more and then 4?
    You are an excellent writer..I keep reading and love it. I’m addicted to your site!
    Snowing in Washington state
    ~ Lin ~

  8. I met MY husband online though yahoo personals when it was still completely free… just before they started charging for services. We both knew from the outset that we were serious-minded about getting married. We met in October 2003, married Feb. 2004, got Gabriel March 2005. Whirlwind, or what! Gabriel was pretty much a surprise, but we are really happy.

    It would be REALLY great if we lived on a farm, or even just in the country, but hubby’s job of 26 years is here in NJ. Hopefully, we’ll be able to relocate after he retires from there… oh yeah, we are an older couple.

    We are proof positive that it CAN be done!

  9. Thank you again for your kind words. I will be going on retreat this coming week, so I certainly should have new posts coming up soon. I am brand new to wordpress, although not new to blogging all together. It’s relaxing for me to channel my energies through this medium.
    P.S. Driving tractors are cool, especially if they are John Deere. I am a city slicker for much of my existence, but I live in a more rural part of NJ now and I like that a whole lot.

  10. Thanks for your lovely comment on my finished cabled sweater. You have a lovely blog too 🙂

  11. I would love to live in a farm but I believe not now for I do have a lot of commitments that I need to fulfill before I can do that…Besides I need to work hard for me to afford one. I am happy for you that you can afford to create your paradise in your farm.

  12. I just found your website and love reading your story. I would love to also live on a farm.
    I would like to know about where to get a pattern for the 7″ squares and then mailing information as where to send to.

  13. Please email me the needed information to partciapte in your lovely idea.

    Happy Holidays!!

  14. Wow, your life sounds like my dream. I want to go live on a horse farm in Wales! (just a funny little idea I got once.)

    Your blog makes me feel good.I like the way you write about the tea, cookies, snow, knitting… I have more hope for myself now, because every guy I ever dated in my teens (I’m fresh out of my teens) I felt nauseous about, even when I really liked them.

    have a good one, and keep on knitting. Wishing you the best of happiness!

  15. Love your blog and your patterns. I met my husband on line too. We have been married for five years and we are still just as giddy as we were when we first met.


    My dream is to live on a hobby farm and have a garden and a goat to milk and chickens and whatnot. One day, I still live in an apartment downtown in Abbotsford BC. At least I’m in the right city for a farm!!

  17. Firefly
    I have enjoyed your blog, thanks for visiting mine and giving me the opportunity to read about life on a farm in NY.
    Happy Holidays.

  18. How about a story on how you got the name firefly. I love it.

  19. Oh that’s a great story 🙂

  20. Love your story, Firefly (had a friend who went by that name in the ’70s!). Wonder if you know about the amazing MaryJane Butters and her magazine, “MaryJanesFarm”? Her web link: http://www.maryjanesfarm.org
    I’ve lived on a dairy farm in NH, a cattle farm in NC, and in an authentic antique log cabin next to a creek in the Smoky Mtns. Today I’m a city mouse in a restored antique house, but make the drive every other week to pick up fresh-laid free-range, organic eggs from a friend’s farm and fresh cream that comes in glass bottles from a local farm stand. I particularly like the sign that the farm stand has posted at the road — something like: “Buying fresh produce keeps houses from growing here”. I’m enjoying your blog and would love to stop by with my knitting for a cuppa tea!

  21. Farm life can be a great thing (having grown up on one) and I believe it gives you a better outlook and appreciation of all the work that goes into making a farm successful. It’s nice to see other people that have met online and made it work. My wife and I met quite by accident on a random chat and after about 6 months of being friends we decided things were working well enough that we should meet. To make a long story short, we just celebrated our second anniversary and have a terrific little boy that keeps me active all the time.

  22. Now I just read your background information and had to comment again! I am also in Western NY – Corning, specifically. Feel free to email me at annekenlon AT stny DOT rr DOT com

    Again, am really enjoying your blog! I do a lot of charity crafting as well and am always fascinated by how people put their wonderful talents to use!

