Biscuit Blanket

Hand Knit Biscuit Blanket

Fireflys Exclusive Design Hand Knit Biscuit BlanketThe “warshrags” and dishrags people have been knitting gave me the initial inspiration for this little Biscuit Blanket. My Blue Ribbon Biscuits needed something to keep them warm, and a biscuit blanket seemed the perfect solution. Plus, I like small projects that allow me to try out new stitch patterns quickly and easily.

Though I call this a biscuit blanket, it could be used for scones, cookies, a small loaf of bread … anything yummy that needs to stay warm. A nice gift whether it is stuffed ahead of time with baked goods or not!

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Fireflys Blue Ribbon Biscuit Yum

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  1. […] The pattern for the Biscuit Blanket is now posted … have some fun with it! […]

  2. I love your “Biscuit Blanket”. I am a biscuit baker myself and love this project. I have one question, did you knit this straight or in the round, I am a new knitter and get a bit confused sometimes with the instructions. I would love to make my Mother one for Christmas, but want to make sure I know what I’m doing!

  3. Excellent question Starr. I corrected the instructions … I did not knit in the round, but knit straight instead.



  4. This is a great pattern!! There is some cotton yarn in my stash that will be perfect for this.
    Thank you for sharing it with us. May I add a link or two to it on my Blog?

  5. Thank you for sharing your “scrumptious” pattern! I often make quick breads for the office and this blanket would be such a nice way to carry them. Plus I’ve never tried the Peaches ‘n Cream yarn so now I have very good reason to buy some new yarn.

  6. Thanks for the pattern. It has now been added to the future projects list. Peaches n Cream is also so affordable so you don’t feel like you are making a life commitment to the yarn. The biscuits look delicious.

  7. Wow how cool.

  8. I started this last night, and my stitch count is 2 stitches off during the pattern stitch section. After the buttonhole row I have 65 stitches on my needle, but after working row 2 of pattern stitch I was left with 3 st (not 5) and row 4, 6 st(not 8), etc. One side of the work has a 5 st border and the other side has a 3 st border.

    And, the photo looks like there is a garter stitch edge on all 4 edges – am I missing something, or could the pattern need a little tweaking?
    Thanks, Sharyn

  9. Hmm … I will review the pattern and see if there are mistakes. I was a bit wiped when I typed it up, so it could be there are. If so … so sorry. I’ll get it fixed by Monday.


  10. Hi,
    Love the pattern and the idea. ANOTHER thing to do for Christmas! Someone take the computer and the great sites away! LOLOL

  11. Thanks for the pattern!
    I can smell the Biscuits already.
    Hope to knit this soon.


  12. Thanks for the pattern!!
    I can see presents for Christmas coming up.
    Hope to get this made for my Boss’ family.
    Pat Denson

  13. Wow–Great pattern. You know I will be knitting this as soon as I get some yarn.

    Very generous of you to share your design with all of us.

    Iam baking your biscuits all the time and getting to be known as a great biscuit baker. Many thanks to you.


  14. I love this idea! I always make bread for potluck suppers etc. I often bring a loaf wrapped in a new tea towel as a hostess gift when going to a friend’s home. Now I’m make these for my gift…
    I found your blog through a friend. I had just written a post about my biscuit baking woe. She gave me the link to your biscuit recipe (which I will try). As I read the story of how you met your husband. I was struck by how some of the recent events your life were similar mine. Not the husband part though…; yet.

  15. wonderful blanket for the biscuits. made it this weekend. as an experienced knitter i was able to make the corrections myself. so glad you made them on the site.
    i’m now doing the scarf with the flower. using the suggested yarn i’ll never get to 60 inches with 2 skeins. i may quit at 44 inches. beautiful pattern knitted up in this yarn.
    i just love your patterns. i’m making the biscuits tonight:)

  16. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make a *bigger* biscuit blankie, using this pattern?
    I was excited to make this, but I have a *huge* family. Thinking aloud, I said “hmmmm it can only hold 6 biscuits” and the kids said “SIX biscuits?!” as if I had just said a swear word or something!! LOL!
    Maybe I could use a bulkier yarn and bigger needles?

