A walk in the city

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My latest tribute to Etsy sellers … a Treasury titled, “A walk in the city.”

Here we are on the farm, out in the country enjoying a beautiful winter of abundant snow, cold temperatures … beautiful weather and cozy times in the house. However, feeling a touch of cabin fever I imagined for a few minutes that I was driving and walking along city streets.

Side Bar: The smell of homemade bread is wafting its way through the house, from the kitchen, reaching me here in the livingroom … mmm.  Just a sec, I have to take it out and let it cool–I’ll be right back …

Back to the Blog:  My favorite breakfast these days is a nice, thick slice of my homemade buttermilk-honey-whole wheat bread toasted with natural style peanut butter spread on it and a cup of black tea.  I am looking forward to just such a breakfast when I wake up in the morning.

Now, back to writing.

We are enjoying what people around here are referring to as a “normal” western New York winter.  The snow fall has been wonderful, the snow is lingering just as it should and getting deeper and deeper every day. There have also been plenty of days of brilliant blue sky and rich golden sunlight bringing a particular kind of magic to the surroundings.

There are many willows growing throughout this area, and though the other deciduous trees stand dark charcoal gray, the willow whips continue to glow with a golden hue as they hang gracefully to the ground, swaying and swishing in the wind. I love going out back with the dogs and catching sight of our grand old willow tree draped in beautiful gold whips, adding a touch of light to an otherwise monochromatic world.

It is getting late, and I feel sleep coming my way; I have been staying up late several nights each week lately to keep up with some writing assignments and work on my paintings. I have some small format paintings coming off of the easel now. They will be available at Zambistro Restaurant initially, and I will list them in my other Etsy store as well.

It is good to be painting again. Now, if I could only find more time to knit …

Warm wishes,


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  1. I just love reading your blog, especially when you describe the area where you live. I grew up in Orleans County and I love your pictures and descriptions of the beauty of the area. Thanks for “sending” a little bit of home my way!

  2. Hi I just came upon your site,looking at knitting and crochet patterns. I also bake bread,and would like your recipe for honey whole wheat. My whole wheat seems to raise nicely and falls some when I bake it. It still is pretty good, but like it to stay lighter.
    I see you are enjoying our winter. I live in northern NY. Way up on the Canadian order. Near Massena and Ogdensburg. We have about as much snow as we can handle,but it is very warm today and melting. I look forward to hearing from you.(your paintings are very nice)
    Anne Laraby

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