  23. Wow the blanket turned out so beautiful.I’m sure your new homeowner will be thrilled to receive it, with her home. What a surprise. I am inspired to also start a blanket for the new homeowner for our habitat family. Our community is currently putting up the trusses for the home. WOOHOO. How did you gather all of your knitters? Was it through your BLOG? Please if you could send me some info. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks Jan :o)

  24. I also live and write on a farm in northern Minnesota. But this blog, of yours — it’s utterly beautiful! Now here is a blog that has, dare I say it, “soul.” Yes! I dare say it. Lovely blog!


  25. I bumped into your blog a wee bit ago and it invited me to plop down into a comfy chair and have a fantastic read! I’m so very glad! onto my “Pollen Pals” you go! 😀

  26. Your blog and life are fascinating. Makes my life seem pretty dull. My elder brother also met his wife online, they have been married for over 5 years and they too married in Vegas. Luck and Blessings. Beth

  27. I lived on a farm my entire life, until I turned 24 and joined the Air Force. From then on, I’ve lived in a small city in the Midwest.

    I loved living on a farm. Something about being away from the pressure and hassle of a city. Rural communities can be great, as well (although, mine wasn’t that great, because they were all close-minded, snoopy people).

  28. You are amazing. I think you and I could be friends. E-mail me if you get the chance. catie

  29. I was looking for knitting patterns. I found your site. I love your site. If you ever want a knitting group, we knit up in Rochester Thursday nights. Baking and knitting and crafty ladies. The first winter here can be lonely. Too many friends from CA living here if you long to meet any more. I’m came up from FL five years ago. At least we’ve had sunshine this week.

  30. I love the country! I never lived *on* a farm, but grew up in towns with a population like 96… maybe that included the dogs, too. I had lots of friends on farms, naturally. I hated summer jobs like hauling pipe, picking berries, bucking hay, shoveling pig s***, etc. I admire people who can do that day in and day out — makes me feel darned inadequate.

    But! A country life for me! If I can’t drive fast down a nearly-deserted, straight-as-an-arrow two-lane road surrounded by mile after mile of pasture… it’s too crowded. 🙂

  31. hi

    i just came accross your site, i’m from Ireland which is a long way away from you. i live on a farm too.

    your blog is very interesting and fun. its really welcoming.
    i wish you all the best in your new life.

    There’s nowhere more peaceful than in the country.

    best wishes


  32. Just a quick comment…I visited your farm website and the recipe for lentil soup is GREAT! It was similar to mine, except I’d never thought to add a can of green chiles! If anyone hasn’t visited Firefly’s other site and tried her recipes, you’re missing a treat!

  33. Hey, I was born in La Jolla, CA and moved to Central New York when I was 6. We have somewhat similar life stories! :p

    I now live in Oneida County, and would never consider moving back to CA!

  34. Your story INSPIRES me! I met a man online two years ago. He is in Australia and I’m here in the US. We plan for him to move here, to get married and to live on a farm of some sort. So, your story definitely inspires me. I’m glad to have run across your blog!

    xo… Z ~

  35. anne elizabeth

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  36. thanks.

    remember me to come over here more often 😉

    Have a nice day

    Manu (ex-agronomist, new landscaping coach/columnist/passionate, knitting/crocheting addict, and happy neighbor of farmers… BTW spring is here !!!)

  37. Firefly your farm sounds lovely! I love all the photos you have on your blog of your farm. The geese shots remind me of photos my mil took on my watery farm. I currently live in the city but own a hobby farm 3 hours away in Owen Sound, ON.

    I would love to live there year round! We rent the land out but just to go out and look at it and say its mine is a great feeling. Also a great stress relesent too.

    Thank you for sharing!

  38. I found your website searching on google for other stuff and ended up reading this, cool story 🙂 and I absolutely love your nature photos!

  39. Hi, I don’t know how else to get a hold of you, so please forgive me for having to do it this way. I am trying to make you pattern for the springtime washcloth that is on knitting pattern central, and I am confused with row 4. Do I k3,p1 across the row or p1 across the row with the exception for the last and first 3 sts. Thank you for any help you can give me. I love the pattern by the way it is absolutely gorgeous. I have been looking for a washcloth pattern and this is the only one I found that i liked. Thank you for any help.

