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Here we have the hand knit gift bag in sunny yellow cotton … but what’s inside?
Fireflys Mystery Hand Knit Project

Hey … who’s that peaking his little head out? What does it mean?
Fireflys Mystery Hand Knit Project

Oooh, something else, under the duckie. What could it be?
Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

Now that looks downright yummie … exquisite, handmade baby soap of only the finest ingredients.
Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

Oh, and what else do we have here? Hmm, a baby washcloth perhaps, handknit of the same soft sunny yellow cotton yarn the gift bag is made of.
Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

Ah, now that is pretty sweet … two baby wash cloths. That second one is made of a scrumptiously clean and crisp variegated white and yellow cotton yarn.
Fireflys Hand Knit Mystery Project

My newphew and his wife just had their third baby girl this week … three girls.

I made this gift set for them, and it will be on its way shortly.

Monday I will share the pattern for the hand knit cotton bag and baby washcloths with you, as well as the source of the incredibly fine handmade baby soap and the precious little rubber duckie.

Meanwhile, I hope these sunny photos brighten up your day. I loved creating this project, and could hardly wait to share the results with you, my good friend and reader.

Oh, and here’s a bit of news for you. On Monday, providing I can get everything set up for it, I will begin selling fine yarns directly from my I Live on a Farm website. How cool is that? You will be able to purchase yarns I use in my projects, as well as needles. I was able to make an arrangement with my local yarn shop to make this possible, and I hope you will find it a valuable addition to my blog and accompanying website.

Time for a hot cuppa whatever, wouldn’t you say?

Best to you and yours this weekend,



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  1. Okay, I was close anyway with my guess of a dishcloth! 😉
    This is so much better though! I love the variegated one. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. I am sure they will treasure it.

    The yellow did brighten my rather gloomy day, thank you! Like a breath of spring daffodils.

    As I look out my windows it’s starting to get foggy. It’s been pouring rain since 10:00 p.m. last night. Our snow is slush, and small lakes are cropping up in my yard. I can only hope our resident bears that live in the storm drain next to our house are keeping dry. I can’t imagine …

    I’m on my second ‘Spring Colors’ Gracious Parcels square and nearly done. Come by later on firefly for a sneak peek!

  2. What a lovely little set!

  3. What a beautiful set, I just made a baby blanket and this set would go perfectly with it, so I’m waiting until Monday for the pattern

  4. Very cute and so bright and cheery. Baby will love the duckie and Mommy will love the gentle soap.

  5. Love the little bag and gifties! Perfect for those times when you want to give something, but not too much. I made very similar bags and put in a cake of special soap to give to two gals who helped me in a volunteer job! Sometimes you just want a small gift, and this will fit the bill. The little bag could also hold a jar of homemade jam. My DH makes his own orange marmalade from scratch, wouldn’t the beautiful orange look wonderful peeking through that sunny yellow! Thanks for brightening my day!

  6. That is so cute! Can’t wait for the pattern!

  7. Oh, how lovely. I am definitely going to make this the next time someone I know is having a baby.

  8. Firefly-

    I just love your blog. Your beautiful, creative soul is so evident in it. You make me want to take up knitting!


  9. Oh how cute! I love the set, but especially the picture of the duckie peeking out of the bag.

    Have a good weekend!

  10. What a beautiful baby set! And how cool is it that you will have yarn?! Wow!

  11. What a thoughtful, beautiful gift! Anyone would love to receive something like that.

  12. Oh Firefly that’s just adorable!! I’ll have to be sure and link a friend here who’s been talking about making baby gifts for several friends, but wasn’t much into a ‘blankie’ for them at this point.

    I’ve actually been dying to make some dishcloths or washcloths for my mother, I’ll be looking forward to your pattern, as it looks lovely and will be a nice addition to her birthday package.

    And congrats on the deal with your LYS! I look forward to having one more reason to visit 🙂

  13. Awesome firefly! The gift set turned out just darling. You are amazing. I will be anxiously awaiting the pattern. The little duckie really adds to the theme. Kudos to you! I am just thrilled that you will be offering yarn and needles. I need the yarn ideas, etc. And I would love to help your local yarn shop. You always make my day. I thank God for you.

  14. What a lovely gift- I thought it might be soap in the bag, but didn’t expect two washclothes. I’m looking forward to the pattern, as I have a friend who is expecting twins in April- Thank you for sharing.

  15. That is the most delightful yellow, and what a great idea for a baby gift. A very good friend of mine is getting ready to welcome her first baby in a few weeks (at the ripe old age of 37, God bless her), and this would be a fabulous addition to the box of goodies I’ll be sending her. I just finished a cashmerino dress in the prettiest pink, but I think I need to add a few more things. So bring on the pattern, and the links and all the goodies – I’ll be waiting in line!

  16. I just love that color yellow for a baby. What a lucky little guy! Thanks for sharing.

  17. How adorable. I love it! I cannot wait to see the yarn you will offer!



  18. that is the most adorable gift! too cute. blessings to your nephew and family! my niece is having her little girl (we hope!) next week. I’d like to make this, it will be another gift to add to the package I’m knitting up for them. Can’t wait to see the pattern, and the yarn to come!

  19. and oh! i forgot to add, the baby’s room theme is “duckies” ! !:-)

  20. So very cheerful! Looking forward to seeing what fine yarns you’ll be selling! 🙂

  21. What terrific timing you have! I just finished a yellow cap and matching booties for a friend and was wondering what else I could include. This afternoon I went to my local Beverly’s and bought yellow cotton yarn to make the little bag and a bright yellow ducky to go with it. Now all I need is the pattern for the bag and the address to get that lovely baby soap. Love your blog.

  22. The gift is too adorable! I loved the whole presentation here, it was great!

  23. Hi,

    I love your website. I was wondering on the baby gift set if I would make the bag and put elastic instead of a ribbon as a closure if it could be used as a wash mitt by the mom.

  24. Hello Chris,

    I don’t think this bag would work well as a washing mitt, because the bottom is flat, and the size seems like it would be awkward. Plus, the open mesh would probably be too open for that purpose.

    In my opinion, at any rate.


  25. Hi: Have been anxiously awaiting info. on the goodies in the lovely hand knit “baby bag!” No problem knitting the bag and cloths, just would love to know where you got that wonderful soap and the little “duckie.” Did you post the info and I missed it? Thanks so much. . .love your website & look forward to checking in every so often! KS

  26. Thank you so much for generously sharing your creativity with us all. It is much appreciated.(I think you’re living on a farm and surrounded by all that natural beauty brings out the inspiration!).
    Your blog is very calming and helps people to slow down and “smell the roses” and perhaps get off the Espresso!

  27. How adorable and Creative Gift for Baby! 🙂

    I will have a cup of coffee and a slice of your yummy Irish Soda Bread, please! 😉

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