  17. I worked through the pattern with the corrections, and all is A-OK now! I’m about half way through – I’m using a dark coral pink cotton with the smaller needles, and the fabric is turning out very firm yet soft – nice!

    I thought about making this bigger too – the pattern repeat is over 6 sts, so I think you could just add multiples of 6 to your cast on. I wouldn’t do bulkier yarn or larger needles.

  18. So how about that biscuit RECIPE??



  19. Wonderful pattern – Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us. This will make a lovely present for loved ones and for me too!

  20. I just love visiting your site. I am originally from NE PA and have lived in Texas for 30 plus years and reading your stories makes me homesick. I want to thank you for all of your beautiful patterns. I plan on making the buscuit blanket – several really, for Christmas Gifts. You are inspirational and I look forward to visiting this site!!!

  21. I am very excited about making this gorgeous pattern. I have one question though about the pattern in the button row section. There is no #7, are your lines just misnumbered or is there a pattern row missing? (I’m guessing there’s just a numbering mistake but I thought I would ask!)

  22. That biscuit blanket is lovely… but how to you make (good) biscuits? Mine have always been like stones… ;-D

  23. Great pattern, and your pictures are phenomenal! You are a very talented young lady. -crochetmama

  24. I really like the biscuit blanket.and want to make a few of them for christmas gifts. But I am having trouble with the button hole row.
    I was wondering if you had the pictures done so that i can see how you did this row.
    Thank you so much ,,,,in advance. Ann S

  25. This is a really great idea! My mother in law always puts her bread rolls in a basket wrapped in cloth napkins. This is a really great gift idea! I just wish I didn’t have so many WIP’s or I’d start this now! Yet another one added to my to-knit list!

  26. It sounds lovely, but I cant see the pictures 😦

  27. I can’t see the pictures either! I would love to give this one a try, though… it sounds just wonderful!

  28. Hi, Firefly!

    I am working on your scrumptious Biscuit Blanket right now and I am sorry to ask but isn’t the yarn supposed to be brought to the back of the work again on row 2?

    At first, not doing that, I ended up with the loose strand on the back of the work because that sort of “big yarn over” got undone when I purled Row 3…

    Please, could you take a look at my WIP blanket in my blog and let me know if I am doing right?

    Thanks! 🙂

    BTW, I love your little House in the Prairie! LOL

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!
    I just finished knitting one – just in time! It will be a Christmas gift for friends – no biscuits, instead it will be wrapping up some yummy fruitcake.

  30. Thank You Firefly for this nice pattern.. I made one for a dinner gift on New Years… It is in My Blog

  31. Thanks for the pattern. I reminds me of ‘home’. I’m in England but was born and raised in the South. It’s something I would’ve seen in my Grandmother house. I love the memories something so simple can conjure. And yes, I too can smell the biscuits. Speaking of which, I think I’ll make some for my in’laws this afternoon. They don’t really eat ‘biscuits’ over here! Boy they’re in for a treat!

  32. I love it, and will absolutly try to make it… That is if I can under stand the english pattern….

  33. I love it! I’m not sure I’m accomplished enough to knit it!

  34. I just made this in a deep green cotton – I love your patterns and your blog. This is sure to keep my biscuits warm – I’m thinking of making a rice bag to heat in the microwave and put under the blanket to keep things extra toasty.
    Thanks – not only for your great patterns but also for a blog that makes me smile 🙂

  35. this is quite a usesful item “Biscuit Blanket” here is a suggestion to that pattern
    add a liner[moisture/grease proof it] to prevent yarn fibers attaching to biscuits.
    I used per batch a cheesecloth
    then a fresh waxpaper cut to size and a
    paper towel to absorb the grease. they stay warmer longer too

  36. This is so darn cute! Being a transplanted Yankee in the South I’m not able (by some law) to make proper biscuits but these will make wonderful gifts for all my Southern friends!
    Can’t wait to knock a few out!
    I’ll for sure try the biscuit recipe now that I have a reason to buy buttermilk!

  37. Hello
    Thanks for this very lovely pattern! Very unique. I can’t wait to make one. And how about a recipe for the yummy looing biscuits!!

    Terry – Marlboro, Mass

  38. I have tried to find this pattern on internet but can’t. You stated
    that it had been posted please tell me how I can get it.



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