  40. I just read your Mothers Day post…I’m so happy you still have your Mom. Don’t take her for granted, or your time together.

    I lost my Mom suddenly this past October. Life is not the same without her. Even though I have my own grandchildren, I still need my Mother…

  41. I was born and raised in San Francisco and lived in Silicon Valley for 26 years. My husband and are are happily situated in Sonora, CA. We don’t live on a farm, but on the way to town, we pass many of them. When I see “Benny” the donkey I know I’ve come home.

  42. Hi,
    I am a Native Coloradoan. I think the picture of Pikes Peak and the rocks was taken from Garden of the Gods. Beautiful pictures.
    I now live in the small town of Comanche in Texas. I guess it will be as close as I will ever get to being in the country on a farm, although a farm is my dream. My boyfriend and I do have some chickens. We are allowed farm animals here as long as we have a certain amount of land for them. I have had goats, horses and calves here also. I also nursed a ewe back to health after she had broken her leg. It was a bad break and she could not not even walk. I gave her to a farmer after she had regained her health.
    All I can say on your mom, cherish her while you have her. Mine passed away 11 years ago and I still miss her.

  43. Hello, I just discovered your blog. My interest in the art as I am the publisher of Art Fair Calendar. I’m going to provide a link to your site in my email newsletter that is going out today.

    In addition I see that you are interested in knitting. My daughter-in-law has a cool website, great patterns, published lots of places and has a good knitting blog.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  44. I was surfing a friends favorite blogs list and came across your blog(s). We’ve alot in common. I grew up in a big city, went to art school in LA and now live on a hobby farm with my husband whom I met on the web back in the 90’s when it was still frowned upon..
    I plan on reading your blog as much as possible.

    We recently turned vegetarian and are struggling trying to find good sources of protien. I read how you went through the salad bar phase… That is where I am at now.. 🙂

    Keep up the great writing, painting and knitting!

  45. about me :Im from syria and I m 43

    I like syria but I like USA more

    thank you

  46. Hello Firefly,
    Stumbled across your blog here. I love it.
    I plan to follow it.
    Your life sounds like a miracle and I hope you will always be happy.
    My son is 30, he wants a wife badly.
    He is corrisponding with a girl in the Philippines.
    He plans to visit her soon to meet her.
    I’m a little afraid for him.
    By the by, your farm seems full of peace.
    I like the winter pictures best. But I’m sure spring ,summer, and fall are all wonderful there.

  47. Hi, Saw your blog on Knitting Nurses. I am also a farm woman, since 1996. Started life in Detroit, moved to NC for about 8 yrs and then bought a farm in Northern Lower Michigan. I have sheep, horses, dogs, cats and a bunch of mice I am sure. I love to knit, spin and hang out with my animals. I know how nice it is to be able to connect your life to a place, a river, a lake and just be. I look forward to reading more from this site. Best of luck in all you do,

  48. I, too, lived in Los Angeles most of my life and found it the same…all the “too’s” mentioned as well as a few of my own. It was “too” much. I also met a man online, drove to Vegas (though after a year), and moved to a farm…area. We live in the country about 45 minutes from London, England and I couldn’t be happier. I can go for a walk with the dog and let her off the leash, I can enjoy the greenery, I can hear myself think, and most of all, I can BREATHE! We don’t have a tractor, at least not yet. Our plan is to buy a small farm where we can have a few sheep and alpacas and I can spend way too much time spinning my own wool and producing wonderful knitted items for family and friends.

    By the way, the hat is turning out nicely. I should be finished with it by the time my husband returns from Hong Kong tomorrow. I’ll let you know how he likes it. Thanks for the great pattern!

  49. Hi there, I happened upon your blog and have really enjoyed reading it so far. Although I don’t live on a farm, your story about how you met your husband is similar to mine. My husband and I met online in December ’05, met in person two weeks later (despite living in different countries, thousands of miles apart) and I moved in with him in March ’06. We got married some six months later and I’ve never been happier! The big change for me was going from living in a city in the Netherlands (I’m Dutch), to being a US military spouse living in a different country. And in just two months the military is taking us to the countryside (of yet another country)! It’s another change for us and we couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog in the future and hope to soon see views from my window that are similar to the ones you’ve photographed so beautifully from yours!

  50. Hi, I recently remarried and moved to a farm after being divorced and on my own for well…a long time.

    We said “I do” in a wedding chapel in Tennessee. My husband not only drives a tractor, he loves driving his tractor.

    And we met online.

  51. P.S. I love your blog. (I just thought I was more unique.)

  52. How cool is this site – I just found it. I too was a city gal in S. Calif. 37-1/2 years ago and married a guy who loved the hills in SD. He moved me and my 3 kids to a farm in January (snow) We had cows, chickens, ducks and a big garden. I’m still here and love it. He is retired but has always farmed. He has many John Deere tractors and loves to be outside building things.
    He too, loves his tractors and is building a bigger shed to keep some older ones in.

  53. I am so excited to find your site! I am having my first grandchild, and was searching for free wash cloth patterns. Thank you and bless you for being here. I live in the state of Washington, and was raise on a 40 acre working farm for 40 years. One piece of advice, PROTECT your back and realize yur limits
    Best wishes and the very best of luck to you. I hate the city and wish I was back on the farm where people like you love to share and are kind to others


  54. I just returned from helping with the wildfires in San Diego for the Red Cross. I have not been back to Southern california in almost 38 years, and I have no desire to go back there. You cannot see the blue sky and the traffic is horrible. I’ll take my little farm in the country any day.
    Western Gal

  55. My husband and I did the same (not the online meeting tho’)thing and here we are 15 years later.
    God luck to you!

  56. I wanted to tell you what a lovely website you have…your writing is thought-provoking, your photos are transcendent, your paintings so lifelike (pears)…even your dog is handsome. I rescued Weimaraners for a long time and I still feel strongly connected to them…alas, they benefit from having farmland like yours, and I currently live in an urban area. I have a new blog about knitting…come visit me sometime 🙂 Thank you for creating such a beautiful spot on the web.

  57. I just had the wonderfully good furtune to stumble into this wonderful website! I am a new knitter but simply can’t stop! I began knitting in 2005 when my 98 year old Mom began to slow down and I found it was a wonderful way to keep her busy. She had knit socks and sweaters throughout her childhood for her Irish Fisherman/Farmer father and brothers and then crochet took over as he made afghans for all of us and our kids. In the months before she passed away (age 99), she was teaching me to make socks as she had made in her youth. I am dreadfully busy about 72 hrs per week as a Clinical Nurse Practitioner and knitting has become my stress-lowering medicine! Projects take me forever because I have so little spare time, so I have morphed those socks into fingerless gloves with and without thumbs which go fairly quickly, and make great gifts for favorite patients! I recently came across a chemo patient while skiing in the California Sierras and I promised that I would learn “hats” in order to knit her one. That was the search that brought me to your lovely lavender hat!!! I believe this double-layer beauty would be the ideal head warmer for Lisa in that chilly Mammoth Mountain air. Here is my dilemma….your blog refers to the free Lavender Hat pattern but when I try to bring it up, it has a $5 sale price. Please let me know if it is no longer free and I will proceed with the order. Either way, this is clearly the hat for Lisa…if I dont screw it up!!!!!

    Thanks for all you have contributed to the knitting community!
    Best Regards,

  58. This Firefly comes from the exact opposite life from you. I grew up on a farm and now live on less than an acre in a subdivision that does still retain some of the feel that it once had when it, too, was a farm. Hope to go back to at least 5-10 acres so we can have some animals again, other than our dogs.

  59. nice story…nothing weird at all..somehow i just believe something like that does exist =)
    PLUS, i would love to live in a farm like yours..!!the snow is wonderful! too bad i’m living in another part of the world..=p

    Have a happy life =)

  60. hey there from kaponga, taranaki, new zealand. a dairy farming area under the worlds 2nd most perfect volcanic cone, Mt Egmont. Taranaki as it has been known for centuries by locals. I dont live on a farm, but opposite one over the river. I am on the very corner of a small village with an acre for myself, my dog and my cat. choice. cool site, i looked it up to get a hat pattern, my mum knits, but i think i need to learn, again. I have the need for a beanie type hat, but with a hole in it for my pony tail. i reckon thats a good idea. any patterns like that on your site. thanks, excellent read and i think i will visit again. we’ve just had our first snow of the season on the mountain heading into autumn. have fun out there, from C.A in N.Z.

  61. Thanks for your best wishes at my blog… and thank you for the chance to get to know you a bit better through yours! I’ll definitely be a regular.

  62. Hi, I came across your website looking for knitting patterns. I also live on a farm in South Africa, about 300km West of Cape Town. I’m also not a farmer but am looking at this and that. I knit as well as do Mosaics and enjoy baking but find I eat alot of what I make which I can ill afford to do ( always on diet)I lived in England for years but am now sort of retired and have two staffordshire bull terriers I take for long walks, they enjoy the life here. We possibly going to plant Olive trees and buy a few hens as well, also looking at planting a few vegetables and herbs. I don’t seem to have much luck with vegetable growing though as my last crop all dried out on me even though they were watered daily….must pick a shadier spot next time. I understood your farming stories about the Amish as went there last year. My brother lives in Delaware and he took us to the Amish villages in Pensylvania…their farms are incredibly well organised. Going to try some of your recipes…thanks! Best wishes Pam

  63. Hi, I stumbled across your site. My wife and I bought and moved to a farm last fall. We love it, and are expanding on our livestock, currently consisting of 3 donkeys, 4 geese, 16 guinea hens and 19 laying hens. One the way are 50 broilers and 20 turkeys. We’ve rented several acres and the guest house to certified organic farmers who are doing a booming business. Farm store to open soon.

    By the way, my wife and I didn’t meet online, but via a newspaper personal ad, just before online personals became the ‘thing.’

    Best wishes,
    Bob, Bridge Farm, Dresden, Maine

  64. ‘Morning, Just been cruisin’ your blog. What fun!!! Keep on keeping on. Love you.

  65. hai, saya dari Jakarta Indonesia, saya suka blog kamu!!! Salam kenal

  66. Hi Firefly, I always enjoy reading your latest post. It brings me back to appreciating the little things in life that matter. We have had a very long weekend in our “new old house”. My husband spent two days working in our ONLY bathroom. It is bad enough to have the only bathroom out of commission, but the rest of the house is a disaster too. I really appreciate the hard work my husband does and i know that the finished product will be great, but it makes me start wondering if it is worth it in this old house??? But, after i read what you write, it makes me want to take a walk outside and look around at what we have. (not that we have half the beauty that you have on your farm). Anyhow, thanks for lifting my spirits. When are you opening your front porch store? Did i read it right? I would love a knitted grocery bag (way to complicated for me to knit, but i would by one!) Have a great day and keep writing. Ann

  67. Hello Firefly!! I really like your blog! Your knitting and your handmade jams. Your pictures and your wonderful writing and painting. Congratulations! Peggy from Uruguay

  68. What a wonderful story you have to tell! Love your blog. God Bless.

  69. amazing coincidence – I was in my daughter’s yard this morning, about noon – chatting with her, when I saw a humming bird moth feasting on her yellow clock vine no more than 3 feet from where we were standing. I pointed it out to her and we both were just amazed at the little fast moving orangy creature. I would never have known what it was if I hadn’t just seen the picture on your blog. Thank you from California

  70. I live on a farm too… isn’t that the catchcry here?

    Mine is at sams creek, far south coast NSW Australia. My husband drives a big red tractor, my father drives a small blue tractor, my (late) grandfather used to drive a small grey tractor, my other (late) grandfather used to drive a small red tractor, my great-grandfather had a horse and plough, same as my great-great grandfather…. I come from a long line of farmers all from this same small region…

    ‘I live on a farm’ is more than a statement of geography – it’s a state of mind and heart which is so evident on your blog…

    cheers from oz

  71. (I wrote to you a while ago about Butternut Squash Soup (!)) and have been browsing your new website – which is just lovely. I have mailed your Peanut Butter & Maple Cookies recipe to my son & partner, in Toronto, (they will love to try them), and shall be baking them myself.
    Kindest regards,
    Shirley I.

  72. I am so happy to have found your web-site! I found it during a search for wild berries. On your home page is a photo of the exact berries I have been looking for. You have pictured them in green and also, ripe I think?, in blue. Could you please tell me what they are and if they are edible. Warm Regards, Joanne

  73. Country living is wonderful, isn’t it! I spent my first 13 years in view of the NYC skyline – then I moved to rural PA and lived there until I was 28 years old with a brief 2 year stint living and working in Scotland. Now I live in the biggest city in KS (Wichita) and have done so for the last 11 years.

    I long for the simple life – I wish I lived on a farm as well. =)


    Matthew (Knit1Beard2 on Ravelry)

  74. Looks like you are one of the lucky few that has discovered PEACE in life. Loved your Post on the SPILLED water. I happen to be a dad raising three (3) kids on my own as my wife passed away four years ago from Breast Cancer. I think that I take things too seriously which can interfere with a kids growth. I need to learn to JUST-RELAX when ther are Spilled Water situations. Thanks for the Good Advice. I live in La Palma, CA


  75. Just want you to know that I really enjoy your writings and your little creaptures are so precious! Your website is relaxing, really. The composition, the colors, all of it. And I will get to your patterns after Christmas. And congratulations on the upcoming grandbaby! There’s nothing like a baby including kittens. I loved the picture in an earlier post of the little black and white kittens with fuzzy tails!

    take care,
    Cottonblossom on Ravelry

  76. Hello!
    I discovered your blog through another person’s blog (Bumpydoink). You have quite a lovely blog/website/etc. and I really enjoyed visiting (will be back, for sure!). Glad to hear that your recent doctor’s visit went well. May God continue to bless you!!

  77. What a lovely website, found you when surfing the www. I am a novice knitter but seasoned stitcher. A refreshing blog.

    Best Wishes

  78. Thank you for sending your information, your site is one I truely enjoy and admirer. The knitting works are great too!
    Keep up the great work.
    Suzy Citizen

  79. Greetings!! Sharon J. and I are good friends and she was telling me about her friends and family…she shared about your website. I think it’s just wonderful. I didn’t grow up on a farm but live in farming country. Many of my family members are farmers, so have grown up driving a tractor, planting and putting in hay. It’s such a wonderful life. I’m looking forward to enjoying your website!

  80. I too want to drive a tractor!

  81. we love your work…! no words to say… we love it.. and God bless you..
    we are from sri lanka and now living in canada, i’ m an Artist too.check my web if you have time…
    keep it up.!!

  82. My wife is a daily reader of your blog and web site. I too am very impressed with your sites. I am attempting to teach myself HTMl with the hopes of earning a living at it.(Its been a little frustrating) I was wondering if you constructed your web sites and blogs with html or used a particular web editing program? What would you recommend? How did you become so good at it and how long did it take? Also, Can you offer any advice? Thank You for your time and patience.

    P.S. I used this venue to contact you because I didn’t understand the email contact information.

  83. I grew up on a farm in western NY – between Ionia and Victor in the Finger Lakes but I now live near Atlanta (I married a southern boy who refuses to live with snow!) I visit my parents (who still live on the farm) every fall – my favorite season (and if I go early enough, I can still have fresh sweet corn – YUM!) I think I miss the sweet fresh air the most – take a deep breath for me today!


  84. Your story is fabulous! What a leap of faith to leave LA for a farm in NY.
    Bu I could tell you are not a native because those of us from Upstate WNY just call it WNY!

    Great patterns!

  85. Thank you for such a wonderful experience while visiting your blog.
    I lived near Watkins Glen a bit ago and know how wonderful the farm life is in western NY!
    All goodness of the season to you and yours!

  86. I, too, really enjoy this website! I would like to include a link to you on my blog. I will be coming back here often, as I take my first steps into the knitting world. 😉

  87. Really your site is awesome.I am so happy to visit your site. Thank you for such a wonderful experience while visiting your blog.
    I lived near Watkins Glen a bit.

  88. I live on a dairy farm in western new york as well, 7th generation dairy farmer, im happy to see that there are people still out there who want to become farmers and i think its great you are telling people this.

  89. I just found your site and love it, but I would like to know what was the name of the bust or tree on the first page I saw. It had beutiful big light purple flowers. Diane

  90. Wow! Just found this today! As it turns out I met my guy on an internet dating site as well and, 2 years later, am moving from upstate NY to live with him on his farm in Vermont. It’s Green Acres all over again!

  91. Hi! U r so lucky to live near nature. I m a professional living just relocated 12000 Km away and missing my old home! We moved because my husband wants to move here and we lived in a relatively rural town before. Do keep posting because it cheered me up!!

  92. Hello! 🙂 I’ve been looking up blogs about farm living and I stumble upon yours! What a lovely blog..I also met my hubby online!

    I want to gather as much information as possible about life on a farm. We’d like to make that HUGE transition from city dwellers to farm dwellers. There are so many things to look into. I will surf your blog now!

  93. HI,

    Great site, I am searching for an easy knit pattern for a cover for
    a roll of toilet paper? Can you help me?

    Thank you

  94. Born in a small town in northern Ohio, raised in Cleveland!! Married a New Yorker and moved immediately to his town.

    Two children and 14 years later, divorced and was on my own for almost 20 years. Then met an amazing beautiful man and we married and moved to southern California!!

    Alas, he got sick and died and I’m here solo for the past decade. Love it here and enjoy a life of memories and knitting and movies and theater and crocheting and eating out. Love the weather!!

    I’m glad you found your farm and am glad I found love, too.

  95. I love your blog and the projects available. I lived in Long Beach, California most of my life. One year ago, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and last month I moved to Phoenix. I miss California, but I love the friendly people in Arizona. I’m tempted to try online dating because I’ve been diorced for a long time. I’m looking forward to reading your mother’s journal. I’m writing about growing up in California. I plan on making some puppy blankets for a “no kill” animal shelter here in Phoenix. I’m wondering what the dimentions are for the blanket pattern.

    • Carol, it has been so long since I made that puppy blanket, I can’t remember the dimensions exactly — you are talking about the free knitting pattern I have for a puppy blanket, right? If that is the case, from what I recall it was about 2.5 feet square, roughly. I hope I am remembering correctly. 🙂


  96. Carol (June 2, 2011) – Call the animal shelter and ask for their criteria. They’ll be happy to have your donations!

    My brother loved Phoenix … and that is where he is laid to rest — Paradise Valley, in the desert, just where he wanted to be.

    I visit a couple of times a year. Phoenix is too hot for me, which is why I didn’t move there after my husband died – my friend in Phoenix wanted me to – she’s a native.

    My knitting project right now is in the frogging stage … and that’s ok – it’s a way for me to learn over and over. 😉 ADDorable stuff.

    Thank you for a wonder-filled blog and all your sharing. Someday I’d like to get the knitting eye chart! So cool.

    • Hi Marny, thanks for your comments … and for mentioning the Knitter’s Eye Chart, I’m glad you like it! ~firefly

  97. Thanks Firefly. That is the puppy blanket knitting pattern I was talking about. I’m going to order the pattern for the “jamies” to make for my niece for christmas.

    • I saw you ordered the Jammies pattern this morning Carol — I think you will enjoy making these bags. They really do dress up a jar of jam in a lovely way. Good luck with the puppy blankets — that is a unique charity activity and you deserve kudos for taking care of shelter pups that way. So sweet. 🙂

  98. Hi Marny
    Thanks for your reply. I love Arizona, although I agree it is too hot. However, this year has been unseasonably cooler than most. I live with my nephew and we just bought a house with a pool. It is great to cool off in it. The people here are extremely friendly (but the drivers are extremely rude) a strange dichotomy. I can’t wait to begin knitting the puppy blankets. The nice thing about them is the pets can take the blankets to their homes when they are adopted. Your knitting sounds like my chrocheting–over and over. But, I dogedly persist until I eventually wind up with a completed project even if it’s not perfect. Keep at it.

  99. Back again to visit your wonderful site…love it…
    I grew up on a farm in NE in the 30’s 40’s…blessed raw milk,fresh eggs and chickens…not the plant! My Mon had a 200 foot garden which produced all the fresh veggies we needed..she even grew potatoes one year.
    Fresh flowers to beautify our home…and all the fertilizer we needed for the garden..nice and fresh.

  100. Hey, excellent job on writing this About Me « I live on a farm … up, I am going to link this from my personal blog!

  101. Found your blog whilst looking for cool wreath ideas – Nov 2007s are beautiful!
    Many thanks,
    All the way from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

  102. Carol and all,

    My daughter does Great Pyrenees rescue – she kept two of the dogs (at different times). She lives in FL and uses old bed sheets, too, for the pup to hang out on.

    As for size of floor b’ankies – ask your local vet/shelter but also remember there are all sizes of furbabies – I had a Saint Bernard, my neighbor had a teacup Yorkie!

    Thank you, firefly, for a fab site/blog.

    It’s 66º at 8:25 AM here in my neck of the woods of southern California, in San Diego North County – about 9 miles from the beautiful Pacific.

    I never lived on a farm but got to visit one once or twice in Youngstown OH – when I was a very young child. A few years ago at the San Diego County Fair I watch for about 3 hours as a cow gave birth!! Wow! Oh Wow!

  103. WE are a single parent family of three

    i am fourty five my daughter is 24 and my son is 16
    i can drive anything and i can weld and fence I can build a chimney
    i can frame a wall or drywall a living room I can shingle a house

    or repair a window frame

    anyways we are looking for somone that wants help we can work
    we want to live in the country and help we have some animals now
    and have lived here for 22 years
    we have no family or friends I have no wife and doesnt look like that will ever change

    we are willing to WORK for room and board even if i have to build my own sixteen by sixteen cabin
    we want to live in the country have have friends we can help and count on

    I am Robert and we are real people
    we are in ontario canada right now


  104. i KNEW there was something connecting me to reading your blog… i don’t live on a farm but i, too, got married in VEGAS!!!

    • Friends from Florida were in LV, so I drove there and spent 1-1/2 days with them. He was shocked that I would drive 4.5 hours to see them. LOL

      I figured they flew a few hours to get close enough. 😉

      Plus, the last time we saw each other was about 1999. I prorated my driving time. 🙂

      • I love that, Marny: “I prorated my driving time” — that’s great. 🙂 firefly

      • The other part of the story is that my friend’s husband was in a huge group of bikers, with police escorts, doing a charity run on the east coast.

        A man in a car didn’t hear hundreds of motorcycles and he barreled out from the mall into the oncoming bikers. My friend’s husband stomped on the brakes, went over the handlebars, landed on his head — and for 2 years was diagnosed as being ‘in a persistent vegetative state.’

        That he came out of that and is now playing golf and walking and talking and enjoying his wife and grandbabies, etc. is clearly hundreds of miracles – even according to his battery of doctors.

        So, for me to drive in my car to see them — piece of cake. (besides, I like the weather better in Las Vegas than in Florida)

  105. “… Many other religions, most I would think, have the same message at their root. Love is the key…”

    Yet, those who no longer wanted to be Jews, became Christians after Jesus, who was an orthodox Jew, was murdered by the Romans because he was different in his ways of speaking and dressing and praying – and his followers formed a new religion.

    Then those ‘Christians’ murdered Jews who refused to convert … and it goes on and on and on until today – around the world!!!

    Judaism is full of loving-kindness and the task give by G-d to repair the world. Jesus practiced that, as part of the religion he believed in.

    Alas, Jews are less than 1/4 of 1% of the world’s population — yet, few know what Jews have given to the world freely and with no demands. Please remember that!

    Jews honor The Righteous … the few non-Jews who helped to save Jews from extinction. Visit any Holocaust Museum and you will see for yourselves. Please.

    My prayers are always for Peace and Civility to All – no matter their religion. Sadly, many chose and continue to choose to murder the messengers.

    I treat all people the way I would like to be treated, and as I treat myself.

    Shalom and Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas and Joyful Kwanzaa!

  106. would you be so kind as to share the farm website where you met your husband? I need some new friends and possibly ….someday, a partner. Thank you.

    • Yes Lori, gladly … FarmersOnly.com — I hope you find some good friendships there, and hopefully someone wonderful to share your life with. ~firefly

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